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6 Best Social Media Platforms for Marketing

A storefront alone will not help you garner attention in the marketing world. You have to do what it takes to make people want to see what your business offers. The best thing about the digitised world is that you have the means to market your business in every possible way.

But that’s only when you use the right set of tools in the right way. For example, you shouldn’t pick a random social media platform that you find easy to use to market your business. Instead, you should do your research to find the social media platform that fits your business needs.

Of course, there are constant changes in the algorithms and rankings, but it still does its duty to showcase your business to the right audience. While it’s possible to use free plans and organic marketing techniques to boost your business, it’s not enough. The competition is high, so should your effort.

In 2021, around 75% of customers from Gen Z and 48% of millennials made their purchasing decisions based on social media ads.

So it doesn’t matter whether you’re running a small or large-scale business, but what matters is your marketing! We’ll discuss six powerful social media platforms you should consider if you want to reach the right audience and increase your sales conversions.

6 Powerful Social Media Platforms For Marketing

Social media platforms for marketing can increase your engagement with the customers, promote your brand, and gather feedback.

However, it is vital to pick the right social media platform that would work best for your business as many platforms and even more are being launched every year.

Before you go ahead and create an account, try to look at other business pages and get an idea of how they are using the social media platforms to profit from them. However, you can’t plan your business’s social media marketing techniques and methods by just checking other business pages.

But you’ll definitely get an idea. So before you test the waters, here are some platforms you must know:


Facebook is one of the topmost widely used social media platforms globally, with over two billion users, it’s not surprising. With many Facebook users, this social media platform is great for marketing.

People of various age groups use Facebook so your business can target a diverse set of audiences. This might help you decide the type of customers you want.

It is easier to find businesses on Facebook. People can discover businesses nearby and connect with the pages by simply following or liking the page. In addition, people get updates as the business pages post content.

By using a Facebook business page, you can announce events, live streams, hold discussions, and update milestones.

Facebook allows you to create personal accounts and business pages specifically designed to promote your business. They make things super easy for you, which means Facebook is doing their marketing and business right. You’ve got a lesson there — give what your customers come looking for.

Facebook helps you increase exposure and find the people that turn into sales


Instagram is a social media platform widely used by the young generation. As it is more popular among the younger crowd, it is one of the best social media platforms for marketing.

The photos and videos you use on Instagram can also be shared on various other social media platforms as it integrates with Facebook and Twitter accounts. This helps your business reach a wider audience.

To have a higher reach on Instagram, you need to be creative, as photos and videos do well on this social media platform.

You can also get the help of a social media agency to create content to connect with audiences across social media platforms. These agencies specialise in what they do, knowing how and what content would work for your business.

Instagram also has the highest engagement rate and organic reach between brands and users making it one of the most influential platforms for shopping.


LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms for marketing as it is professional and dealt with formally.

Instead of reaching customers directly, you can connect with companies for marketing on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is beneficial for businesses as it generates leads and drives website traffic. You can also market using the ads.

While you market your business, you can also create a vast network of connections. You wouldn’t realise the benefit of having a solid network unless there comes a need.


Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms on the internet. It is providing its users with informative content.

You can use Twitter to advertise and promote your products to grow your business. Sharing information and starting conversations about your business is effortless when done on Twitter.

You may see a different type of audience on Twitter compared to Facebook and Instagram, but you’ll definitely not regret having your business on Twitter. Your followers can share Tweets, allowing your business to reach a greater audience through their shares.


Youtube is known for being the best social media platform for content. All kinds of content do well on youtube, and the number of users is high compared to other media platforms.

Not many people are aware that businesses can promote their products and services through youtube. Videos can be created and uploaded to promote a product or brand to gain more exposure.

New audiences can be reached through this social media platform by creating videos that include product reviews and advertising. This makes youtube one of the best social media platforms for marketing.

Youtube videos can also be shared across various other platforms and appear in Google search results to promote your business much faster. But you shouldn’t forget that your videos won’t just appear. You have to do many things to make it happen—for example, SEO.


Pinterest is a platform to discover new ideas and explore. It is used for visual content, and you can save and share what inspires you and shop for products.

Pinterest helps you to create brand awareness and increase sales. It definitely is one of the best social media platforms for marketing as it is a visual platform attracting people in large numbers every day.

However, you need to maintain boards regularly and create visual content to reach users and promote your business.


The critical thing to remember is that social media platforms help you connect and communicate better with your audience.

Regardless of which social media platform you use, understanding the concept and implementing the correct method is crucial.

These six best social media platforms aren’t new, but you wouldn’t have thought of testing all of them for your business’s marketing. So now is the time!

You can also contact a digital marketing agency to chalk out an effective social media as well as a digital marketing strategy for your needs.