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Link Building

What is Link Building and How Can it Benefit SEO?

In SEO, what is link building? Is it advantageous? How do you create links? In this post, you’ll find all the answers!

More than ever before, SEO has become essential. With the epidemic beginning in 2020, an increasing number of companies are turning their attention to digital marketing. Businesses have started to recognise the various advantages of SEO to enhance sales and online conversions.

A key SEO tactic for giving your website a high ranking is link development. Continue reading to learn more about link building and SEO.

What is Link Building in SEO?

Link building is the practice of obtaining pertinent connections to your website from other external websites. A hyperlink or link allows you to move between various websites.

To raise the exposure level of a particular website, link building helps by increasing the number of high-quality links leading toward this website. In search engine results, this would help the website rank higher.

A search engine will crawl through both the external website and the website to which a hyperlink has been added. These connections enable search engines to browse the internet.

There are two important categories of links: internal and external. For example, when you add a link to one of your sites that directs users to another page on the same website, you are using an internal link.

External/outbound links are those that lead from your website to a third-party website or the other way around.

When you focus on both of these sorts of links, your link building can become successful. Links can be added to specific phrases or even images on a website.

Often people confuse link building and backlinking to be the same. But there is a difference between them. Link building includes a section of backlinking. Backlinking is an SEO tactic used to obtain “links” from other websites with high domain authority that are pertinent to your business.

The Top 10 Link Building Techniques for SEO

These are the best link building techniques for SEO.

Guest Posting

To obtain a hyperlink, it is crucial to write an article for a website that is authoritative and related to your subject. The website must be genuine and pertinent to your intended audience. Additionally, your content must benefit the website. You can boost traffic and generate high-quality leads by doing this.

Inserting Links

Link insertion is another technique for link building in SEO. In contrast to guest blogs, you can include links to other websites that already have material on this page. No content has to be written for your link.

Utilising Social Media

Make use of social media to your benefit. Get more involved in social media, as millennials and Generation Xers are particularly active users. You may add Swipe-up links to your blogs or websites. Your visibility will improve as a result of the rise in interaction. You may then direct visitors from your social media accounts to your website.

Quality Domain Authority Websites

Your resource links must come from reputable, high-quality websites. There are resource pages on authoritative websites like Forbes India and Times of India that you might consult. If they are reliable and genuine, you may also identify domains that are related to your subject. Avoid visiting spammy websites.

Employ Infographics

A diagrammatic depiction of information is what an infographic is. Making infographics like pie charts, tables, or diagrams that are highly helpful to readers and providing them with bite-sized knowledge is a terrific tactic.

If your infographic has the potential to show up in the Google image search bar and be utilised by other sites, you might receive credit in the form of a link.

Strategy for Broken Links

This link-building tactic is to look for pages with dead links (links that no longer function) and then recommend replacing them with links to articles on your website. This is a great tactic since it benefits both parties involved by creating a win-win situation.

Learn What Your Rival is Doing

Find out what a rival is doing and whether a tactic is working for them, then try to recreate their approach. Contact a comparable external source that would be happy to post your links if the links on that particular site are functioning.

Specialist Forums

In specialised forums like HARO(Help A Reporter Out), lots of link exchanges take place alongside the content pieces.

Content Promotion

Another effective method for link development in SEO is to write blogs, articles, and content pieces for your website that contain internal links.

Press Statement

Press release link building is an established SEO tactic that has historically improved website results. However, only no-follow links are now permitted in press releases, which have less of an SEO impact but can still be used as a technique.

What are SEO Link Building Benefits?

The following are some significant benefits of link building for search engine optimisation:

Increase in Authority

Having a consistent link-building approach is the ultimate objective of link development, which is to stand out from the competitors. Link development contributes to credibility, helping your target audience to view you as a reliable brand or business.

Permanent Referral Traffic

A link on a reputable website can guarantee ongoing referral traffic in the long run. Instead of focusing on quantity, it’s critical to have high-quality backlinks. One backlink from an authoritative domain is preferable to ten links from questionable sources.

Social Media Presence

Many brands lament their stagnation after a certain point. You may guide traffic to your social media platforms by sharing links to them through link building. Visibility on social media will rise as a result.

Improved Visibility in Search Engines

The Google site crawlers like links with both quality and quantity. It may significantly assist to raise ranks when your website has excellent external connections, which will increase your exposure.

Aid in Boosting Website Traffic

Your rankings are aided by backlinks, which increase your website’s exposure. Your website will receive more visitors as it rises in the rankings. It will assist in bringing you targeted visitors, which is a fantastic measure of how well your website is performing.

Higher Conversion Rates

Your website traffic will rise with increased visibility, which might result in more conversions.

Improved Website Performance

Building links will have a favourable effect on your SEO metrics. With quality backlinks, your domain ranking, page ranking, etc., will all be on the rise. Additionally, it will help to reduce bounce rates.

Establishing Connections with a Specialized Audience

Link building also enables users to establish a connection with a certain target market. You may establish a long-lasting relationship with this narrow target group, for instance, if you create links on a website for speciality automobiles and point the audience there to your website for niche car repair services.

Increased Credibility

Links are crucial since they help determine the legitimacy of your website because external links can serve as independent indicators of your domain’s authority power. Google wants to deliver the top and most relevant search engine results to its consumers. Your website’s trustworthiness will increase with the number of high-quality connections it receives.

Increased Google Rankings

Backlinks are crucial for ranking on a SERP (search engine result page). Even if your website might have great content, it is quite difficult to rank on Google without backlinks. It is crucial to have more backlinks overall and high-quality ones to outperform your rivals.


We hope that this article has inspired you to start on or refine your own backlinking strategy. However, there are a lot of myths related to backlinking which you should be aware of before you start implementing your plan.

Last but not least, refrain from purchasing links if you want to have actual success with link development. The links you purchase may even turn out to be ineffective over time; you won’t even know if they will function until after you’ve paid for them.

Instead, try to gain referrals through high authority websites, even if it will take more time. Increase your (high-quality) content marketing efforts and include your link building plan in all of your other platforms.

If you need help with developing a winning SEO strategy that includes quality link building, you should engage an experienced digital marketing company. They would ensure they use this SEO tactic efficiently to give you the desired results.