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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a powerful tool to organically feature at the top of the page of search engines (Google / Bing). All you need is an excellent strategy and the right people to do it for you. With our team, Singapore SEO consultants with their 10+ years of experience, you are sure to be up there.

The digital world is competitive, and to shine there, you need to build an impactful, attention-grabbing online presence. You not only have to impress your target audience but also the search engines to build a reputation. We have real-world experience that can help you stay in the game and win it too.

Digital M is a game-changing SEO agency in Singapore that has given many companies the visibility they deserve. 

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No marketing goal is unachievable with effective SEO in Singapore.

In Singapore, no matter how big or small your business is, SEO is for everyone. With people conducting trillions of searches every day, it’s more important than ever that you stand out of the crowd in the digital space. Let SEO work its magic and help you achieve your marketing goals.

The key to effective SEO is the amalgamation of meaningful content, using the right keywords, and on-site and off-site optimisation. It is also the foundation of building a holistic marketing ecosystem. Once your SEO is on point, you can use the knowledge across all your marketing campaigns, social media platforms, and more.

Compelling SEO Pricing at Every Level

At Digitalm we’re a team of digital marketing professionals. We don’t outsource our work, we do it all in-house in Singapore to be sure you get the desired services and results. Since we know you have unique needs, we tailor our SEO packages for each customer. Our SEO services include code optimization, content creation, landing page development, tag optimization, and more. We use proven methods, eliminate guessing and implement tactics that are currently working for other clients. It’s time you work with an agency who can take your search traffic to the next level!


20 Key Phrases

1,488 /month


30 Keywords

2,488 /month


Unlimited Keywords

4,888 /month

Onsite Optimization Include: Fix internal links. Implement Search Console to submit sitemap. Robot.txt. Fix broken links. Implement Google analytics.Implement Google friendly titles and descriptions. Update website content if needed. Offsite Optimization Include: Sustained link building activity.



We built and developed HeySara’s digital identity from scratch. Our solution included designing an SEO-friendly website and implementing an SEO strategy that created an online reputation in just two years in a competitive industry.


Effective SEO Brings You Direct Leads

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Our SEO Process

At DigitalM, our skilled team is dedicated to providing your business with the utmost care and attention to help drive revenue and success.

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Identify SEO Goals and USP

To formulate an SEO strategy, we need to know your end SEO goal. It shouldn't be just to be #1 on the search engines. It should be much more profound, like lead generation, building your brand value, or increasing your market share. Identify your USPs and tell us what sets you apart from your competitors. Your input, along with our thorough research, will help us create tangible milestones and measure the progress as we move towards the goals together.

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SEO Audit: Website and Competitors

There is always scope for improvement. You need to identify the gaps in your marketing strategy before anyone else and leverage different SEO techniques to close them. Understand what your competitors are doing. Then, use the information to your advantage to build a powerful and more robust SEO strategy to get ahead of the competition.

Frame 9

Build a 12 Months SEO Plan

SEO is a long journey with multiple pitstops. To start with, we need to chalk out a 12-month roadmap to reach our final destination. In these 12 months, a lot can change, and we should be equipped to tackle all the obstacles that may come our way. We need to continuously monitor our progress and check where we are on our milestones. It takes good 60 days to start seeing any results. We use these insights to continue moving towards our goals and tweak our plans and tactics to remain on our set path.

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Create Better SEO Content

Content is the King in SEO. You need to have relevant content to catch not only your customers’ attention but also the search engine’s attention. SEO helps you build engaging quality content with the right keywords to ensure the search engines pick you. You also need to be consistent and update your content regularly to remain at the top of the ranks. Be focused on providing the solution your customers are looking for; if they click away too quickly, search engines will get the message that your content is not up to the mark and hence, doesn't deserve the top spot.

Frame 11

Execute Technical, Onsite and Offsite

Now is the time to change and implement our 12-month SEO strategy. Per our roadmap, we would optimize all the facets of your website one by one to maximize the outcome. Be patient, as good things take time to come.

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Review, Optimize and Repeat

While we do everything as planned, there are a lot of external factors, like changes in search engine algorithms and protocols, that could deviate us from our original path. The world is dynamic, and this is bound to happen. To ensure we stay on track, we need to review the progress regularly and make the necessary adjustments when required. So, sit back and reap the benefits of SEO with improved organic ranking on search engines and more traffic on your site.

SEO report

Data-driven SEO solutions that guarantee more leads and sales.

As said by a famous statistician, “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.” We truly believe data is the key to building a solid foundation for your SEO strategy. We don’t leave anything to a gut feeling and rely on data to make conscious decisions.

With our data-driven approach, we are sure to give you an SEO solution that will dramatically impact how your website ranks on the search results and generates more traffic. More traffic means more leads and sales. So are you ready to grow leaps and bounds with the best SEO agency in Singapore? 

