What is Retargeting in Marketing?

What is Retargeting in Marketing?

Making a mark in whichever industry we are in can be a challenge. Hence, we take on different marketing efforts to make sure we reach our targets effectively. While this may seem like an easy task to do, there will be some times where we see a trend of those who check out our services and products walk or navigate away from our platform. And for a businessman, nothing hurts more than seeing our efforts fail.

Why do they walk away before they even take action? The answer is not always clear. They may be looking for something else, they may be looking around while checking for the best deal, or something may have come up while they were doing the search. Whatever the reason is, the moment they were in and their interest was simply not enough to close the sale.

This is where retargeting campaigns come in. If you have not heard about this yet, you will be surprised to know how it works. You may even be astonished to find out that you have experienced being a part of it on several occasions. The role of this campaign is to give that extra push to customers until they finally dive into the decision of buying it.

Discovering How Retargeting Works

A lot of people have had theories about how they can be looking at something for a minute and then end up seeing it everywhere the next. For instance, try to recall that one time you did a search for a black dress. Most likely, the next websites or pages you visit would be full of advertisements similar to the black dress that you did a search on.

Some see it as rocket science, some refer to is as a weird coincidence, or worse, they call it a possible breach of privacy. The reactions of people vary depending on whether they understand why it happens. Here is a takeaway for you. It is not a psychic breach or a mere coincidence, rather, it is what we call retargeting or remarketing.

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The Truth About Retargeting, Cookies and Pixels

The process of retargeting involves the use of pixels. When we speak of retargeting pixels, we refer to a JavaScript code that anonymously follow the audience wherever they may be. It is a simple code that is added to a website. It is undetectable and it is neither going to create an impact on your website’s functioning or anything else. It revolves around the goal of determining the site a visitor accesses, and notifying ad companies of avenues where they can perfectly place their ads.

So how does it work? When a visitor accesses your website, the JavaScript code gives off an anonymous cookie into the browser they are using. This cookie will be kept in their browser and will eventually be sent to retargeting providers to make sure that the next set of ads you see are similar to the search you did initially.

When this comes into play, you can guarantee that the ads are served to the correct crowd at the moment. The best thing about this is that there is no need to get to know the people on a personal level. The pixels and cookies take care of the job by monitoring your target market’s online activities and showing them what they wanted earlier, and making them go back to their initial want of the first search.

Retargeting can be used for a couple of reasons. This is not limited to having a person buy your service or product; this can also be used for letting people accomplish a purchase, fill out a special form, book a visit, or attend a seminar.

A Retargeting Example

Being clueless as to whether it is working or not should be a top priority. The goal is to have you understand the process properly. This happens right after the client fills in a certain topic or key word in Google, or any other platform. From there, the pixels you have placed on your website will plant a cookie on the user’s computer or web browser. So the next time they browse around, they would see videos or advertisements that revolve around those that are deemed to give you the sale you haven’t gotten.

The first advertisement usually is the simplest. The second one will be running in the background on the 5th day throughout the 8th day. The third can be luring them from the 9tth of October throughout the 12th. In this case, once they sign up or do whatever it is that you want, you can use another code or, another pixel to pitch in ideas that will definitely make them do more things with the service they got from you.

The Value of Retargeting Marketing

If you have been dealing with low engagement and low sales, you can always resort to retargeting. This has been one of the best marketing strategies utilized by many companies in the market. In this way, you do not only touch the population who are interested or who have bought your service or product, you can also go for those who have seen it but have not placed an order yet. With a calculated ad sequence, these types of consumers can be convinced that your service or product is something that they actually want and need.

Why You Should Go for Retargeting

The obvious reason why you should consider this technique is that because it works. Those who have already established an online presence can actually use this to their advantage. Just imagine being able to touch and provide a follow through to those who visit your website without them noticing it.

This gives you a second chance or a time to redeem yourself subtly. If the first approach or marketing technique did not work, you can always do this after while you improve on developing your first approach into a more effective one.

If this is your first time to hear about this, now is the best time to look for a team who has expertise in this type of marketing strategy. Some of the best companies have started their comeback plan, go ahead and step up to the challenge.

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