SSD Web Hosting-faster your website speed

SSD Web Hosting-faster your website speed

$180.00 $90.00

Local SSD hosting is the best choice for your SEO result.

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Price includes: 1 year hosting, FREE SSL, cPanel, 10 GB Space, Unlimited Sub Domain

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What are SSDs?

Solid State Disk drives use non-volatile memory to store information. Unlike regular volatile memory (RAM), this means that the data isn’t lost when power is disconnected. Traditional drives need to spin around their platters to locate data before it can be read or modified – SSDs don’t have this issue, so seek times (the time it takes to “find” your data on the drive) are up significantly faster.

The benefit of SSD web hosting

1. Faster Hosting Speeds – perfect for SEO
2. Better Data Security
3. Executes Requests Faster
4. Better For Database Intensive Uses Like eCommerce or Forums
5. Lower Power Usage – More Friendly to the Environment
6. More Reliable Performance Because No Fragmentation
7. SSDs Are Decreasing in Cost


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