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How to Use TikTok for Growing Your Business Reach?

TikTok, which debuted in 2018, is presently among the most widely used applications available. Users may make quick, looping reels with different music and effects. While some people only see this as a perplexing viral app, others are already learning how to use it to their advantage.

Even though TikTok is a relatively new platform, numerous firms use it for advertising their products. We tend to assume that TikTok is an app meant mainly for Millennials and Generations since users between the ages of 16 and 25 make up 60% of the TikTok audience.

Why Is TikTok Essential for Growing Your Business?

TikTok boasts some 500 million users globally, and according to InfluencerMarketingHub was the most downloaded iOS app in the first quarter of 2018. 52 minutes is the average amount of time users spend on TikTok, which is quite similar to how long they spend on other well-known social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

What does this entail for business, then? Engagement comes first and foremost. TikTok is full of engaged young users who are eager to watch catchy, attention-grabbing videos and the accompanying advertising.

Only 15% of marketers expect to utilise TikTok in 2020, according to an annual survey by SocialMediaExaminer, and only 3% of marketers are already using it. Due to this, TikTok is a major social media marketing platform with enormous potential for businesses. So let’s look at 10 TikTok branding techniques that might assist your company in attracting a large customer base.

10 TikTok Branding Techniques for Growing Your Business Reach

Choose a Niche Subject

The core of TikTok, like every other social networking tool, is deserving content. If you decide to use this platform for marketing your brand, you must have a consistent branding strategy. There are countless opportunities to create valuable material. Choose a subject on which you are an authority, then share your knowledge and experience.

To start, you should investigate TikTok content posting practices. Afterwards, do your best to create superior materials to outrank them. Finally, tracking and examining user input can determine whether you are headed on the correct path.

Take Part in a Hashtag Challenge

This TikTok craze is a potent weapon that may expand the audience for your company. The most incredible method to expanding naturally is to include pertinent hashtags in each video.

If you’re unsure of what hashtags to use, enter a relevant, general term in TikTok’s search bar. A system will make some hashtag suggestions for your topic based on your entry.

Launching a TikTok hashtag challenge is another approach to utilising hashtags to advertise your company. All you have to do is post a memorable video, think of a distinctive hashtag, and inspire your audience to make videos similar to yours. As a result, the TikTok audience will grow, and people will interact more because of viral marketing.

Work Together with Influencers

Influencers on TikTok might not have as huge of an audience as those on Instagram. However, what will help you advertise your business is coming into contact with your target audience. Work with successful influencers whose followers may be interested in your company and are likely to make purchases from you. This is similar to how Instagram advertising operates.

To gain more sponsored articles, influencers are leveraging the TikTok platform to create high-quality content. Partnering with an influencer to advertise your product is appropriate if your budget permits.

Such a strategy is effective not just for companies that offer tangible goods but also for those that provide services, such as templates for online stores.

The time required for marketing is reduced when working with an influencer, and brand recognition is increased. Simply ensure that their audience fits the characteristics of your target demographic, as influencers usually already have a very dedicated following.

Produce Interesting Content

To reach a wide audience, collaborating with TikTok influencers and using hashtags are both crucial, but let’s face it: none of these tactics will be effective if the content you share is uninteresting. Remember, content marketing is no longer about website content or blogs. It includes every platform you market your business on.

You just have 15 to 60 seconds to convince folks to follow you on TikTok. So don’t sacrifice content quality in the name of the activity.

As the first item that draws a visitor’s attention, be sure to develop a video that’s pleasant and easily understandable. Ensure that all of your posts are formatted correctly.

Give consideration to the video captions you wish to use. They should be noteworthy without being overly complicated. Remember that TikTok is a social network; therefore, you want to get user involvement.

Invest in Advertising

Despite being relatively young, TikTok features a sophisticated advertising system that enables brands and businesses to reach a sizable user base. This platform provides three different kinds of online advertising:

  • Native In-Feed Ads.
  • Hashtag Challenge Ads.
  • Brand ads – The most effective way to direct traffic to your landing page is with this kind of TikTok advertisement.

There are two ways to target TikTok advertisements:

  • Interest-Based Targeting – Comparable to how Facebook advertising operates. TikTok displays advertisements to those who share a particular interest with your target market.
  • Behaviour-Based Targeting – This tactic makes advertising to people based on their recent activity easier.

Organize Joint Campaigns with Other Creators on TikTok

Cooperation with other businesses and content producers may be the answer for you if you want to spread the word about your brand to a broad audience but simply don’t have the budget.

For instance, if you operate in the fashion industry and want to promote your business, you may identify others in this sector with a sizable following and propose partnerships.

To express your interest in collaborating with them, all you need to do is send a brief and pleasant note. Given the apparent potential benefits of such a partnership, there is a good likelihood that someone will adopt your concept.

Make Trends Work for Your Business by Following Them

Trends abound on TikTok. On this social media platform, trends might include things like hashtags, challenges, and video effects. How can you spot a pattern in a sea of millions of videos? Following songs and hashtags is one way to stay current. You must monitor these developments and consider how your company might profit from them.

Don’t Strive for Perfection

It may sound cliche to “show your genuineness,” but TikTok, unlike Instagram, doesn’t necessarily need you to “polish” the material and produce a perfect picture at the end. TikTok does not require flawless aesthetics in every single element. Personality comes across as important on this site, so don’t be afraid to be authentic.

The more stuff you provide to TikTok, the more you will discover about your audience. However, this is not how the maxim “the more, the better” operates. Instead, stability and interesting material are what is valued by audiences. Therefore, it’s preferable to publish one excellent video every day instead of five pointless ones.

Learn About the Platform

The last thing you want to do is join a social network to promote a brand without fully comprehending how it operates. So you must research what kind of material works on TikTok, how to connect with other users, and how to make your company fit the platform organically – if you don’t want this platform to confuse you.

On this social network, originality is considerably more critical than on any other platform. No one comes here to browse for educational information since TikTok’s audience is primarily interested in entertainment and comedy; thus, serious sales subjects are inappropriate.

Always keep in mind that the bulk of the TikTok audience is between the ages of 16 and 25, and the most effective method to connect with them is to show inventiveness and honesty.

Monitor and Evaluate the Results of Your Campaign

Let’s not overlook the importance of measuring the outcomes of a campaign’s success while discussing the merits of hashtags and inventiveness. In addition, you may learn a lot about your own marketing initiatives and how to strengthen them by using an analytics platform.

If you’re not receiving enough interaction, consider what errors could have contributed to that and how to correct them. For example, maybe tour videos aren’t doing better because they’re not amusing enough. Keeping up with analytics is an excellent method to grow your audience and ultimately increase your revenue.


TikTok is a significant development in the field of contemporary social media. It has millions of Gen-Z users and has emerged as one of the most promising advertising platforms available since it is a platform all about engagement.

Knowing these ten branding techniques can help you expand your company’s presence on TikTok, and you can utilise them to successfully market your brand or product to a sizable TikTok audience.

You can also get a social media consultant on board to ensure your marketing campaigns on TikTok are successful. They would also be able to guide you and market your business on other social media platforms more relevant for your business.