Top 20 Online Classifieds and Marketplaces in Singapore

Online classified and platforms and e-commerce marketplaces have completely revolutionized the way business and other commercial activities are being conducted on a daily basis. With an increase in convenience and a market reach that you could never have gotten with some traditional market means these platforms help bring people of far sides of the word together, and they provide an awesome potential for business growth as well.

Why You Should Put Your Business on the Online Classifieds

Statistics have shown that over the past decade, billions of dollars have been spent on online businesses and developing the Internet business space.

However, while that in itself is definitely an interesting feat, what a lot of people fail to realize s thee fact that these big score sales were able to happen as a result of making use of online classifieds. Also, one of the most popular of these classifieds has been Craigslist. Now, you can find online classifieds basically everywhere all over the world.

For instance, in the United States alone there are millions of people who engage in online shopping on a daily basis and every month through the use of online classifieds. Items like bikes, clothes, cars, electronics, houses (yes, entire houses), and everyday goods and services are being sold and purchased through the online classifieds.

Another advantage that online classifieds have with tem is the act that they preset an opportunity for you to sell items that might not be of the best quality. For instance, you might have a laptop that is slightly damaged and you just as well want to get rid of it, but you’ll like or it to drive a fair price nonetheless. A lot of e-commerce marketplaces will most likely not accept the opportunity to help you make your sale because of the quality of your item.

However, an efficient and a practical way to let these products make profits for you is to have them told on online classifieds (at a reduced price, of course). With this way, a product that would ideally end up sitting in your garage and collecting dust can be put to good use again.

Online classifieds also present an opportunity for you to exponentially grow your business. As stated earlier, the market of people that online classifieds provide goods and services to continues to increase (due largely in part to the difficulty that is experienced in shopping on some of the leading e-commerce sites today). Online classifieds charge less for their sales services, and you can just as well take the products that you sell to these platform to make sales. They have visitor counts that rival some of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the business today, and they provide a much more convenient environment for businesses to thrive.

As a matter of fact, the biggest challenge that you might end up facing when it comes to using an online classified is uploading mages and developing content for the descriptions of the products you’re selling. However, you don’t also have to worry about this, as you can always get someone to handle all of these tasks for you. Freelancers can easily be hired thanks to outsourcing platforms these days, and you can get one of those to help you handle the details of posting content on the website on a regular basis.

Know what’s even more amazing? You could make a post on an online classified to get that person as well!

Now, there are online classifieds that might end up charging you a little more for the services they render and the reach they are capable of providing you with. Names like eBay and Craigslist, thanks to their popularity, might end up charging you quite a sum. However, know that the fees you’re paying will definitely pay off eventually.

In addition, if you’re looking to avoid fees altogether, you can try similar online classifieds. These ones work in similar fashion to some of the established names like Craigslist, but they don’t have the visitor count and traffic just yet. Still, there is always the opportunity to grow and expand with time.

Making use of these free classified ads platforms is an easy and effective way to make sales online. Also, if you find that this form of marketing actually works for your website, then you can just as well choose to make it a permanent part of your marketing campaign and incorporate it into your overall business strategy.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most popular online classifieds platforms on the market:

Craigslist Singapore

Craigslist is one of the oldest and most trusted f al online classifieds and ever since it was established back in 1996, it has remained one of the most widely used and adopted online classifieds in the online space. As of now, Craigslist provides its services to over 70 countries, and its reach has also spread across 700 cities, including many in Singapore. It has also been accepted around the world as one of the easiest ways to show and browse a wide array of items.

Craigslist has a user-friendly and highly responsive user interface, which can easily be navigated with ease by few users. This means ta its page-loading speed is always quite impressive, and you won’t have to expend much data in order to present a single webpage. Also if you will like to earn some cash on any of the items, Craigslist Singapore is another awesome place for you to be.


  • You can post ads on Craigslist Singapore without opening an account
  • As a purchaser, you can view a seller’s phone number and Email without the need to log in
  • Classified ad pointing doesn’t attract ay costs
  • You can upload up to 24 images of your products

Locanto Singapore

Just as it is with Craigslist, Locanto is another classified ads marketplace that has a reach spanning over various countries. Established in 2000, Locanto serves over 50 countries and whopping 1600 cities. The Singapore division of Locanto was established in 2007, and it has continued to be one of the best and most popular free classified ads marketplaces in the country. The website is known for constantly improving its technology and range of services to provide even better solutions for all of its users, regardless of whether they’re sellers or buyers.

