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7 Google Ads Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Have you ever made a big mistake while posting google ads that cost you a lot of money? If you have, you’re not alone. However, if you are looking for ways to ensure you have the perfect and the most eye-catching google ads, then you’re on the right page!

There are a lot of things that can go wrong when it comes to Google ads. From misspellings to targeting the wrong audience, there are plenty of ways to make mistakes. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most common Google ad mistakes and how to avoid them.

What are Google Ads? They’re those little ads that pop up when you’re trying to search for something important. They’re a form of advertising that allows businesses to promote their products and services on Google’s search engine results pages.

Google Ads is a powerful online advertising platform that can be used to promote businesses, sell products or services, and drive website traffic. As the go-to search engine for many people, Google Ads can reach a wide audience and help you achieve your marketing goals.

7 Google Ads Mistakes That You Should Avoid

To make the most of using the Google Ads service, avoid making these 7 common mistakes:

1. Keyword Mismatch

One common mistake that people often make is failing to use the right keyword match.

Any keywords you add to your Google Ads account will default to the ‘broad match’ type. This can attract impressions that are not as relevant to your objectives and could cost you more money. You may consider using other match types to get the most out of your keywords.

To avoid this, you will have to select the right keyword match.

An advertiser of Google Ads should be familiar with the three categories of keywords offered by the Google Ads platform:

  • Broad match – when the broad match keywords category is targeted in your ads, they will show up in search results for the keywords you have given regardless of the order of the words.
  • Phrase match – ads will appear for the phrase match keyword category when people type and search in only the exact order of the words.
  • Exact match – ads with the exact match keyword will only display the exact keyword you target for your ads.

You can improve your ad performance by using the right keyword match. With a broad match, you can reach more people; however, it is essential to be aware that this includes terms that might not be relevant to your business.

However, a higher conversion rate can be achieved through the use of phrases and exact match keywords, even if this means fewer impressions.

If you limit your targeting to only exact matches, you may not see much traffic. However, if you use too many broad-match terms, you may reduce your ROI for the ad campaign.

The best thing to do is adjust the matches according to what may work well for your business.

2. Not Understanding Conversions and Profit Margins

If you are running a business, it is vital to track your profit margins to improve your revenue.

You must have an estimated profit margin for a successful Google Ads campaign. You can add new conversions from the ‘Tools and Analysis menu to set up conversions for sales or inquiries.

Understanding conversions and profit margins will help you save money on your ad campaign. Though estimated profit margins provide higher chances for a successful ad campaign, you must know what works best for your business.

3. Carelessly Written Ads

One of the reasons your ad might not perform as well as you want could be because it is poorly written. Consider having a professional take a look at your ad and provide feedback.

To write an effective ad, you must understand what makes headlines effective and use that knowledge wisely. By crafting the perfect ad copy, you can make your product or service more appealing to potential customers.

4. Not Optimising Ad Extensions

Ad extensions can be beneficial to your ad campaign by increasing its performance. Using site links, location, and call extensions in conjunction with the ad extension option can improve your results.

This can be done in the Ad extension tab, which is found when you log into your Ads account.

To increase the click rate for your ads, using ad extensions is one of the most effective methods. Adding additional links and information to your ad gives people more reasons to click your ad.

Ad extensions provide opportunities to promote your business and encourage users to visit your site. By taking advantage of the different ad extension options available through Google, you can reach more potential customers and grow your business.

5. Neglecting to Monitor Search Queries

In order to get a clear understanding of how your account is performing, you should regularly review your search terms. For example, in Google Ads, it is possible to see which phrases caused clicks on your ad.

The ‘Search Terms Report’ is a valuable tool for identifying negative keywords that can be added to your ad campaigns. This will stop irrelevant phrases from appearing on your ads and help you focus your budget on more effective keywords.

6. Not Utilising Negative Keywords

NOT utilising NEGATIVE keywords? Yes, you read that right!

Negative keywords help you fine-tune your ad campaigns and ensure your ads only appear for relevant search terms. This allows you to attract more qualified leads and avoid wasting your budget on irrelevant clicks.

Using a negative keyword excludes keywords that don’t suit your product or service. Unfortunately, many advertisers surprisingly don’t use negative keywords in their PPC campaigns, which can lead to unwanted clicks and an exhausted budget.

Negative keywords will hence help lower your costs and increase the revenue. It can also boost your ROI and improve the quality score of your Google Ads.

7. Unsupervised Google Ads Account

Not regularly managing your Google Ads account can negatively affect your ad performance. On the other hand, investing time in managing your account can pay off by reviewing search terms, creating new ad copy, and adding new and negative keywords.

You can also adjust your bid prices with Smart bidding options to control your ad spend. This allows you to stay within your budget while still getting your ads seen by potential customers.


If you’re looking for a good laugh, just take a gander at some of the Google ads that are out there. You’re sure to find some gems that will have you rolling on the floor. From misspellings to completely irrelevant ads, there’s no shortage of chuckle-worthy moments to be had.

When using Google Ads to promote your service, there are certain mistakes you should avoid in order to be successful. By avoiding these common pitfalls mentioned in this article, you can maximise the benefits of this powerful marketing tool.

You can also consider hiring an SEM expert to formulate a winning google ads strategy and manage it. This would help your ads get noticed and ensure more relevant clicks.

And also, make sure nobody laughs at your google ads!