Link Juice

Link juice is a term used in search engine optimization (SEO) to describe the value or authority passed from one web page to another through hyperlinks. It represents the SEO equity that a link can transfer, influencing the linked-to page’s potential search engine ranking.

Link juice is like the credibility or authority that flows from one webpage to another through a hyperlink. When a reputable page links to another page, it passes along some of its SEO value.

Link juice

Key Points:

Authority Transfer: When a page with high authority or credibility links to another page, it passes a portion of that authority, positively influencing the linked page’s SEO.

Internal and External Links: Both internal links (within the same website) and external links (from other websites) contribute to the flow of link juice. External links from authoritative sites are particularly valuable.

Relevance Matters: The relevance of the linking and linked pages is important. Link juice is more effective when the content is relevant to the linked page.

Factors Influencing Link Juice:

Link Source Authority: The authority of the page providing the link is a significant factor. A link from a highly authoritative source carries more link juice.

Number of Outbound Links: The more links a page has, the less link juice each link passes. A page with numerous outbound links dilutes the link juice.

Anchor Text: The text used in the hyperlink (anchor text) influences the relevance of the link. Descriptive and relevant anchor text enhances the effectiveness of link juice.


A well-established and authoritative industry blog writes an article about a new product, including a link to the product page on the manufacturer’s website. The link juice from the blog contributes positively to the product page’s search engine ranking.

Why it Matters:

Search Engine Ranking: Link juice plays a crucial role in determining a webpage’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Credibility and Trust: Pages with incoming link juice from reputable sources are viewed as more credible and trustworthy by search engines.

SEO Impact: Understanding link juice helps in optimizing link-building strategies and internal linking structures.

In summary, link juice is the SEO value or authority passed from one webpage to another through hyperlinks. It significantly influences search engine rankings and is a key concept in the practice of link building and SEO optimization.