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New business from this customer. We don’t have any information except the products. The customer only asks 1 requirement: Rank to Google 1st page with high conversion.



1) Implement Marketing Strategy to increase conversion
2) Implement SEO friendly structure to rank higher from Google


Step 1: Marketing Analytics

  • Know your competitors:We use Google to find out the top 10 competitors by using the keyword: “carton box Singapore”, understanding how can they rank higher from Google, and then apply the good part to my customer site, and improve it.
  • Know your customers: People is looking for the low-cost product and may use the product only 1 time.

Step 2: Keyword Research

We use “keyword tool” to find the popular keyword for this industry.
carton box case study keyword planner

Step 3: Website Creation

  • Choosing the right domain: Here we are using EMD, it is dangerous for SEO but also effective as long as you know how to use it.
  • Using the fastest hosting: We use SSD hosting from “hostchipmunk
  • Create best SEO-friendly site structure: Silo Website System
  • Create lead generation homepage: You can also download our “47-POINT WEBSITE HOMEPAGE CHECKLIST” to know what kind of the information should be inside your homepage.
  • Create useful content
carton box case study 1
carton box case study 1024x1024 1

Step 4: Double the leads: 

We redirect the visitor to another website which also own by the owner.

carton box case study 3 1024x964 1

Step 5: SEO Onsite optimization:

There are 200 factors for SEO onsite to check, but here we can only point out a few important things:
1) Meta title & description: Good meta title & description will help you increase the CTR
2) Submit sitemap
3) SEO content creation
4) Fix broken link
5) Fix Speed

Step 6: Link Building Strategy: 

We applied high-quality link building to the website monthly.


Within 1 year, there are 300 keywords at 1st page

Top3 keywords and monthly searches:

carton box Singapore: 1300
cardboard box Singapore: 480
bubble wrap Singapore: 590

carton box traffic