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There’s no hassle with a Google Adwords campaign as long as it’s done the right way. your work is to take a seat, relax on it and see your website’s traffic increase remarkably and leads trickling in. we have seen many people approach us as they seek to find out why they are not getting the desired results from their Google Adwords. Adwords can be confusing and ineffective if not used appropriately.

On the other hand, a well-implemented Google Adwords campaign might be all that your business needs to stay ahead of the competition by getting top ranks on relevant search results. Relevance is emphasized here. Your Adwords campaign should distinguish relevant clicks from the irrelevant ones.

There’s one thing that you need to understand. Google Adwords works and that makes it very effective. However, for an Adword campaign to work and become effective, it requires an expert with in-depth knowledge of various tools, analytics and tactics that Google needs and uses for rankings. With the knowledge, one can create a solid, highly-performing Google Adwords campaign that doesn’t only bring traffic to a website but also increases sales leads and closed sales.

A winning campaign that exclusively reaches target buyers

How would you feel if you all over sudden manage to connect to clients who are ready to buy your products without having to deal with people who pretend to buy but end up purchasing nothing? That sounds unbelievable and unreal, doesn’t it? But that’s all possible, thanks to Google Ads. Our experts have the capability of making it happen as they possess in-depth knowledge and skills concerning the most effective ways of targeting only the motivated buyers.

Perhaps you are afraid of paying for clicks that don’t bring sales but worry no more-you have us to help you get the best from your campaign. Our Google Adwords experts will help you minimize the ads expenses and experience an upsurge of your business’ earnings.

Our specialists will use their expertise to establish what your target clients search for and this knowledge will help us identify and suggest to you the search terms that will deliver consistent sales. In as such, you’ll only spend on Adwords that result in long-term and reliable sales.

Nevertheless, at DMS, our Google experts understand keywords can’t be depended on solely for a killer campaign. Effective messaging also comes in handy as it can have much influence on the triggers of emotions which result in buying decisions. Therefore, we produce landing pages with high conversions and catchy/appealing sales copies to improve your quality score by using a super-effective keyword, messaging and geo-targeting combination. With that done, you rest assured of persistent optimization without you having even to lift a finger.
Through constant metric monitoring, we are able to make small adjustments to our strategy throughout your campaign period in order to ensure that it delivers the best possible results.

Great partnerships for your optimal advantage

We have digital technology allies who you can count on to achieve your sales targets easily irrespective of your website’s needs. Our partners are the best in their relevant digital technology sectors and so, you and we are confident that they can provide you the best help as far as boosting of sales are concerned.

We focus on SEO, pay-per-click and social media marketing, while our partners focus specialised on other aspects of digital marketing such as web design and development, conversion rate optimization (CRO) and content marketing. Make sure that each approach that you use for the online visibility of your business is optimized for optimum conversions, leads and search result rankings.

We partner with the best in the world.


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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the questions that we get from our customers. The questions and their respective answers from us will assist you to make the most prudent and well-informed decision. Read on them.

Google Adwords is prominent due to the remarkable results it brings about to businesses. Through the advertising service, you are able to reach customers who have purchase power and prepared to buy your products. The outcomes are plainly evident. Google ads enjoy high visibility and so, effective for the improvement of a brand’s exposure. Not only that; the advertising service produces clicks like crazy.

Hey! That’s not even enough for Adwords. About two-thirds of people who are in search of products online and are prepared to purchase, click on paid ads-fact. Therefore, if you target an Adword correctly to the relevant audience, you should brace yourself to see an upsurge of genuine sales in your business.

The chances of people who access your website by clicking on Google Adwords buying your products are 50% higher as compared to those who reach the site by clicking through organic search. Also, according to Google studies, properly targeted Adwords can increase your brand’s awareness by up to 80%.

Perhaps you want to see the real-life examples of the effectiveness of Adwords. Well, Archie Rose Distilling Co, a distillery based in Sydney, is a perfect example. The company utilized highly optimized pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns targeting ready-to-buy clients with irresistible products. As a result, the paid return on investment (ROI) of the company grew by 500%.

Vet Shop Australia is also a great beneficiary of PPC. The business had its conversion rate increase by 220% after using customized campaigns for timely capturing of customers at the appropriate place.

We also saw the click-through rate increase by 1,000% while the transactions had a remarkable increase of 40%. That’s crazy ROI! Isn’t it?
An edu-tech company also benefited from our custom PPC campaigns. For each dollar that the company spent on the advertising service, it (the business) got a return of $10.

It is as a result of such benefits that Google Adwords remain to be a much-preferred advertising approach amongst many businesses irrespective of their sizes and types. In case you want to target local consumers Google Adwords’ geo-targeting will be an effective approach. On the other hand, short-term paid ads come in handy for sales generation when you are having a quick promotion.

However, you ought to remember that a simple click-through-rate (CTR) upgrade or cutting down on cost-per-click (CPC) might lead to better and solid outcomes even if PPC is giving you “good” results. regular optimization is recommended.

That explains why the creation of a solid and ultra-effective Adwords campaign which will not only cause traffic increase but also skyrocket sales needs an expert who’s well knowledgeable about Google’s tools and analytics. Since you are required pay for each click of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, it is important to see that the majority, if not all, of your clicks, translate to sales.

Nevertheless, it is worth bearing in mind that you can’t learn PPC within a day. Also, you can easily find yourself lost in case you don’t have adequate navigation knowledge. In as such, it is crucial that you get Google Adwords experts to help you create hyper-targeted campaigns that solely focus on ready-to-buy customers while ignoring the tyre kickers.

You shouldn’t let non-converting clicks take your hard-earned money. In case you want an effective advertising campaign, you should ensure that you use a tactic that discriminates relevant clicks from the irrelevant ones.