There are various categories that you can choose from, right on Locanto’s home page. If you want to post an ad, just go to the top right hand corner of the page, click on “Post free ad” and you’re ready to go.


  • It is completely free to create an account or an ad
  • Sellers can upload up to 10 pictures of their products
  • With the contact form, buyers can view a seller’s phone number and Email address without the need to log in
  • Locanto has an app available for Android and iOS users
  • There’s a targeted, location-based search feature on the service as well

Gumtree Singapore

Gumtree is another example of a free classified ads platform. Launched in March 2000 in London, the platform now provides its services across 11 countries and 76 cities. Its branch in Singapore has risen to prominence, and it has definitely become one of the most popular classified ads marketplaces in the country. The platform is viewed over a million times on a weekly basis so you can be sure that placing your ads here will get you a considerable measure of visibility

On Gumtree, there are at least 10,000 new product listings on a daily basis, and all indications point to a growth in that number, especially since their mobile app platform was launched back in 2014.

The mobile app is available to both Android and iOS users.


  • Listing or products and services can be done free of charge
  • There is a wide array of product listing categories available on the platform
  • Through the contact form, sellers can view the contact information of a buyer and communicate with them directly
  • Users get a custom home page. In addition to that, product recommendations are provided based on their search habits and patterns
  • Payments made by the buyer are directly remitted to the seller
  • A search function is also available, and it helps users to sift through the posted ads

ST Classifieds

ST Classifieds is a locally-established classified ads platform that has received popularity due to its ability to provide a platform where buyers and sellers can easily trade. ST Classified has been tipped by a wide array of locals. Known formerly as ST701 Shops, ST Classifieds provides the ability to sell anything whatsoever, and the listings provided on the platform are completely free. The platform also launched a mobile app for iPhone and Android users, and this helped them to achieve a more seamless user experience.


  • The platform is more user-friendly and easy to navigate than most other classified ads platforms
  • Sellers won’t need to create accounts before they post ads
  • Classified ads can also be posted free of charge
  • The platform has a library of images that you can use for your ad covers, in case you don’t have any original images of your own
  • You can also upload as much as 10 pictures of your product in a listing

Singapore Expats Classifieds

Singapore is one of the shopping and commercial capitals of the world, and the country has been known to attract expatriates from all over the globe. For expatriates who will like to make a foray into the Singaporean market, Singapore Expats Classified provides an awesome opportunity to do so. The platform offers pretty much everything, from forum discussions, online dating and match making to classified ads and much more.

For this platform, you will need to create an account so as to be able to publish and ad. Also, accounts will be required for users to communicate with themselves. Still, Singapore Expats Classifieds has one major advantage; if you’re looking to migrate into the country, it is the preferred classified ads platform because it has an international reach.


  • Keep in mind that you will need to create an account on the platform before you can get access to most of its services, as well as the ability to communicate with other users on the platform
  • Sellers are able to upload p to 5 different pictures of their products on here
  • Navigating the site is also very easy, thanks to its user-friendly interface.

eBay Singapore

Just as it is with platforms like Craigslist and Locanto, eBay is one of the most prominent C2C e-commerce platforms available on the market today. The services of the platform have only been enhanced thanks to its online classified ads marketplace. eBay has continued to stay strong in the market, weathering off competition from various new market entrants. With over two decades of providing the industry standard in e-commerce solution, eBay has continued to provide a platform where people can sell pre-owned and new products.

The popularity of eBay in Singapore has only been intensified thanks to the presence of the eBay bucks and Bill Me Later programs. eBay Bucks provides cash back for in-platform purchases, while Bill Me Later works just like an in-store credit card.