Why should you engage Us for SEO Service?

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Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in SEO. We have worked with several SMEs across different industries in Singapore to help them reach the 1st page of search engines organically. Our SEO strategies are tailored-made to achieve the unique goals of every client we work with.

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All our solutions are backed by data and loads of experience. Our SEO experts use reliable tools at every stage - from building and implementing the SEO strategy to monitoring it. We look into different data points to develop a winning SEO campaign along with an experienced, creative human who understands your business’s unique needs and puts the data learning in perspective.

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We deliver what we promise. We use sophisticated tools to track our SEO campaigns, to which we also provide access to our clients. You can see on a real-time basis how the campaigns are performing anytime. We are committed to showing the true picture and don’t shy away from delivering the bad news. If our strategy is not reaping the hoped-for results, we will be honest and course-correct when required.

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Local team

Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in SEO. We have worked with several SMEs across different industries in Singapore to help them reach the 1st page of search engines organically. Our SEO strategies are tailored-made to achieve the unique goals of every client we work with.

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No long-term contractual commitment

We don’t lock you into any long-term contractual obligation as our work speaks for itself. We are a result-driven SEO company, which you will be able to see right from the word go.

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Rights over all digital assets created

All the digital assets we create for you are for you to keep. That’s right! You have the right to use them how and where you want, even if we don’t manage your SEO anymore.

Beat your competition by adopting SEO the right way.

The digital world is more competitive than ever, so you need to be different but on point to gain your authority. Also, with everyone doing SEO, staying ahead of your competition is a big challenge. But fret not; we can help you dominate google and other search engines by implementing a bespoke SEO strategy. SEO Strategies that would make your business discoverable with every search.


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Our team is committed to look at your needs to create an effective digital presence for your business and achieve measurable impact. Contact us for a non-obligatory consultation with our team of certified professionals with extensive experience in project delivery and digital marketing today.


What is SEO Singapore?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Keyword research is the primary step in any SEO campaign. It is a path to success in search engines. Keywords and informative content increase the organic search score for any product or service. This enables you to compete for high-ranking keywords. Our professional Singapore SEO service is a complete package with highly optimised and competitive keywords. You will definitely improve your visibility score! This is what makes us a top search engine optimisation company in Singapore. Our primary focus is your website rankings. We pride ourselves as one of the best Singapore SEO firms around, so allow us to achieve your SEO success as we have with our countless other clients! Let us begin with your SEO campaign and grow your online presence.

Is content important for SEO?

Yes, content is king. It is one of the most important factors for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But the content needs to be high-quality and relevant for search engines to rank your website well. Search engines aim to provide their users with the best possible results for their search queries, and hence they prioritize websites with superior, original, and relevant content. If your website has valuable content that meets the needs and interests of your target audience, it is more likely to appear at the top of the search results. Additionally, the frequency and consistency of creating new content also play a role in SEO. Regularly updating your website with fresh, informative content shows search engines that your website is active, authoritative, and trustworthy.

Why outsource SEO services?

SEO is an ongoing process. It’s best to leave it to the experts to manage your brand’s SEO and take it to the next level. Even if you have the basic knowledge, let experienced professionals handle it. Their skills, along with intuitive instincts, would help you build a winning SEO strategy. Plus, you get to focus on the more critical tasks while your website enables you to generate organic leads.

How to measure the ROI for SEO?

At the beginning of the SEO campaign, we would set some KPIs based on your business’s goals. Every month we would provide clear and concise reports giving an insight into the milestones achieved and how we are doing against the set KPIs. You will also have access to our reporting tool so that you always know what returns are you getting on your money invested.

Why do companies need SEO in Singapore?

The simple answer is to increase their digital visibility by appearing on the first page of all search engines. SEO helps companies expand their reach and share more about the goods and services they offer with their potential customers. Using different SEO techniques would also improve the company website’s user interface and build customers’ trust organically. If they find what they are looking for, they will keep coming back as well as share it with others. It also gives you a competitive advantage. So, it’s a win-win for all.

How much does SEO cost in Singapore?

The cost of SEO services in Singapore is generally on the higher side when compared with other countries. This cost disparity can be attributed to the industry’s intense competitiveness and the insufficient resources available to fulfil the demands. While the prices can vary a lot from company to company, those with greater experience and a well-established track record are likely to quote within the range of $1,500 to $5,000 per month. You can gauge the potential effectiveness of their SEO package by scrutinising the tasks encompassed within the pricing structure. To achieve the desired outcomes from the SEO initiative, substantial effort is required. Thus, comprehending the pricing structure can provide valuable insights into the level of dedication and work that will be invested in the initiative. So choose wisely!