302 Redirect

A 302 redirectis an HTTP status code that indicates a temporary redirection of a webpage. Unlike a 301 redirect, which signals a permanent move, a 302 redirect tells browsers and search engines that the moveis only temporary.

302 redirect

302 Redirect:

A 302 redirect is a way for website owners to inform browsers and search engines that a webpage or resource has temporarily moved to a different location. It’s like putting up a “be right back” sign instead of a permanent change of address.

Layman’s Terms Explanation: Think of a 302 redirect as a placeholder. Imagine your favourite cafe is undergoing renovations, and they temporarily move to a nearby location. They might put up a sign redirecting customers to the temporary spot. Similarly, a 302 redirect tells web browsers and search engines that the current location is just a temporary arrangement, and the original page will be back soon.

In summary, a 302 redirect is used when a webpage has a temporary new location, and it ensures that visitors and search engines are aware that the move is not permanent. It’s like a virtual “we’ll be back shortly” notice for web content.