  • There’s the option to search for keywords
  • eBay still provides one of the world’s best shopping carts
  • Listings are shareable on social media and Email access to help improve reach
  • Users can also filter searches by various metrics, including price range, location currency, bid numbers, and much more

Donkiz Singapore

Donkiz is one of the few specialist classified ads marketplaces that have gained fame around the world due to its ability to bring a different approach to classified ad listings. The classified ads engine provides listings for real estate, jobs, cars and much more, with listings sourced from companies and individuals alike. The user interface is also intuitive, with a striking resemblance to those of search engines like Google, Bing and MSN.

On Donkiz Singapore, users have the option to receive new classified ads via Email, and they can save searches as well. Searches here only sow excerpts of the listing to get full information, you’ll have to check the entire website.


  • Searching is easy, as it can be one with keywords, mapping, features and more
  • You can also have your search on here
  • The platform has a way of systematically removing od classifieds
  • Buyers can receive new listings via Email
  • You can publish classified ads with a few, simple steps. has actually grown over the course of time to become more synonymous with listings related to property rights and real estate. However, it is still able to provide support for a wide array of categories, including but not limited to computers and technology, art, coins, toys, music and musical instruments, clothes and accessories and much more.

The platform is incredibly easy to navigate, and it is especially favored by both sellers and buyers as well. The platform has nifty navigation tools that can help uses find the items that they need without having to do much scrolling up and down.


  • An intuitive set of navigation tools
  • You don’t need to have an account before you can view listings
  • There’s a dedicated categories section for easy searching
  • Classifieds publishing is free
  • The platform is all-encompassing, and you can get just about anything on there


Qoo10 has been a major player in the Singaporean e-commerce space for quite a long time now, and it functions as a B2C marketplace that provides just as much of everything, from pet supplies to musical instruments and much more.(Learn: How to Successfully Sell on Qoo10) The platform provides regular promotions and discounts on a wide array of items in order to ensure customer retention as well. While the interface might definitely need some work one on it, there is definitely a lot of substance to be found on this platform for sure. If not for anything else, this platform has continued to be one of the best and most popular marketplaces I Singapore thanks to the number of items available on there.


Carousell is a Singaporean startup that continues to hold quite a large chunk of the nation’s e-commerce market. Think of Carousell in Singapore almost as you think of eBay in the United States. The marketplace has found a lot of progress, especially in streamlining the process of listing, marketing sales and easily purchasing items. The marketplace has also been able to expand to countries like China, Taiwan and Indonesia in recent years.


Lazada is another major e-commerce marketplace with a strong presence in Singapore. The site provides a wide array of items, such as clothing, accessories, electronics, and home appliances. You can even get wines from here! The company operates in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand, and it has a strong capital base for expansion.


Just as it is with Carousell, Zalora has gotten a lot of mainstream attention for being a “shopper on the street.” The fashion e-commerce marketplace had been able to expand to a wide array of Asian marketplaces, with millions of dollars in funding as well. Users can easily shop through the website or its mobile platform, and it also has a marketplace for independent merchants to sell their wares as well.

There is also the Zalora Magazine, a content blog that provides tips on various genres, including fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.


Currently, Redmart is in the works to establish itself as one of the top and foremost ways to get you groceries online. Although the marketplace is currently facing various competition, it is definitely getting a lot of traction from customers. The marketplace has a current base in Singapore, although it has been able to expand its operations into Hong King, while also preparing to enter into Indonesia.

Still, there is a lot of potential from this platform right here.

Rakuten Singapore

If eBay is considered to be the grandfather of e-commerce marketplaces and platform, then there is no doubt that Rakuten can be described as the long lost uncle of e-commerce. Rakuten follows a business model that is similar to that of industry leaders like Amazon, and the marketplace features a wide array of items, from clothing and electronics to vehicle accessories and toys. The e-commerce giant, which was established in Japan, has been able to spread all over the world through various fundraising rounds and aggressive acquisitions.

As of now, there is nothing that points to the fact that Rakuten is slowing down.


In very sense of the world, you could probably be forgiven for not considering Shopback an e-commerce platform. Rather, it functions more as a service that piggybacks on other stores and their services. Basically, Shopabck helps to aggregate deals from sites like Redmart and Zalora and as an added incentive, it provides rewards to users, as they get their money back on every purchase. Shopback was founded in 2014, and he company’s business model has been able to keep it afloat.


