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You have another opportunity to close the deal

Remarketing helps you a golden opportunity to stay ahead of the competition by putting your brand in of your past visitors once more. You need to understand that your website visitors are unlikely to buy your products during their first visit on the site. Most of them aren’t ready to make a purchase the first time.

At Digital Marketing Singapore, we trace all your website visitors and incorporate them to your existing audience. We use relevant ads focusing on them wherever they are across the web to attract them again to your website. Eventually, you’ll see increased quality leads which translate to more closed sales and sales revenue.

Beat the competition through a more solid and smarter tactic

Etch your products into the minds of your website visitors and wipe out the competition. Both activities require smart marketers for them to be a success. Besides, you should be string. Considering that the online competition might be very competitive, it is crucial for you to go an extra mile to ensure that online shoppers think of your brand as a possible choice during their purchase decision-making stages. As a result, you’ll get another opportunity to convert potential customers to real clients. We’ll strive to make sure that we establish the source of your website visitors as well as other places that they visit frequently. The information helps us to establish the most relevant channels to which your business’ ads will target.

Also, you should be well informed in order to close a sale. Make good use of the most efficient tools for earning profits in the pay-per-click (PPC) toolbox. It is paramount to send the appropriate message since remarketing can differentiate stalking tactics from information that adds value to the targeted audience.

We develop marketing campaigns consisting of numerous ads. Each of the ads is created to attract visitors who’ve surfed a particular category of products or services on your website. We use the principles of the best remarketing practices such as putting frequency caps and burn pixels. These tactics prevent your targeted audience from getting burnt out as a result of over-advertising.

Working with top-notch to offer you an incredible advantage

We have partnered with other top-notch digital marketing gurus in other sectors to help you hit your sales target quickly and efficiently. Irrespective of what your site requires, our partners will be of great help to you.

Our digital marketing experts deal with search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and pay-per-click (PPC) while our industry partners focus in content marketing, web development, website design and conversion rate optimization (CRO), among other digital marketing services. Make sure that each way you use to create an online presence of your presence is optimized for the highest possible rankings, leads and conversions.

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Frequently asked questions

These are some of the questions we regularly receive from our clients. The questions together with the answers we’ve given for each of them will guide you in your decision making the process as far as remarketing and remarketing with Digital Marketing Singapore is concerned.

Did you know that just roughly 2% of your website visitors are likely to respond to your call to action (either purchasing of a product, subscribing to a service, filling in a registration form or downloading a document such an e-book)? That means that the rest (98 %) just have a glimpse of what you deal with and leave. It is like someone entering your store, admiring your product and leaving without making a purchase. In such a case, it shows that the person had interest in your product but couldn’t buy your good or service due to a particular reason. Perhaps he/she doesn’t have enough money at that time for a purchase, didn’t like your products or wants to check with your competitors to compare your products/service with theirs in order to make a more informed buy.

Whichever the case, since the customer has already showed interest in your products, it is important to follow them, understand what they need and remind them that you have a solution to their problem. Pull them back again to your business.

In a physical scenario, it doesn’t make sense to spy or follow a customer for in the pursuit of trying to bring them back to your business and try to convince them again to buy your product. On the other hand, retargeting/remarketing services make things pretty easier when you want to lure back potential clients with whom you haven’t closed a sale.

Retargeting and remarketing are two different services and fortunately, at Digital Marketing Singapore, we offer both of them. Let’s first see what retargeting is before enlightening you about remarketing.

Retargeting is simply a process of tracking your website’s visitors who didn’t respond to your   call to action and placing relevant ads on the places they frequent most in order to attract them again to your site.

In retargeting when someone visits your website, a cookie is attached to their browser to track their online activities including the websites that they visit. The cookie is so intelligent that it places your ads on the websites that   the person visits and lures them to click on the ads and go back to your website. This is retargeting-targeting your website visitors again.

The retargeting ads focus exclusively on users who have browsed through your website in the past but didn’t complete your call to action.

When such visitors click on the ad, it returns them to your site and this gives you another chance to convert them to customers. This time round, they are more likely to complete your call to action as compared to during their initial visit to the site.

Let’s now look at remarketing.

What’s remarketing?

Remarketing, just like retargeting, targets on your website visitors who haven’t completed your call to action. However, like retargeting which uses cookies to place ads that attract the visitors back to the site, in remarketing, the information of the visitors is collected and a list of the info is created for later use when sales emails are sent to the users.  The sales emails lure the visitors again to complete your call to action.

