The 25 Best Branding Agencies In Singapore

In this age and time when businesses are going digital in a highly competitive global market, it is crucial for every company to build and grow their brand. Branding is fundamental to growth, increased following on social media, more business, higher standards, and so many more advantages. Branding will make your company stand out among competitions as well as attract your company to the right customers and clients.

Before we dive into the 25 best branding agencies in Singapore, let us take a not too broad look at “Why companies need to have a brand.” Good knowledge about why your business needs to grow her brand even though competition is everywhere; locally and globally. Let us get into the discourse.

What is branding?

Branding effectively is more than just having a name, logo, trademarks, and slogans. It is the image of your product or service in the mind of your customers and consumers. A brand goes way beyond graphics elements and acronyms. When a customer remembers your brand, he should reflect the entire customer experience related to your business, everything. Branding is the whole picture of your company in your clients’ minds – from logos and slogans, your social media community, your website aura, and more.

Branding is also a concept to build a valuable company asset, which is a good perception. Branding can easily influence a company’s status, whether the company has less than a stellar reputation or no reputation. Branding can build an expectation about your company relationships, products or services, and can help the company to sustain or exceed such hope, and bringing better quality services and products to clients and consumers.

Why is branding important?

Branding is crucial and vital to a business because of the overall effect it makes on your company. It can change how people perceive your brand, increase brand awareness, drive new business, and improve feedback for innovation. Among the numerous benefits, here are a few that stands out for most company brands:

Branding Gets Recognition

The most critical reason branding is essential to a company is because it helps a company gets recognition and rings a bell in the mind of the consumers. The logo and colors are the most important elements of branding because it brings out the face of the company. It is the essence of the logo design to be powerful and easily memorable, expressive, and making an impression on a person at first glance. All the company’s printed promotional products should have this feature.

Branding Increases Business Value

Branding is vital for future business, and a vibrant brand can increase a company’s value by giving the company more leverage on social media and in the industry. Branding easily establishes a firm place in the marketplace for any company, and on social media platforms.

Branding Generates New Customers

A vibrant brand will have less trouble getting referral business. Having a strong brand with positive impressions in your industry paves the way for customers and consumers to be more than likely to do business with your brand easily because of the familiarity and assumed dependability associated with your brand name [trust]. Once a brand has been well-established, one of the company’s most effective advertising methods would be “word of mouth.”

Branding Improves Satisfaction and Employee Pride

When an employee works for a company with a strong brand, they behave more satisfied with their job exhibiting a high degree of pride and self-admiration in the work that they do. Having a branded car or office often helps employees feel more satisfied and increase their sense of belonging to the company. Working for a reputable brand makes staff members, delightful and excited.

Branding Creates Trust Within The Marketplace

A well-strategized branding presence will help the company build consumers trust, excite potential clients and attract inquiries due to curiosity. People are excited to deal with a company that is polished and brilliantly portrayed. Good branding makes the public feel comfortable as though they can trust your company. It also gives the impression of your company as being industry experts in your services and products and the way your company handles her business.

Branding Supports Advertising and Marketing

Advertising is a direct component to branding, and your company advertising strategies will directly reflect the intended brand of your company. An outstanding brand enhances marketing and advertising strategies such that get more results and improves the company branding goals.

Branding helps customers know what to expect

A company with a clear, consistent brand puts the consumer at ease, and this enhances trust and business. Consumers delight at a brand when they know and understand what to expect whenever they come in contact with the strong brand.

Branding represents the promise of the company

It is expedient for every company to always have in mind what the company brand stands for. The management, their assets, the staff, promotional materials, and services all make a promise to the consumer. So, irrespective of what the consumer sees at any point in time, the brand represents the promise of the company to the consumer.

Branding creates Clarity and Focus

A concise and straightforward brand strategy helps the company stay focused on the mission and vision of the business. Branding helped companies to be strategic and focused on their marketing and advertising goals, thereby saving time and money. Branding prevents the company from wandering off chasing diverse ideas and distractions.

Branding helps businesses connect with customers emotionally

A strong brand connects with customers and prospects emotionally. Consumers feel good after purchasing or receiving their services. Buying can be an emotional experience, and strong brands make their loyal followers and customers feel good, safe and proud.

Branding provides value to your business

Many established brands offer value to their customers beyond their physical assets. Assets do not count in the mind of the consumer, but the amount of value they get whenever they purchase your product or service brings more business value to the company

The 25 best branding agencies in Singapore

Due to the importance of Branding, businesses and companies in Singapore are on the hunt for highly skilled branding agencies to meet with local and global branding demands. Currently, Singapore is a business haven with lots of international companies and entrepreneurs set for a global digital transformation, and they need branding and digital marketing services. Having the right brand image is crucial to outshine competitors and reach target consumers effectively.

