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Why We Think WordPress is Best for Your Website

You may want to consider adopting WordPress for your future website because it is the most widely used platform for publishing websites in the world. WordPress powers 32% of websites worldwide, and its prominence is due to its flexibility and capability to work as the backbone for common blogs, eCommerce websites, and even static web pages.

Anyone may download and use WordPress, which is open-source software that is free to use. WordPress offers the foundation for any type of website imaginable, but does that make it the perfect choice for you? Most likely, if you host your website.

WordPress is not extremely challenging to administer, but inexperienced users could become perplexed should something go wrong. However, those who are already accustomed to administering their own site will have no trouble with that.

9 Reasons Why We Recommend WordPress

Here are 9 reasons why WordPress ought to be the thing to power your upcoming online project if you are a seasoned website owner.

1. There Is Wide Support for WordPress

There’s a good probability that someone else has experienced the same WordPress issues as you. When you need assistance, there are several resources available, including the official forum and WordPress help site, both of which are stocked with helpful information.

Additionally, there are a ton of blogs, YouTube videos, and companies offering specialised support to assist you in your WordPress adventure.

Additionally, many web hosts provide excellent WordPress support sites that offer detailed advice on how to handle the components of WordPress that communicate with the host’s architecture.

2. You Have a Choice of Web Hosts

You can host your website using WordPress, as you’ve undoubtedly worked out by now. For experienced users who don’t like the limitations of, which restrict site changes, this is a significant advantage.

Choosing your host also allows you to switch hosting plans and/or providers as your site’s traffic and storage needs grow.

While any hosting package will be workable at first, several of the big web servers have special packages for WordPress websites. These plans often include features like automatic WordPress updates, and they occasionally also include other services like email marketing. So it pays to browse around for a good WordPress hosting package.

For WordPress-powered websites, we advise Bluehost. In our investigation, it stood out as the best option for WordPress hosting plans, and even WordPress itself recommends it. Other excellent choices you can consider include A2 Hosting and HostGator.

3. Plugins Provide Additional Functions and Improvements

The crowning glory of WordPress is the abundance of plugins it provides, which improves the usability of users’ websites. For example, most WordPress installations already include a plugin to prevent spam comments, and you may add others, like Jetpack, to improve website performance and statistics.

Plugins that add user registration (for websites that want to incorporate visitor memberships), eCommerce support to sell things online, VaultPress for automated backups, and MailChimp to add a newsletter subscription form to your site are a few more choices available to the user.

Numerous premium plugins from private businesses and independent developers may be found among the thousands of free and freemium WordPress plugins.

4. WordPress Is Designed for SEO

WordPress has already been optimised for search engines (SEO). However, plugins might improve the search engine adjustments on your website even more.

Yoast is a well-liked option that can evaluate a new post’s SEO and assist you in increasing the possibility that Google and other search engines will return better results. You may even follow Yoast’s detailed instructions on its website to optimise the SEO of your complete WordPress site.

Yoast is only one of several plugins you may use to improve your SEO strategy. Others, for instance, Google XML Sitemaps, create a sitemap in the XML markup language to improve Google’s ability to understand your website.

5. Themes That are Customisable

Starting with a blank site, a fresh WordPress installation will be created. It will include a straightforward site title, a sample blog post, a space for comments, an archive of previous blog posts, and a few additional elements. It is sufficient to mention that few users would leave their WordPress site in this current state since this will make it too impersonal.

Themes have a role in this. Themes are simple one-click fixes that can dramatically transform the appearance of your website. Additionally, they are personalisable, allowing you to set your selected theme apart from that of the zillions of other people who might also like and use the same design.

There are many free themes available, and a brand-new WordPress installation comes with a few standard options. WordPress also has a themFe marketplace built directly into the content management system, and many web designers are willing to work with you to build a customised theme that meets your needs.

6. WordPress is Free to Use

WordPress gives a ton of customisation possibilities, a ton of support options, and a ton of website capabilities via plugins. It’s an amazing system, and the fundamental foundation is free in two crucial respects.

First off, WordPress is free software with a source code that anybody can access. Anyone with the necessary skills and expertise could, if they so choose, alter it and independently disseminate the source code.

Even though most people won’t even try to look at the code, the fact that anybody can read it and find bugs does motivate WordPress to introduce new features while also making the platform more secure.

Additionally, installing WordPress won’t set you back financially because there aren’t any setup costs or ongoing charges. You only need to download it to own it.

7. Many Web Hosts Provide One-Click Installations

The majority of web providers (like Bluehost and HostGator) provide one-click installations, which makes it incredibly simple to launch your new website. So even while adding plugins and fine-tuning your theme will take some time, getting started is still rather quick and simple.

Most significant web hosting services offer one-click WordPress installations, and there are even specialist VPS providers like Digital Ocean. However, you need to confirm that a one-click WordPress setup is offered before registering for any web hosting service. If not, you’ll be stuck with setting up your MySQL database and getting your LAMP stack ready all on your own.

8. A Website Can Have Multiple Contributors

Adding additional users to an existing website is simple if you want to have many people helping to update it. You can easily add a new user to the Users page after launching the WordPress CMS.

These individuals will then receive their login and password, which administrators can later suspend or delete if they find it necessary. Additionally, you may give people certain responsibilities like being a Contributor, Author, Editor, or Administrator.

To be a Contributor is arguably the best choice for the majority of folks. Others are also welcome to add their posts, but they would be unable to remove or publish them. Although this will require more work from the administrator or editor, it is preferable to open up access to unauthorised users.

9. It’s Protected

WordPress developers and plugin creators work together to make sure that WordPress websites are secure. WordPress places a high priority on security, as seen by the existence of a dedicated security team.

The team aims to strengthen the platform’s security and find and fix any security flaws early on before they cause an issue.

Additionally, plugin developers contribute to the security equation by developing different plugins for diverse security requirements. For example, some might assist you by blocking spam comments, removing viruses, and defending your website against brute force attacks, while others could do the same with website backups, two-factor authentication, and enforcement of secure password policies.

The Conclusion

We hope that after reading this article, you will see the importance of WordPress. For the very reasons we listed, WordPress is the most popular website-building platform worldwide. It is cost-free, incredibly adaptable, and simple to use.

You should make use of the numerous resources available to you to assist in learning about WordPress. You may create the website of your dreams in no time if you put enough effort into exploring, learning, and experimenting.

So if you are looking to develop your website, do reach out to the digital marketing experts who can help you not only make a user-friendly website but also an SEO-friendly site to help it rank higher in any search engine.