A combination of retargeting and remarketing services will give your digital marketing a significant boost as it’ll only focus on people who are the most likely to buy as they have already shown interest in your products/services the moment they visited your site.

Yes, you should if you want to get more conversions and smash your targets without spending a fortune. The strategy helps you to convert prospects into sales or quality leads.

The modern online world is very competitive and your competitors are doing everything possible to get as much market share as they can. On the other hand, your target customers have lots of options and so, you have to go an extra mile to win their hearts. It is crucial to understand that a modern customer wants to have a personalized shopping experience. To them, the best brand is which understands their unique needs and provide the correct solutions. The customer is highly likely to be loyal to a brand which seems to care for them through a personalized and responsive marketing strategy such as retargeting.

The modern retargeting involves numerous new and sophisticated options which customize and personalize every ad according to the surfing behaviors of the targeted website visits.  This gives the visitors a unique, personal feel towards such ads once they see them on their favorite sites.

The powerful real-time bidding (RTB) technology utilized in retargeting allows you to bid on and buy individual ad impressions.  Don’t forget that these ads target only those people who have already been exposed to your brand. Therefore, they are highly likely to buy your product if you follow up on them. When retargeting is done correctly using relevant ads and contents and to the right places, it can give a major boost to your marketing campaign, resulting in an extremely impressive return on investment (ROI).

Recent research on the effectiveness of retargeting shows that 26% of the people targeted by the ads are likely to complete the respective calls to action.  Therefore, if 1000 people visited your website, browsed through your products or pages and left without buying anything or completing any required call action, through retargeting, you can attract them back to the site and convert roughly 260 of them to customers/clients. That’s to mean about 260 more unit sales.

When a customer sees an ad from a website which they had previously considered purchasing a product, they feel that the relevant business is really determined to solve their problem. Even if they won’t click on the retargeting ad the first time they see it, they are likely to click on it when they feel ready to make a purchase.

Retargeting is a very good way of creating brand awareness among your target market. The relevant ads will keep on appearing on the sites that you’re unconverted past website visitors frequent most, thanks to a cookie-based technology. Repeated visibility of the ads will make the potential customers more familiar with your brand.  In other words, the strategy helps you to put your business at the forefront of the minds of your highly potential consumers as you encourage them to return to seal the deal.

Another thing you’ll certainly like about retargeting is that its cost is less as compared to a PPC search campaign. When it comes to a PPC search campaign, you are given just a single chance to convert a visitor who clicks on the ad that you’ve bid and you’re charged for each click on the ad. On the other hand, in retargeting, you have many chances of converting your unconverted website visitors as they’ll keep on seeing your ads on other sites they visit frequently.

Consequently, a retargeting campaign is highly targeted and so, yields more–than-average engagement and it is overall cost-efficient.

There are different ways in which you can use retargeting for the success of your business. However, you are likely to encounter various pitfalls and risks, just like it is with other advertising tools, but this should not worry you if you have retargeting experts like DMS by your side. We are set to assist you with any retargeting service your business might need now or in the future.

There’s no doubt about this- you can’t get a better retargeting services company in Singapore than Digital Marketing Singapore. Whatever you need in an ideal retargeting services company, Digital Marketing Singapore has it.


When you are looking for someone to help you with your marketing campaigns, ensure that you pick an experienced expert. You don’t want to hire an amateur who will end up messing up with your stuff and eventually find yourself regretting paying for nothing.

Digital Marketing Singapore has experts who’ve offering retargeting services for years, although in other different companies.  Therefore, armed with the latest technologies, the retargeting gurus can make your marketing campaign as efficient and effective as possible.

We listen and understand

We acknowledge that each business is unique and so might have various special needs. Therefore, when you approach us for a retargeting service, we take time to listen to you and get much information about your business, competitors and target market.  We can’t afford to leave anything to chance. We must ensure that our work will bring about a significant positive difference to your business.

Unlike some other online advertising companies that only focus on brand awareness, for instance, the number of impressions that your targeting ads get, at Digital Marketing Singapore, we are mainly determined to help you achieve your specific goals. That’s why we book a session with you to establish your goals.

Once we know what your goals are, we’ll segment and create an audience on which your retargeting ads will focus. Then, we’ll develop a retargeting creative ad that’s specific to the audience and test its effectiveness to ensure that it maximizes conversion.

