2xx Status Codes

2xx status codes refer to a group of HTTP status codes that indicate a successful response from the server. When you visit a website, your browser communicates with the server hosting that site, and the server responds with a three-digit HTTP status code to indicate the outcome of the request.

2xx status codes

Here are a few examples of 2xx status codes:

200 OK: This is the most common 2xx status code. It means that the server successfully processed the request, and everything is good. The requested webpage or resource has been delivered to the browser without any issues.

201 Created: This status code indicates that the request was successful, and the server has created a new resource. This is often used when you submit a form, and a new page or content is generated as a result.

204 No Content: The server successfully processed the request, but there is no content to send in the response. This is often used in situations where you want to acknowledge a request without sending any data back.

In simple terms, when you see a 2xx status code, it generally means that everything went well with your request, and the server successfully handled it. It’s like getting a green light – the webpage or resource you requested is on its way to your browser without any problems.