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Xiao Hong Shu Official Account Set Up Service (小红书企业号认证)

With the daily active users on Xiao hong shu (Little Red Book) surpassing the 100 million mark, an increasing number of businesses are beginning to establish a presence on the Xiao hong shu platform by applying for certified official accounts. However, due to the recent introduction of the Xiao hong shu official account (also called “blue V” ) certification, many merchants are facing rejection during the application process, resulting in the loss of the 600RMB application fee.

At Digital M, our team has successfully assisted a large number of Singapore companies in completing the application process for Xiao hong shu official accounts(Blue V), achieving an impressive success rate of 99%.

Why Official Account Matters?

Blue V certification primarily assesses aspects such as the quality, authenticity, and authority of an account’s content. The goal is to assist users in better distinguishing between genuine and false information, thereby enhancing the overall quality of information.

Blue V certification signifies recognition of user authority and credibility, contributing to the establishment of a trustworthy brand image for both individuals and businesses. This makes it easier for other users to believe in the shared content.
Blue V certification makes user profiles more discoverable by other users, leading to increased exposure and attention. This, in turn, enhances the visibility and popularity of individuals or businesses.
Users with Blue V certification often wield a certain level of influence. Their content is more readily accepted and shared by other users, thereby expanding their overall influence on the platform.
Some brands or businesses may prefer to collaborate with Blue V-certified users due to their expertise and influence. This collaboration can assist in brand promotion and marketing efforts.
Blue V-certified users enjoy specific privileges, such as exclusive platform brand account badges, additional entry points in search results, and unrestricted advertising opportunities.
Individuals or businesses with Blue V certification are typically motivated to publish high-quality, original content. This motivation contributes to the overall improvement of content quality on the platform.
Blue V-certified users are required to adhere to Xiaohongshu platform regulations, reducing the risk of policy violations and ensuring the legality of their content.

Xiao Hong Shu Verification Process

1. Account Name

The account name can be based on the entity name as per the business license, or it can be derived from trademarks, websites, or software application names. Account names are allowed to have relevant and correlating extensions related to the industry and geographical area of the qualification.

Customized naming is supported, and it must adhere to the principles of “non-infringement, non-generic, unambiguous, and non-personification.”

In cases involving non-Chinese or non-English materials (such as trademark registration certificates), translated documents must be provided and stamped with the official seal of a translation company.

2. Account Introduction

Not exceeding 20 characters.

Objectively and truthfully describe relevant information about the enterprise, website, app, etc.

Prohibited from using vocabulary that is illegal, violates regulations, goes against public order and good customs, or contravenes the community guidelines of the Xiaohongshu platform.

3. Profile Image

The profile picture should have a certain relevance to the business license entity name, brand, website, or application of the applicant. Prohibited from using avatars that violate the community guidelines of the Xiaohongshu platform. If using the R mark/TM mark, corresponding supplementary qualifications should be provided. The profile picture must not contain website links. Do not add “V” or other easily confused certification symbols without authorization.

4. Incorporation Certificate

A colored scanned copy (black and white copies must be stamped with a colored official seal) of the latest Business License (Unified Social Credit Code) from the Chinese mainland’s Administration for Industry and Commerce or Market Supervision Administration is required. It should be clear and complete.

Only the watermark “For Xiaohongshu Entry/Certification Only” is allowed on the business license, and the watermark must not obscure its qualification content.

Upload original colored scanned copies of valid registration documents, stamped with the company’s colored official seal or signed by the company’s responsible person, with the signatory’s position clearly stated.

5. Certification Letter

The certification letter should be filled out according to the “Official Certification Application Letter” template, ensuring the content is clear and complete, and no doodling is allowed. It must be stamped with the fresh seal of the qualification owner and signed by the operator in person. Electronic seals, financial seals, and contract seals are not supported.

Full company name: It must match the business license. For sole proprietors without an official seal, provide colored photos or scans of both sides of the legal representative’s ID card. The legal representative should also provide a handwritten signature in the bottom right corner of the certification letter.

6. Other Important Notes

When applying for official account certification, the logged-in account will be the one undergoing certification. After submitting the application, it’s not possible to change the applying account, and Little Red Book will not provide a new enterprise account for users.

Once the business license is submitted, the subject cannot be changed during the certification process. Upon submission, it is assumed that you adhere to the review standards. Applications violating industry restrictions or with invalid or inaccurate qualifications will be treated as certification failures. (If you are unsure, you can communicate via private message.)

If subsequent store binding is required, the enterprise account name must match the store prefix or full name.

The validity period of a single certification order is 30 days. Failure to complete certification within the specified period or non-compliance with platform-related certification standards will result in certification failure. (The above information is from Little Red Book Enterprise Account Official Certification Points to Note.)

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