At this point, it is essential to know the top 25 best branding agencies in Singapore; you can easily hire to meet your company branding needs in Singapore. These companies have their different brands, and most of them have proved their relevance beyond a reasonable doubt and as such have sizeable market shares in the Singaporean branding industry. Remember, your company brand is how consumers feel about your company. It is how much they trust your company and willing to spread a word or two to refer your company business. How secure is your company brand? Hire an agency among these top 25 best branding agencies in Singapore and begin to reap the benefits of an established brand; it’s overwhelming.

#1. Creativeans Pte

Creativeans Pte is a branding consultancy firm based in Singapore with branches in Jakarta and Milan. They objectively help make company brands enduring and outstanding. They solve creative and strategic challenges and will meet the branding needs of your company. The offer services ranging from branding, product design, business innovation, service design, communication design, and so much more. Creativeans Pte has cut a niche for themselves in the Singaporean business and branding industry and as such earned a slot on this list of the 25 top best branding agencies in Singapore.

#2. Vantage Branding

Here is a vibrant branding agency in Singapore. They are known for their branding prowess featuring business branding and graphic designs. They have proven graphical concepts that help business brands grow higher. They offer distinguished business branding services with innovative slogans to match. They deliver quality integrated services in Singapore, and their marketing solutions are top-notched. Hire them and be sure to get value for branding. Some of its most celebrated works include business strategy development, imagination, and branding insights that lead to high-quality in-demand branding products and services. Give them a chance to uplift your business brand among your competitors.

#3.Carbon Interactive

This agency is ranked to be among the bests in Singapore. They recently received recognized for their marketing results as well as innovativeness in 2018. It is also known for helping and making business brands to shine and thrive within Singapore and its neighboring nations. They are vast with website design and management, digital marketing and social media brand-boosting campaigns,  among others. Among their clients are Singapore Polytechnic, Paper One, StarCruise, Grand Prix and a lot more.

#4.DW branding agency

Consider hiring DW branding agency for their physical and digital branding designs, advertising strategies, and integrated deliveries. They are one of the unique and reinventing branding agency in Singapore in the past couple of years, and they are blazing and adding more accolades. They help you improve your brand by taking off the burden of branding, advertising and social media perceptions about your business brand. They can innovatively take your business to the next level if you are willing. Other creative services they offer include business exhibition designs, visual communication expos, customer-interactive experience, web designing and management, and many other compelling ideas.

In Singapore, DW agency has quite an extensive experience in the design and branding industry. The agency has worked with top tier companies including; Hilton worldwide, Lexus, Singapore Airlines, Bosch, and DHL. DW agency offers high-quality services with packages for companies depending on their industry. They have acquired different experience in sectors including travel and tourism industry, engineering and maritime, as well as science and technology. They are close to perfect choice if your company belong to any of the above sectors.

#5. Highspark agency

We have another efficient Branding agency in Singapore. Highspark agency is focused on powerful branding results. They are affably the best experts in messaging, visuals, and branding. The company is devoted to helping you pinpoint the uniqueness in your brand and communicate it visually in graphics and words. Their technical team is highly experienced and has worked with some of the top corporate companies in and around Singapore. Their services boost brands and their marketing. Among the services they offer include commercial branding, video production, animation services, landing page designs, infographic branding, and commercial photography services.

#6. MediaOne

MediaOne Branding Agency is a Singapore based company specialized in social media and digital marketing. They are a favorite brand committed to developing the brand of other businesses. The agency has worked with numerous clients across all the business sectors hence; suitable for branding engagement. Their branding expertise will make a difference in assisting your company to achieve outstanding results. MediaOne Branding team comprises of experienced talents and individuals with creative ideas that help turn around your business brand in Singapore. MediaOne has proven records from utilized collective intelligence in uplifting and promoting global brands.

#7. Adwright branding agency   

Here is an established branding agency with integrated branding services. The digital agency has been in operation for two decades, and more and they have rich branding experience. They churn out high profile brands from their branding team, and their integrated solutions are topnotch. Adwright branding agency offers marketing solutions and competitive branding designs. Their branding services are among the best, and they collaborate with other companies from time to time to produce strategic brand assets.

