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Realize a crazy business growth, thanks to an ultra-effective Facebook campaign

The majority of people who advertise businesses on Facebook mainly target increasing followers, likes and comments on their pages. However, failure to turn over a profit on the social media is a clear indication that you aren’t utilizing it to its maximum potential.

If you decide to invest Facebook advertising, ensure that you aim at achieving remarkable returns- nothing short of that.
Facebook Ads offers you powerful and accurate targeting tools to help develop data-driven campaigns for lead generation. Also, the tools come in handy for the modification of the profile of your business, making it feature content that grabs the attention of your audience. In as such, your profile is optimized for more clicks, likes and sharing to other audiences.

Extra-powerful targeting! Amazing results!

Tap into the amazing Facebook Ad targeting potential to maximize your social media advertising investment returns. To exploit the benefits that Facebook offers, you need to do more than just developing a nice profile and posting witty messages. Some businesses are unable to connect with new audiences as a result of over-focusing on flooded content. Unfortunately, the content won’t improve the organic reach.

On the other hand, a carefully created Facebook Ads campaign utilizing in-depth targeting tools can help you big time to increase your actual sales through Facebook. By exclusively making your relevant ads visible to a particular audience, you’ll be able to unlock a return on investment (ROI) that is four times more effective. As a result, your cost cost-per-click will reduce significantly.
Facebook offers you great data mining tools to help you comprehensively analyses people in your target markets. With the help of the tools, you’ll be able to easily establish the location of the individuals, the kind of content they tend to search, things that motivate them to visit a website or a store, share content and follow a business on Facebook.

Each aspect of your ads and profile on Facebook are customized to attract high-end users on the social media site.

Our experts ensure that every service we offer you, be it placement, bidding, content or monitoring, contributes to the improvement of your ROI and your brand as a whole.

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At Digital Marketing Singapore (DMS), we specialize in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media marketing as well as PPC (pay-per-click) while our partners focus on diverse areas including website design, website development, CRO and content marketing. The ultimate aim of our partnerships is to ensure that each element of your presence in the online word is optimized for your business’ optimal ranking and conversions as well as the maximum generation of leads.

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Frequently asked questions

Here is a sample of the regular questions that our clients pose to us. The questions and their corresponding answers from us might help you as you decide on what you’d like Digital Marketing Singapore to help you with your Facebook advertising campaign.

Facebook is unarguably one of the largest social media sites across the world. Did you know that approximately two billion people use the platform in just a single month? Now you know. That means that you can reach any audience there.

The primary ad system of Facebook plugs right into the News Feed of the social media platform. Facebook News Feed is simply the social network’s primary interface. The ad system is designed to deliver attention-grabbing ads in an effective way just like the way “organic content” is conveyed. Organic content on Facebook refers to the posts made by the people to who you are connected on the social media platform.

When you sign up for Facebook advertising for the first time, you’ll be instantly prompted to create your first campaign. While creating your campaign, you’re supposed to determine your target outcome-whether you want to increase likes, downloads traffic to a site or conversion.

Once an ad campaign is created, an advertiser should then decide the kind of ads that they want to run as well as the audience to which the ads are targeted. That’s level is called ad sets. Having done that, you can now design your ads.
Unfortunately, not every Facebook ads will produce the desired outcomes and it is almost impossible to initially tell if an ad will be effective or not. In as such, it is advisable to create numerous ads to see which one eventually works if you want your ad campaign to be successful.

One awesome thing about Facebook ad spend is that you need to spend just enough for you to realize optimum results. Excess spending doesn’t mean more results; it will only trigger an increase in your cost per result.

So how much money will be enough for your campaign? You don’t want to overspend or underspend, right?

Well, unfortunately, Facebook advertising is not one-size-fits-all. This means that each campaign will need a specific budget, depending on the required outcome, the visibility of the ad as well as the size of the targeted audience. If your audience is very small, you can even spend just $ 1 per day for a start.

If you have a set advertising budget the first step will be to establish the amount allocated to Facebook adverting or the much you are allowed to spend on the advertising service.

Also, you ought to have an idea of how many website visits or leads that you require to convert a targeted individual to a customer. This will help you establish the amount you need to spend on your advertising campaign.

For instance, if you already know that you make 50 sales from each 100 people that click on your Facebook ads in your advertising campaign and each sale is worth $5 , then you need to spend less than the projected total sales (50 ×$5= $250) on your next campaign targeting the same audience size (100 people).

