Timcole is a professional corporate service provider in Singapore. They offer a full suite of corporate advisory solutions and accounting services to SMEs across various industries. They started their operation in 2019, and with covid-19 bringing the world to a standstill in 2020, it became essential for Timcole to increase its digital presence to stay in the game. They wanted to increase their visibility in Singapore and improve their website traffic.

With more and more companies in the industry moving online and leveraging SEO and SEM, the competition became very tough. With almost everyone now doing SEM, the price per click went from a few cents to $10 for most of the competitive keywords like “company secretary services Singapore”, “accounting and bookkeeping services Singapore”, and “bookkeeping services”. So now, the real challenge was to break through this tight competition and get our target audience’s attention.

To achieve their end goal, we had to ensure we built an approach that would make their website SEO-compliant and gain enough traction. So, we proposed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to help increase Timcole’s authority and visibility online.


Initial Setup

  • Website: Perform a complete website audit to understand how well Timcole’s website is optimised for search engines. It helped us identify the errors that were preventing the site from ranking higher.
  • Keyword Planning: Conduct thorough research on the high-search volume keywords and select the relevant ones for Timcole to help improve their SEO.
  • Online Business Profile: Update the Google Business profile and make the Google My Business account to manage the business on google and general leads.
  • Google Ads: Set up the Google ads account for Timcole.
  • Social Media Platforms: Create Timcole’s accounts on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.


  • SEO (Search engine optimisation) to get website keywords positioned higher on a google search result by doing the following:
    • Website page ongoing optimisation
    • Monthly content creation
    • Building steady high-quality backlinks
  • Regular posting on Social Media to engage the audience.
  • Create Google Ads with money keywords as part of SEM (Search engine marketing).


Step 1: Market Analysis

  • To understand the market better, we first did detailed research on Timcole’s online presence compared to its competitors. We also analysed the industry to understand the best practices when it comes to digital marketing.
  • Using our analysis and experience in this field, we curated a well-thought-out digital marketing plan for Timcole.

Step 2: Implementing the Strategy

  • To improve the SERP ranking, we built a strong website foundation by doing on-page, off-page, and technical SEO.
  • Next, we Initiated informative and quality monthly blogs on topics relevant to the services offered by Timcole to build authority. 
  • Posting engaging content on social media pages to attract potential customers.
  • Creating Google ads using money keywords that would be shown only to the target audience at the right time.

Step 3: Monitoring the Progress

  • We closely monitor the website ranking and send reports to the client on a monthly basis.
  • We also have a monthly review meeting with the clients to present the progress and address their concerns, if any.
  • If we notice any gaps, we revisit our strategy to make it more powerful and implement the changes.
  • We regularly perform technical audits, view the issues on the Google search console, and fix them promptly to ensure the website always shines on Google Search results.


We started seeing a stable ranking of the keywords in the first year itself. In addition, as our strategy was very robust, the most competitive keywords still rank Timcole on the first page. 

  • Timcole ranks on the first page of search engines for 36 keywords within 2 years.
  • The organic search session has gone by 194% from 2021 to 2023.
  • We ran Google Ads for 4 months, which had over 87,000 impressions and a conversion rate of more than 68%.