#8. DDB Worldwide Singapore

DDB Worldwide branding agency is a collection of branding and advertising experts. The agency features a scheme of creativity to improve the brand of every company that hires them. Their timeliness and delivery of services are most exceptional and outstanding. A close breakdown of their services is not limited to creative development, brand identity, digital publishing, audiovisual advertisement publishing, advertisement publishing on periodicals and journals, web design and management, and so much more. DDB Worldwide branding agency has e-commerce platforms and a reliable team of business professionals to ensure your brand development.

#9. Dentsu Aegis Singapore

Here is a truly global communication agency for business branding. Dentsu Aegis agency is innovative and creative in their services, and their offers are fantastic. They pride in quality content creation, dynamic website designs, marketing analytics, advertising, graphic designs, business brand tracking, and search engine optimization. Besides, they have other specific network brands that are used for particular projects ~ Vizeum, iProspect, Carat, and  Isobar. Dentsu Aegis agency has very competent branding professionals who work dedicatedly as a team to create the best branding solutions for businesses. Hiring them will yield high returns.

#10. The Cresset Technologies

They are a leading agency to ensure your business is revived and back to productive ways again. They deliver their services via Social media marketing, Brand building, Entertainment Marketing, and Consumer Engagement. They also offer services that cover copies, slogans, and innovative photos. Their teams and units know how to analyze businesses to deliver what branding methods that would work best in any competitive circumstance. The works of Cresset Technologies is mostly powered by spontaneity, passion, enthusiasm, and ingenuity. They believe that high-quality images increase trust, credibility, loyalty, and reliability. They are among the leading agencies in the Singaporean branding industry.

#11. Global Dot Com Pte

They are a leading branding company in Singapore. They empower their client companies by building vibrant and distinctive brands via campaigns and effective marketing. They resourcefully help company brands grow in popularity, attract referrals and sales leads, and generate sales and patronage. With the combination of the best web technology, innovation, and creative agency-client partnership, Global Dot Com has transformed so many brands to household names locally, and globally. They have experience and indebt knowledge of vast branding services including integrated brand strategy, digital brand touch points, brand solutions, and consumer data analysis. They create brand solutions for start-ups, SMEs, and multi-national corporations to suit their budget and ambitions.

#12. Bartle Bogle Hegarty Agency

BBH Asia is a brand strategy company known for improving business brands. They engage in creative development, consumer analytics, brand identity, and digital publishing. They have been rated among the top five branding agencies in the world and top three in Singapore, and their results are proving these ratings. Their core service is the development and actualization of brand strategies using results from consumer targets, unique insights, opinions, tools, and workforce.  Their team of professionals is top-rated with profiled results and recognition.

#13. Epsilon Singapore

Here is a digital marketing agency vast with experience in web design development, advertising, brand consulting, marketing and lead generation, brand strategy, and profiting. They are unique in their services and has been in the branding industry for over two decades helping many fortune 500 companies grow their brands and making profits. They help brands build on a long term basis via creative campaigns across platforms. They possess a good balance of a professional team and advanced technology. Their marketing insights are unique and help to solve business branding problems and enhancing brands to be bigger. For good ROI, they are an agency for hiring considerations.

#14. Evolve Digitas

They are a full-service digital marketing and advertising agency that specializes in creating and conducting social media research and digital campaigns across the web. They believe in innovative and creative thinking to get a working methodology and brilliant execution. They create results of high-quality with standards so high when hired. They conceive, design, modify and manage high-quality interactive websites and apps for companies and businesses. They are the agency to go to if you must take your company branding to another level.

#15. Super Union

Here is an integration of five branding agencies with over 100 years of experience. Super Union is a collection of Brand Union’s global advertising influence and strategic strength, the creative reputation of The Partners, the identity and motion graphics expertise of Lambie-Nairn, Addison’s corporate audience analytics, and the digital content delivery of VBAT. Super Union is the branding agency of the century. They offer brilliantly designed services to promote client businesses and brands to prominence. You can also reach them for brand activation, strategic branding, identity branding, brand packaging, and premium advertising.

#16. Click TRUE

They are an online branding agency providing graphics and digital marketing services. They have a vast wealth of experience in terms of web analytics, search engine optimization (SEO), web consultancy analytics, digital marketing, and consumer behavior analytics.  Click TRUE help business brands innovate, strategize and implement recommended branding strategies. Their hardworking team of passionate thinkers includes technologists, graphics experts, storytellers, and brand marketers. They collectively collaborate to promote your brand to your desired consumers. Hiring the expertise of the Click True team is result guaranteed for your branding campaign.

