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We will push your website higher in search engine results in Singapore! The target position for us is to find your website on the first page of search engines, perfectly within the top 1-3 positions.

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When we look at your website’s SEO strategy we look at it from
three key points: Website Structure, Content and Technical issues:

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SEO audits is too technical, it takes DAYS or WEEKS to complete. We have 16‐Step SEO Audit Process, and it required many tools for the SEO audit process, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google PageSpeed Insights, Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool, Ahrefs (7‐day trial), Copyscape, SERP Simulator, Web Page Word Counter, you can find out the tools detail from here.

So call SEO onsite optimization.

The 1st thing people thinking is filling the meta tag for every page. Yes, it is one of the important steps, but do you know what is the rule of the meta tag? If you wrote the correct meta information? Beside meta tag, there are more things need to be checked, such as website structure, content, keyword density, 404 page, duplication content, duplicate page, broken links, robot text…

So call off-page SEO

It includes the White hat, Grey hat, Black hat. At DMS, we only provide White hat link building.
Link building is the most difficult part to SEO, it directly affects your rank position and stability. This is the reason why some of the websites ranking up fast and drop fast, it is also the reason why the SEO price is different between all companies.

SEO Ranking Milestones

3 Months Milestone – 10% Keywords Up

We’ll get at least 10% of your keywords onto page 1 of Google

6 Months Milestone – 30% Keywords Up

We’ll get at least 30% of your keywords onto page 1 of Google

12 Months Milestone – 60% Keywords Up

We’ll get at least 60% of your keywords onto page 1 of Google

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We are a team of marketing gurus who are passionate about SEO Singapore. We employ cutting edge technology tools to deliver results that you can see for yourself. We are not just about theory, we are practical and result-oriented. We are cross-functional and provide high level but also granular strategies that have been tested to boost your business sales.


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