Reebonz is another e-commerce marketplace that has been able to develop a strong foothold on the e-commerce market in Singapore, with a special emphasis on the sales of luxury items (such as branded handbags, designer shoes, and jewelry)

Over the course of the past few years,  Reebonz has been able to develop its own brand identity, with the use of a beautiful site design and is ability to deliver items in signature black  boxes that are tied with lovely gold ribbons (hence, the “Reebonz” brand name).

Reebonz has been able to achieve sustainable growth, expanding is services to various counties over the Asia Pacific.


This is one platform that provides designer furniture for the affluent, savvy millennials who are used to shopping online and who have matured to need more sophisticated items that the usual clothes and shows, gadgets  and electronics. The platform currently stocks well over 20,000 products across its home décor, furniture and kitchenware categories, according to the official website.

The site also has a blog section known as Inspirations, and this section provides advice and tips on excellent interior decoration. The blog section is active and incredibly vibrant, and you can definitely get some helpful insights on how to spice up your home design rom there.


Seen by many in the country as a direct competitor to Redmart, Honestbee is also looking to develop its services to the online grocery delivery market in Southeast Asia.

This e-commerce marketplace has been known to partner with some of the most established ad popular supermarket chains in all of Singapore, with names like Cold Storage and NTUC Fairprice. The company makes use of a model akin to that of Uber, as users are able to send in their orders online, have them processed by the company, and the company delivers the orders right to their homes.

Honestbee is based in Singapore and following its success (and growing influence) in its home country, it has been able to expand into Hong Kong as well


Luxola an e-commerce marketplace that has a focus on cosmetics and beauty products.  So far, Luxola has proven to be one of the most successful e-commerce brands in the country. Owned by global cosmetics company Sephora (itself a subsidiary of global conglomerate LVMH) the site currently operates its service across a wide array of countries in the Asia Pacific.


As can probably already be gotten from its unique name, Megafash is an e-commerce platform that has a special offering of fashion products and accessories.

The e-commerce marketplace provides an offering of various kind of stuff (of course, most of them are lifestyle items like clothes, shoes and accessories). However, the little twist comes in the fact that the platform provides majorly indie brands that usually can’t be found in some of the major malls and e-commerce platforms in Singapore. Simply out, it is a marketplace for the fashion underdogs looking to make names for themselves in Singapore. This identity as definitely made for a tasteful audience, and it is one that has continued to grow over the curse of the past few years.

As of now, the site also provides its services to countries like Indonesia and Malaysia.

How to Get More Business from Marketplaces

Considering the fact that millions of people are moving their businesses online, here are a few tips that will help you to stay relevant and remain profitable in your niche.

Customer retention is key

Every business person knows this, but it should be emphasized nonetheless. Always understand the significance of customer retention the customers are the ones who will ensure that your every action is aimed at creating a proper shopping experience for them. When it comes to e-commerce, the customer is the boss.

Understand the importance of content

Here, content might mean a wide array of tings. It could be posting stories and relevant content that can be seen by the people you hope to reach on a daily or weekly basis, and it could also meet the items that you actually sell.

Regardless of what it is, content is the one thing that keeps your platform from being redundant. It is what ensures that people keep coming, and it is going to be the driving force of your business.

To wit ensure that you invest a lot into the originality and uniqueness of your content. Find your own way of writing and stick to it. If you put up stuff that people will likely have seen at some other place, then there really is no reason for people to come visiting you.

Focus on originality and integrity

Tis has to deal more with your products that the things you’re offering to your customers. Make sure that you focus on originality with your products. If your products are known for being defective and damaged, then that’s a sure fire way of losing customers… and fast. Word travels fast, and people will know to avoid you when they com shopping for what you sell.

Keep in mind that you have a lot of competition with e-commerce platforms, and your loss will be the gain o someone else.

To wit, ensure that you scrutinize whatever it is that you sell to ensure competitive pricing and its functionality.

Develop your business service

These days, commerce has become more of a business than just getting things to people.

What makes you special?

What are the additional services that you can provide?

How early do orders get processed?

How long will it take to get someone’s order to them?

Al of these will factor into your ability to get more people, and it will definitely determine your ability to stay profitable. Try to look for something that not a lot of other people do, and provide that to your customers.


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