#17. Grey Agency Singapore

Grey is an integrated branding and advertising agency with dexterity in diverse marketing disciplines. They believe in conceptualization to achieve set branding goals. They have enthusiastic professionals vast with effective branding skills to raise the brand value of organizations as well as a shift in perception. They mostly don’t wait around for their clients to tell them what their client’s business and brand need. Grey Advertising innovate branding solutions from insights, cutting-edge creativity, consumer analytics, and patterns.

#18. SGK Singapore

A unique branding agency with a team of graphic design and branding professionals. They work together creatively as they set to uplift the brand of their clients. They constantly improvise old and new ways in exciting fashions to bring about satisfaction and meet the expectations of their clients. They are a high-quality brand in the Singaporean branding industry and their services always stand out. SGK Branding agency opens its services to all businesses and companies that desire to improve their brand irrespective of size or industrial sector.

#19. VMW Group

They are a collective of visual thinkers. They have one of the most exceptional creative 3D advertising team with experience and competence to produce high-quality CG artwork, visualizations, and 3D renderings. They are vast in the production of print and digital media for their clients among others. As the leading branding agency in Singapore, VMW group is dedicated to providing unique solutions for setting apart the brands of their clients amidst competition and business challenges. They know how to articulate your business brand message to resound in the minds of your customers to improve your brand acceptability and recognition. Their team of experts are versatile and excellent; hence; they always meet the rigid and flexible demands of their repeated and referred clients. Hiring their expertise would yield excellent branding outcomes including corporate communication, technical analysis, quality branding, advertising designs, and marketing.

#20. IIE branding agency

IIE stands for Image Is Everything. They are a brand committed to working closely with clients to innovate the best solutions and results via a combination of traditional PR and effective branding programs. They are a PR brand dedicated to grooming and sustaining the positive public perception of their clients’ brand. They understand the power of images, and they know how to explore it in building relationships between their clients and consumers. At IIE, they believe in the use of quality branding strategies to help clients with failing brands to revive their brands. They are passionate about success so; they are always excited to see their client brands succeeding in the competitive markets. They are excellent at what they do via quality market research, logo designs, brand communications, brand identity, and values.

#21. Arcade Agency

Arcade Agency is a digital marketing and advertising agency based in Singapore. They play a unique role in promoting small and medium business brands having collaborated with an extensive network of companies globally. Arcade Agency helps these brands thrive in competitive business environments across different industries. If you hire them, they will make your company’s brand prominent in a little or less time. Arcade Agency is a successful business partner to IKEA, Google, McDonald’s, and Unilever. Their services are not limited to data analytics, media planning, sales promotion, digital interactive, marketing, and advertisements. They will help your brand find its feet in your industry and crawl into the minds of your target customers by engaging them via product demonstration, storytelling and more.

#22. TBWA Singapore

They are an award-winning branding and advertising agency in Singapore with a vision to reviving and helping business brands shine. TBWA Singapore has successfully collaborated with several companies over the years to bring about unique branding products. They are vast in audio-visual advertisements, graphic and web designs, sales promotion, event marketing, and effective branding services.

#23. Elite Biz Hub Pte

The Elite Biz Hub is another Singaporean branding agency that creates positive results for their clients. Their practical outcomes have given them status as a result-oriented branding agency. They offer to improve and optimize corporate framework, business growth, implement sustainable solutions, and strategic foresightedness.

#24. CHIC Global design

Founded in 2008, CHIC Global is an autonomous and integrated design agency, committed to premium and visionary brands. With branches located in Singapore, Dubai, London, and Paris, the CHIC Global Design team comprise of small cross-cultural groups of more than sixty people. They have the advantage of large production studios where they create 3D renderings, digital imaging, and creative photography. At CHIC Global design, creativity and curiosity are assets for vibrant branding delivery. Hiring them guarantees high-quality product designs, art creation, Graphic Designs, and advanced  Image and Art Direction.

#25. Lively Green Pte

Lively Green is a strategic branding agency with large consultancy in building great branding architecture. They create engaging brand designs, and they vastly help corporate companies, small businesses, startups, and entrepreneur. They provide long term pragmatic solutions helping company brands achieve set goals, attract more customers and consumers, as well as boost their marketing, sales, and advertising.

In all, you need to engage the best branding agency for your company or business if you must achieve set goals and standards in Singapore. I understand if you feel choosing the best agency might be an issue, but going through the list a second time would go a long way.  Consider a branding agency that will deliver expected results with high standards and not too expensive a budget. An agency with vast experience would go a long way, especially one with commitment and excellent services. Most of the above agencies are innovative with business branding ranging from small portfolios to huge ones. So, take heed and hire an agency now that will bring about all the benefits of branding at an affordable budget in Singapore.

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