Nevertheless, if you are not in a position to have these projections or sales history for a certain reason, our advertising experts can guide you through.

Although you can carry out your business’ Facebook advertising campaign on your own or within your organization, there are lots of advantages of leaving the work to a reputable Facebook advertising agency.

  • Diverse and up-to-date skills

To start with, a Facebook advertising agency has a team with diverse backgrounds as well as skill sets. Considering that the agency handles a wide array of marketing campaigns, thanks to the diversity of the clients that it serves, it is not by surprise that its team members might have handled even the most complex or easiest campaign you can ever imagine.

Besides, serious Facebook advertising agencies such as Digital Marketing Singapore (DMS) have ongoing training programs which their employees go through regularly to ensure that they remain abreast with the latest Facebook advertising changes and developments. Such agencies tap into the unlimited learning opportunities they gain as a result of their solid relationships with Facebook and some software platforms. On the other hand, it is almost impossible for you or your in-house team to have so frequent and in-depth Facebook training because of time and resource constraints.

  • Saves you time

Preparing for and executing a Facebook advertising campaign isn’t a one-minute affair. You might need a day or two to have everything rolling properly. On the other hand, running a business isn’t a joke. Perhaps you even deny yourself some mealtimes in order to attend your unending business activities. Therefore, having to run a Facebook campaign means that you might have a couple of sleepless nights as you try to create more time for the advertisement activity.

Worse still, it can be very frustrating when you sacrifice all that and then eventually find out that you messed up somewhere and that you can’t achieve your marketing goals.

Having a Facebook advertising agency to take care of your Facebook advertising campaign will be a great relief as you’ll be able to continue giving your business the attention it deserves as you rest assures that someone is working on its exposure in the world’s largest social media platform.  Besides, you are certain that the process is handled by highly experienced experts and so, success is almost a guarantee.

We can confidently say that Facebook advertising works. It works amazingly well.  Our conclusion is based on the many success stories we receive from the clients who we have helped in their Facebook campaigns for their businesses.  The high effectiveness of Facebook advertising is mainly attributed to the fact that:

  • Approximately two billion people use the platform in just a single month
  • The consumption of Facebook content has increased tremendously over time- by 57% since 2014.
  • Approximately 66% of Facebook users use the platform to find out about new products and services.
  • A study conducted and released in 2015 shows that Facebook influences 52% of consumers who buy services and goods both online and offline. The figure has certainly risen since then.
  • The advertising service is very cost –effective. The hyper-targeted Custom Audiences feature on Facebook allows advertisers to target specific audiences. As a result, their (advertisers) customer acquisition costs have declined significantly (by over 73%).  Besides, the average cost per thousand impressions (CPM) charged by Facebook is approximately $ 7. 3. This is insanely lower than roughly $35 which is charged by TVs for commercials.
  • Approximately 73% of people who are in the B2B realm have been reported to use Facebook for professional purposes.

Hopefully, you’ve seen why Facebook is a gold mine to many businesses and you need to tap into the potential of the platform by advertising your business through it, preferably using an expert.

We deal with all businesses, big and small, irrespective of what a business deals with. Our experts have worked with lots of small and businesses and so, we have a rough idea of what each needs and the best way to put it in front of its relevant audience on Facebook. However, we’ll have to have a session with you to understand some specifics concerning your business to help us customize ads that particularly address its unique needs and ensure that you achieve your goals.

DMS is on top of the game as far as Facebook advertising is concerned, among other digital marketing services there’s no doubt about that. There are very many reasons that make us make us the best but we’ll highlight a few of them here.

First, we are very transparent in everything that we do, from quoting to the delivery of service. We are committed to developing and cultivating long-term relationships with our clients and so, what we promise is exactly what we deliver.  When you hire us for Facebook advertising, we’ll keep you on the loop throughout the process to ensure that you understand what we are doing and are comfortable with it.

Secondly, we are there for you any time. Whether you want to launch a new Facebook advertising campaign or have a question about a service that we’ve already offered you, we are just a call or a few clicks away, 24/7.

Additionally, we have top-notch experts who don’t leave anything to chance. Our Facebook advertising specialists are not only highly skilled but also go through regular training programs offered by Facebook and some reputable software developers to ensure that they have up-to-date Facebook advertising knowledge and skills. All this is aimed at giving our clients the best services to help them achieve their dream ROIs.

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