People Also Ask (PAA)

People Also Ask (PAA) is a feature in Google’s search results that displays a box containing questions related to the user’s search query. When a user clicks on one of these questions, the box expands to reveal additional answers, providing more information on the topic.

People Also Ask is like a set of additional questions that Google suggests when you search for something. It helps users explore related topics and get more detailed information.

example of people also ask snippet on google

Key Points:

Interactive Search Feature: PAA is an interactive feature that dynamically generates related questions based on the user’s initial search query.

Rich Results: The expanded PAA box often includes concise answers, sourced from reputable websites, forums, or other online platforms.

People Also Ask PAA

How People Also Ask Works:

User Query: A user enters a search query into Google.

PAA Box Display: In the search results, a box titled “People Also Ask” appears, featuring related questions.

Expansion: Clicking on a question expands the box, revealing the answer and potentially triggering more related questions.

SEO and Content Implications:

For website owners and content creators, appearing in PAA results can be valuable for increasing visibility and providing concise, relevant answers to common questions.

User Engagement:

PAA encourages users to explore related topics and often leads to more in-depth searches, contributing to user engagement.

Google’s Featured Snippet Connection:

PAA is closely related to featured snippets. Content displayed in PAA boxes is often sourced from pages that rank well for featured snippets.


A user searches for “best ways to lose weight.” In the People Also Ask box, questions like “What is the best diet for weight loss?” and “Are there effective weight loss supplements?” may appear.

Why it Matters:

User Exploration: PAA encourages users to explore additional questions and topics related to their initial search, enhancing their overall search experience.

Content Opportunities: Content creators can optimize for PAA by providing clear, concise answers to common questions related to their niche or industry.

Featured Snippet Exposure: Websites that appear in PAA may also have an opportunity to appear in featured snippets, gaining additional visibility.

In summary, People Also Ask is a feature in Google search results that presents users with related questions based on their initial search query. It enhances user engagement, provides additional information, and offers opportunities for content creators to optimize their content for increased visibility in search results.