Top 10 Chat Apps to Engage with Your Website Visitors

Top 10 Chat Apps to Engage with Your Website Visitors

The internet has built a powerful communication web in the modern world. Only those who know the importance of communication will thrive in the age of quick interaction. Undoubtedly, the following words of Joel Osteen can be quoted as a modern communication strategy.

“One can change his world by changing his words.”

Similarly, you can change the fortune of your business in today’s world through communication. Don’t be surprised to know that 42% of consumers feel that websites should have instant chat options for quick assistance.

So if you are planning to add a live chat system in your site, have a look at our 10 topmost chat apps for user engagement.

1. LiveAgent

LiveAgent offers several communication options for its users. It has a simple design and contains the options of live chat, social media support, and email. Along with several communication options, it’s super fast alert feature helps your agents respond quickly.

LiveAgent also provides a super friendly chat system that can be customized according to the needs of your website.

Let’s have a quick look at the super cool features of this fantastic app.

  • Real-time view of typing
  • Stores history
  • Ring-to-all notifications
  • Automated invitations to visitors
  • Monitoring of influx of visitors

2. Drift

Drift provides consumer-driven chatting solutions to its users. It allows them to communicate with their site visitors and their peers at the same time. Quick action marketing teams can take their communication to the next level by using it’s diverse communication channels.

Drift also allows you to customize the communication process to meet the needs of your business.

Let’s discuss discover the friendly features of this interactive chat app.

  • Fast-track chat
  • Track record of your performance
  • Several communication channels in a single app

3. SmartSupp

SmartSupp is a user-friendly channel to interact with your visitors. It provides a free of cost service to manage your online sales and marketing efforts. This fantastic app complies smartly with online stores and all kinds of websites to provide an excellent experience.

SmartSupp also has special features to record the response time of your agents. These features help the marketing teams in designing their consumer interaction strategies.

Let’s check the long list of excellent features of this communication marvel.

  • Instant push notifications for consumer messages
  • Screen recording of keyboard and mouse gestures
  • Addition of conditional responses and FAQs
  • Customized settings for site adaptation
  • Track record of consumer behavior

4. PureChat

PureChat is a freeware that helps you in managing your consumer support service team. It contains necessary features for smooth interaction with visitors.

PureChat also maintains a track record of consumer interaction and monitors them for better consumer experience. You can integrate PureChat with e-commerce and social media platforms to engage with your targeted audience, as well.

Let’s explore the user engagement capabilities of PureChat.

  • Customization of the chat panel
  • Change in color and font of the chat panel
  • Preserves chat history
  • Quick response for FAQs
  • User-friendly interface

5. LivePerson

LivePerson is one of the prime providers of real-time consumer interaction services. It allows marketing and sales agents to communicate instantly with visitors. It allows the inclusion of different chatting platforms into your communication network.

Let’s discover the fabulous functions of LivePerson.

  • Instant voice call services
  • Multiple user track record system
  • A comprehensive live chat system with the inclusion of various platforms
  • Customization of the live chat system by using LivePerson’s Bot Studio
  • Built-in templates for easy customization of your chat system

6. Olark

If you have some unique ideas about your live chat system, then Olark is your best mate. Olark allows you to customize and experiment with the slight details of your chat system. It observes consumer engagement and helps you in customizing your chat system according to the webpages.

Olark has some fantastic features which stand out among other live chat systems.

Let’s check out these exciting features.

  • Paid live chat system
  • The option of pre-chat surveys
  • Automated messages
  • In-depth analysis and comprehensive reporting of consumer behavior
  • Third-party CRMs
  • Analytical tools
  • Record of past consumer engagements

7. SnapEngage

SnapEngage is equipped with HIPAA compliant features, which makes it an ideal choice for health and fitness sites. You can store the medical history of patients by using HIPAA.

SnapEngage works particularly on speeding up the interaction process to generate more leads. Along with the personalization of the chat system, you can also monitor the various output of your efforts.

Let’s dive into more fantastic features of SnapEngage.

  • Designed to assist health organizations
  • Optimization of communication with patients
  • Smooth customization and management of consumer engagements
  • Synchronization of leads
  • Bot technology
  • Omnichannel experience

8. LiveChat

LiveChat is a paid service that scales up the communication level of your business. You can use a 14-day free trial to give it a try. Its instant communication channel helps you in converting potential leads into qualified leads. You can also send consumer data to CRM and process payment of your orders via LiveChat.

Let’s explore more excellent features of the LiveChat app.

  • Customization Tool
  • Agent Monitoring
  • Chat storage in different archives
  • Personalized surveys for data collection
  • Detailed reporting

9. Zendesk Chat

Zendesk chat was initially launched as Zopim. It helps the entrepreneurs to engage with their audience in real-time. Users pay nominal charges to use fantastic Zenedesk services.

Zendesk has built-in default services that are good enough to fulfill the needs of any business. However, a little adjustment in settings can provide a more personalized experience.

Let’s find out more about the beneficial features of Zendesk chat.

  • Comprehensive chat analytics
  • Integration with various web developer services
  • Multichannel experience

10. Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQ provides real-time consumer engagement services to the thriving companies. You are allowed the course of your live chat system predefine.

Zoho salesIq monitors the behavior pattern of the consumers and helps you to respond strategically.

Let’s have a look at more exciting features of Zoho SalesIq.

  • Set follow up tasks
  • Segmentation of visitors
  • The performance record of your agents
  • Customized chatbots for 24/7 consumer engagement

Bottom Line

These are undoubtedly the ten best apps to make your business a big hit. You can choose the best real-time chat solution to fit your needs.

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