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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimisation, Keyword research is the primary step in any SEO campaign.  It is a path to success in the search engines. Keywords and informative content increases organic search score for any product or service. This enables you to compete for high ranking keywords. Our professional Singapore SEO service is a complete package with highly optimized and competitive keywords. You will definitely improve your visibility score! This is what makes us a top search engine optimisation company in Singapore. Our main focus is your website rankings. We pride ourselves as one of the best Singapore SEO firms around, so allow us to achieve your SEO success as we had with our countless other clients! Let us begin with your SEO campaign and grow your online business.

What Makes Us Different From Other SEO Companies?

At Digital M Pte Ltd, you are backed up by a professional world-class SEO “search engine optimization” and digital marketing team with many years of experience in the SEO and marketing field for both B2B and B2C. We know what exactly works for your business, especially if you want to increase eCommerce SEO. We take careful steps on how your website design structure is and we proceed with our SEO strategies that will achieve goals. We are the only SEO Singapore company that does not use any type of bots or black hat SEO techniques rank your site. Everything is done manually. What’s more we work when you are asleep.

Our team is committed to your business 100%. All our staff are experts in the field and spend hours of research to enable your site to get the best results in any type of search engine, Especially Google!

A bit more for Ecommerce SEO

Doing Ecommerce SEO is different with corporate SEO. At Digital M, we customzie the SEO strategy for different kind of the website, even for different industries. We are confidence to help you booset up your Ecommerce within 6 months, we promise no black hat, no spam backlink.

Our SEO Process

4 Steps To Serve You Better

Step 1: On-Site Optimization – Keyword Research & Mapping

Keyword Research:
The purpose of keyword research is to brainstorm as many words as we can that relate most to your company’s brand. We will conduct by going through all the possible keywords and identifying 30-50 keywords that will most increase your website traffic.

Competitor Research:
Our job is to help you outrank your competitors. We will analyze the keywords your competitors are using and identify the ones that you can use to compete.

Keyword Mapping:
We will identify aspects of your website that require optimization and draft the mapping of the keywords into your website’s pages for your approval. Upon approval, we will execute the mapping.

Keyword Selection for Landing Pages:
From landing pages to blog articles, we will select the best keywords favoured by search engines. We will also use analytical tools regularly to track your website performance, comparing it with the rest of the internet.

Note: The whole process from keyword research to mapping will take around 2 weeks depending on the complexity and size of the website. A detailed benchmark report will be provided.

Step 2: On-Site Optimization – Technical Audit & Implementation

Technical Audit:
After the completion of keyword mapping, we will proceed with the technical auditing of your website to ensure that all nuts and bolts aspects are functioning and up to standard. The aspects checked will include (but not limited to) meta information, brand visibility, site speed, website security, technical problems, non-existent pages and gaps in content. We can audit up to 30 pages in this stage.

Technical Implementation:
Next, we will focus on the technical optimization of the website to modify it to most comply with the current search engine algorithm. We will also enhance its capacity to prep it in handling the soon increased traffic.

Note: This process of technical auditing and implementation will take around 2 weeks depending on the complexity and size of website. A detailed benchmark report will be provided.

Step 3: Off-Site Optimization – Link Building

With the preliminary steps of on-site optimization complete, we will begin building content and acquire links by featuring your brand on high authority websites and blogs. This process include:

Site’s Popularity:
Increasing the authority and popularity of your website.

Content Creation:
We will create fresh content on your website every month to maintain your brand’s relevancy and ranking.

Get Featured:
We will feature your brand on high-quality websites and blogs.

Link Building:
We will cultivate high links from high authority websites to reinforce your brand’s expertise.

Note: Google loves websites with high popularity and authority and soon, you will be one of them!

Step 4: Off-Site Optimization – Review & Report

Frequent Strategy Review:
We review the current strategy every week to make sure that it conforms with the newest search engine algorithm.

Monthly Report:
At the end of each month, You will receive a detailed report via email indicating all actions performed and achieved within the period.

Constant Communication:
Your website is our priority and an experienced SEO specialist will be assigned to your case to maintain constant communication and answer every query you have.

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Frequently asked questions

The cost of an SEO campaign in Singapore depends on the keywords being targeted, the history of your website, the industry, and the amount of work required to achieve your goals. The most spending is SEOer’s experience and link building quality.

  1. A good SEO specialist is able to find out the problem from your website and fix it, also they can generate better SEO content, write the best meta information, put in a suitable keyword density to avoid over SEO onsite optimization.
  2. Link building needs to spend a lot of money, some company buy a bulk of links from Fiverr for $5 USD, which they focus on link quantity, in Digitalm we build less link but good links regularly, every customer will have different link building planning depend on the niche competition.

We work with all types of businesses large or small. We have affordable solutions that deliver real results in quality time.
Our digital marketing consultants will assess your needs to develop a winning strategy for you.