Partnership with the best experts

To make sure that we provide the best, we specialize in a few digital marketing services including search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and pay-per-click (PPC). However, we understand that our clients might need more than this, but we don’t want them to get other marketing services from inexperienced or untrustworthy /unreliable sources. Therefore, we have partnered with other experts from other digital marketing sectors to help you get all the digital marketing services that your business needs under one roof. Our industry partners focus on content marketing, web development, website design and conversion rate optimization (CRO), among other digital marketing services.

Highly converting retargeting ads

From our experience, we know that best-performing retargeting ads are those with a clear call-to-action and promote an offer and that’s how we’ll make yours be. Therefore, the moment a targeted person sees your retargeting ad, he/she will clearly and easily see what’s he/she is being asked to do. If interested, he/she will do the necessary hassle-free and within no time.

Also, we know that different products need diverse retargeting time windows. For instance, people shopping for nice holiday destinations ought to be retargeted immediately while those shopping for luxuries are supposed to be retargeted later. Depending on the nature of your business, we’ll establish the best time for the visibility of your retargeting ads on the online places where your unconverted website visitors frequent.

Honest experts

If you are looking for honest retargeting experts to help you take your digital marketing a notch higher, then look no further- Digital Marketing Singapore is right here for you. Even if you don’t have any clue of how to execute your retargeting campaign, we’ll be glad to guide you through.  We are happy when our client excitedly calls to share with us his/her business’ success news as a result of our help.

In as such, we are committed to offering 100% customer satisfaction and we can’t achieve that if we play mind games with our clients. Therefore, honesty is one of your core values and we uphold it in everything that we do. If we recommend you a service, rest assured that your business needs it. We won’t upsell a service to you just to make bucks from you.  We are the most honest digital marketing experts you can ever get.

If you are planning to run a retargeting campaign, you’ll certainly need a budget for that.  When properly executed and financed, a remarketing campaign can give you a conversion rate that’s 10 times higher as compared to a conventional digital ad campaign costing a similar amount. The cost per click of retargeting ads is less than half of the ordinary digital ads’.  Consequently, retargeting can bring about a significant reduction to your digital campaign cost per acquisition.

So, how much will I spend on retargeting services?

The answer is “it’ll depend.”

It isn’t easy to establish exactly how much you’ll spend that there’re various variables that will affect the cost. To start with, the price of retargeting CPCs-it is mostly somewhere from $0.50 to $1.25. This is way much lower than the average price of search campaign CPCs which is roughly $2.32, although this depends on the agency that you’re using.

Also, the number of your website visitors who haven’t completed your call to action will also influence your   overall retargeting cost. Considering that roughly 2% of your website traffic will convert, most of it will have to be followed up with you want to close more deals. This is where retargeting comes in. Therefore, websites with high traffic need a higher retargeting budget than those with low traffic.  Nevertheless, you can just focus on just a small portion of your target audience (the unconverted visitors) using a small budget and then keep on increasing it with time.

Membership duration will also affect your retargeting cost.  Membership duration refers to the length of time that you want a person apart of your target audience.  A person will keep on seeing your ads as long as you’ve kept them as part of your retargeting audience. They’ll stop seeing the ads the moment their membership duration comes to an end.  The more the membership duration, the more you are going to pay for an ad.  Preferably, limit the membership duration of your retargeting ads to the length of time that a person takes to complete your product’s/service’s buying cycle.  Determine an approximate period that a person will most likely take to get all the information they need about your product and successfully make a purchase. You don’t want to waste more money as you follow up on people who don’t seem to give a damn about your business.

Another thing that will affect your retargeting cost is the number of times that your retargeting ads will be visible to your target audience. The more the frequency, the higher the cost. Your ad frequency should be reasonable. Having an ad that appears after every two hours on a visitor’s browser doesn’t necessarily give you higher chances for conversion. On the contrary, the person might see it as a nuisance and might never bother clicking on it. If you don’t limit the number of times that your retargeting ads appear to your target audience, you could end up spending roughly 20% more than your daily budget.

In a nutshell, remarketing is not one-size-fits-all.  Your business is unique in some ways, and so, the amount that you’ll spend on retargeting will be different from other businesses’ budget for the digital service. Talk to Digital Marketing Singapore to know your suitable budget- we’ll have to consider various things to come up with a reasonable figure.

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