What You Need to Know about Google Review Likes

What You Need to Know about Google Review Likes

Nowadays, there is too much misinformation concerning Google review likes in the internet. If you have conducted some searches for a local business, you would have come across them before. If you take the initiative of asking the business owners about their Google review likes, you will most likely receive a blank stare rather than a substantive response.

The truth is, majority of business owners are stuck with errors since Google does not provide adequate guidance about their review system. Other business owners also ignore the reviews in their entirety.

What then should you know about these Google review likes?

To sum it up, here are 5 facts you should know about Google review likes.

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5 Facts You should Know about Google Review Likes

1. You can Easily Report Fake Google Review Likes

While fake review likes cases are still rampant in the Google locals, you can easily report them. Follow the steps below to report fake five-star reviews left on your competitors business or thumbs down fake reviews on your thriving business.

Follow these simple steps to report a fake Google review like:

  1. Search the business: key in the name of the company and click on the review section.
  2. Hoover over the reviews: you will notice a flag appearing next to the review posting date.
  3. Click on the ‘flag’: when you click on the flag, you will be sent to another screen. On this screen, you can type in your email address and your concern about the review to the moderators.

The reviews ‘flagged’ will be inspected by Google moderators and if concluded as inappropriate or fake, they will be removed.

2. Google Review Likes have a Tremendous Impact on Your Company

Let’s say you are looking for a company to hire and you come across two companies – one with three-star reviews from 20 people and another with five-star reviews from the same number of people. Which company will you pick on? It is evident, is it not?

A company with better Google review likes outshines the one which is much lowly rated. Even for those who do not know how Google reviews work, they will rely on quality restoration for a better option.

Your customers can search for you by name, look at your reviews and attribute it to your performance. Any bad reviews may change their thoughts on giving you a call.

You can deny it, but your Google reviews tell an authentic story about your brand. Making it better is the only way to convince your customers.

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3. Google Review Likes can Assist You to Rank Beyond Your Home Locality

Have you ever asked yourself how frustrating it can be if your service business does not show up beyond your geographical area? Google review likes can remove this frustration and rank you elsewhere. Google review likes by a customer from another nearby town can help your business rank at that place.

With such reviews, your business convinces Google that you operate in that area, and your services satisfy customers from that locality.

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4. Google Filters Review Likes the Same Way as Yelp

Many people often complain about Yelp’s review filters. However, you will hardly hear about Google’s filters.

Google can also filter out review likes for reasons such as too many of the reviews being left back to back. It can also filter review likes left from the same computer. Another reason that prompts review likes filtering by Google is when the reviews do not come from Google active users.

Most of the reasons here are similar to those prompting Yelp to filter reviews. However, the difference is that Google was late in the review likes platform. As such, they would rather have lots of review likes than inadequate.

5. Your Review Likes Quantity Outshines Review Quality for SEO Purposes

Take, for instance, a couple of interchangeable businesses. One business has an average of five stars from one customer review while the other averages at 4.8 stars after thirty-two reviews. The company with twenty review likes will rank better on Google.

There are 2 reasons for this.

  • More reviews mean more trust: If your business has more reviews, it means you are more authentic than those with fewer reviews. A company that only has one rating, regardless of the number of stars, may be regarded as an anomaly.
  • More reviews depict a working pattern: If your business has more review likes, it represents a pattern. Therefore, clients can predict the outcome of their engagement with you. It builds your reputation. Did you know that a bad reputation is better than no reputation at all?

6. Google Encourages You to Ask for Reviews from Your Clients

Unlike the policies and operation terms of Yelp that do not allow review requests, Google wants you to request reviews from your customers. According to Google, customers can leave both unprompted reviews and invited reviews.

Google encourages you to remind your clients to leave review likes after service or product delivery.

However, it is important to let your  customers or clients leave honest reviews based on their level of satisfaction. You should not offer incentives to lure clients towards leaving good reviews for your product or service.

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The Bottom Line

Now that you know much more about Google reviews, it will help you in avoiding the misinformation flooding the internet. Keep in mind that your Google reviews tell others about your brand. Thus,use the knowledge you have gathered here to better your ratings which will in turn benefit of your business. Present the best to the customers, get the best Google review, rank higher and eventually rank outside your locality. Good luck.

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