Renew Search Engine Optimization (SEO) every year is necessary because your website’s position doesn’t stick there. Everyone is fighting to the top position, we have seemed websites changing the position every year. Besides Google keep changing search engine algorithm, although the majority of these changes are minor, some of them are major but rolled out occasionally. These latter affect search results vary significantly.

This question has been asked for many times from everywhere in the world. It depends on your keyword competition and website situation. We have the experience to rank the keyword to the 1st page within 1 month, but we also experienced to spend 1 year to rank the keyword to the 1st page. Everything is possible, but it will happen anytime when you are ready to make it happen.

Yes, you can do SEO for yourself but you have to make sure that you are doing the right thing. If it’s content, you should know how to use keywords and the most relevant content to your target audience. If its link building, you need to be extremely good at it, knowing what a quality link means and how to create one. Here we also provide SEO DIY Shop to help you. We sell Ahrefs Report which is helping you to find your competitors backlink, Cora SEO Audit Report to help you find the improvement area of the website, High-Quality Content Writing service will help you generate useful content for your customer.

However, in as much as you can do SEO on your own, hiring an SEO expert for the optimization of your site is more advantageous as the specialist is more experienced and so will do everything excellently, without leaving anything to chance.

Yes, we are the cheapest if you compare to real SEO agency like “Impossible Marketing”, “SEO Agency” or “MediaOne Marketing”…

Nevertheless, we aren’t the cheapest SEO agency in Singapore. There are other agencies that charge far much less than us for  SEO, but unfortunately, most of then use black hat and digital marketing shortcuts that could lead to the blacklisting of your website by Google, because those techniques violate the terms and conditions of the search engine.

When it comes to us, we don’t use such shortcuts because we can’t stand to see you getting frustrated as a result of our services. We are committed to cultivating long-term relationships with all our clients through reasonably priced and quality service delivery.

Although we aren’t the cheapest, we are trustworthy, reliable and responsible.

Local SEO is a very powerful and necessary aspect of online marketing. Search patterns are changing mainly due to a gradual yet steep shift from desktop to mobile use. When people talk about local SEO, they are referring to you promoting your business to local customers within a defined geographic area. This entails of optimizing your online presence for “geographically related searches” and getting it ranked among the top 3 local search results. It’s critical for your business, especially if you are a small business owner. Local SEO is extremely effective because it draws relevant consumers and converts local prospects who are more likely to become long term customers. The Google 3-pack local results appear in top spot in 93% of searches with local intent. Besides, around 75% of customers who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit the store within same day. Taking a decisive step is what your business needs – let’s get you started today.

SEO isn’t just for big businesses. Small and local businesses can also get ahead with our strategy. It’s all about finding the right niche and combining the right SEO strategy to compete with other businesses and even large national brands and their humongous ad budgets – Yes, it is possible!

Moreover, we also work with eCommerce companies of all sizes. Whether you have just ten products or ten-thousand, our eCommerce SEO campaign is all about ultra-precise targeting and specialization, connecting you with new customers who are actively searching for your product or service. eCommerce SEO is a specialized art, we know, which makes us proud to have empowered our small and medium-sized clients to take on global eCommerce giants in the high stake’s world of Google rankings.

Yes, it will but only if you are serious about your business and willing to invest the deploying the necessary SEO strategy. It’s important to note that overnight success is a myth – there’s power inconsistency. SEO takes time and no one can give you instant results.

To those who understand the power of SEO and are willing to invest time and money, it is one of the most effective and long-lasting sources of lead generation. You’ll never look back in regret, you’ll only wish you started earlier!

Absolutely! We’ll teach you how to use SEO more effectively. We also organize face-to face training and workshops in Singapore. Our SEO workshops are designed to help you – so that you can help your business. We’ll teach you how to use good SEO techniques to outsmart bigger rivals. Our Experts will reveal how to stay on top of all Google’s latest changes and innovations, to enable you to jump on the opportunities they bring. Our training is designed to build capacity and give you the tools you need for ongoing success.

DMS is not only a Top SEO agency in Singapore but also a highly regarded Digital Marketing Company with a team of experienced Digital marketing and SEO Expert that can optimize sites for search engines and improve customer conversions. Our SEO strategy prepares great groundwork for continued digital marketing work. Based on our 10 years experience, we have found the way it works effectively and you won’t waste of time.

We know the business, we have the track record and we build success stories. Let’s work for you.

Right away! Just complete our client intake form and we’ll get you going with one our representatives for an initial session where your vision for your business will be discussed. Our typical process is first a complimentary instant audit, worth $500 (Check the SEO Audit details), to determine where you’re currently at. This audit gives a crystal-clear overview of your current business and identifies needs that apply to your unique situation. We then use this to define a tailor-made road map of detailed steps we intend to take to drive your vision for your brand over a defined period of time.

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