The ultimate goal is to earn more by spending less.

Nevertheless, a Google Adwords campaign is likely to fails due to numerous reasons. One of the reasons is something to do with landing pages. Even if everything is right with your campaign and you are getting leads, your visitors will just leave without purchasing your products if your landing page doesn’t have a powerful call to action. With a landing page that doesn’t convert visitors to buyers, you will only have a great CPC but no significant sales increase.

Other difficulties related to the campaign could be a bit more complex. Perhaps you aren’t weeding out the irrelevant searches as a result of failure to use negative keywords appropriately. Or perhaps you are using one-size-fits-all for your campaign by using a single ad for your entire target audience instead of using particular messaging which is relevant to specific consumers. Also, it could be that you are not doing timely data monitoring to optimize your adverting tactics throughout your campaign period.

In short, there are so many hurdles that can make your Google Adwords campaign fail to give you your dream results. However, you can avoid all these obstacles by engaging Google Adwords experts.

At Digital Marketing Singapore, we are not just ordinary Google Adwords specialists; we ensure that each Google Adwords campaign that passes through our hands surpasses the basics. We are the experts you can confidently count on for the creation of high conversion landing pages as well as top-notch sales copies. With Digital Marketing Singapore by your side, you can relax knowing that you have experts who are taking care of the monitoring of your metrics for continuous optimization throughout your campaign period.

Google Adwords is an excellent approach to attracting online traffic quickly. Search engine optimization is ideal for long-term results, but Adwords wins when you want to achieve high-converting results faster.

The secret behind the fast Adwords results is audience targeting. The advertising service puts your business in front of the relevant audience at the time they are ready for purchase. In as such, you can realize an insanely high ROI.

Searches on Google are mainly done by people who intend to purchase something. These people are mostly in the market using keywords that are relevant to the products that they are looking for. For instance, if a person searches for keywords “hairdresser Sydney”, he/she possibly intends to get an appointment in Sydney in the near future.

With Google Adwords, you can easily set the locality to which you’d like your ad to be visible. As a result, the ad will be exclusively visible to people in that location. In case of the above keywords, you can set the ad to Sydney so that only the people in the location will be able to see it. Besides location setting, you can also narrow your target audience further by limiting your ad to a particular language, time and access devices, among other factors.

This ‘discrimination’ is the secret behind the success of Google Adwords. The ad settings allow you to connect only to those people who are looking and intend to buy your products right when your ad is visible to them. Actually, according to Hubspot, approximately 65% of people who click on Google ads don so when they intend to purchase products online.
One of the best things about a Google Ad is that you only pay for it when a person clicks on it. This happens when the person searches for your bid keywords and end up clicking on your ad. This is unlike other ads which require an advertiser to pay for even if nobody views or clicks on their ads.

Google Adwords is simply a super-brilliant marketing service!

Besides, Google Adwords has high scalability. For instance, if you create an insanely converting campaign and increase your pay-per-click budget, your sales leads and profits will shoot in response.

Google Adwords also allows you to test and establish that which will work for your advertising campaign and you can apply this knowledge to the rest of digital marketing strategies. For instance, if you identify a high-performance ad copy or message, you can use them to tune-up your website’s content.

As a result, PPC is a great advertising strategy for budding businesses or new product launches. Unlike SEO, the results of PPC are fast. Upon confirming that confirming that it works, you can quickly improve your ROI by scaling up your ad spending. Besides, you’ll be in a position to quickly establish the best keywords and the audiences to pursue SEO, among other digital advertising campaigns.

However, we are not advocating for exclusive use of PPC in your campaign. Instead, we recommend that you combine it with other components of your digital marketing strategy as PPC has been found to give best results if used so.

Contact Google Adwords experts to optimize the effectiveness of your online advertising campaign and see your sales revenue shoot like crazy.

Although there might be numerous differences between pay-per-click and SEO, you can use a combination of the powers of each of them for improved marketing results. The two marketing strategies support each other in various ways to help you get your desired marketing results. A synergy of the two leads to increased qualified traffic, better visibility on search engine results pages (SERP) and improved return on investment (ROI).

One thing that you should bear in mind is that, traditionally, pay-per-click doesn’t have any direct effect on SEO. Investing a fortune on Google Adwords doesn’t necessarily translate to better organic results. Again, spending a lot with Google doesn’t guarantee better ranking on the search engine. Paid ads don’t directly affect the ranking of pages by The Search Quality team of Google.

However, SEO and PPC complement each other to produce great results. The results of SEO take a long time before they are realized while those of paid search are seen faster. Therefore, a PPC campaign can help you jumpstart your SEO campaign or achieve more qualified site traffic.
Besides, according to a Google research, people who are in search of products tend to click on an organic listing after seeing a paid ad. The vice versa is also true- searchers who view a highly-ranked organic listing tend to click on the respective brand’s ad link.

Besides, Google established that SEO influences PPC. A website with solid organic search results enjoys high click-through rate for pay-per-click ads appearing on the results page of the same search engine. Therefore, it is important that you use both SEO and PPC in your marketing campaigns.

Another key advantage of having concurrently running PPC and SEO is increased data quantity which can help you to make informed digital marketing decisions. For instance, you can use your PPC campaign results to make more informed decisions concerning your SEO strategies. All you need is to point out a highly performing ad copy and incorporate keyword data in your SEO content plan. This will lead to improved audience engagement.

Although there might be several differences between PPC and SEO as each of them has distinct advantages and drawbacks, a synergy of the two digital marketing tactics can significantly improve the online visibility of your brand and speed up results. The main aim here is to have your digital marketing channels run concurrently since, eventually, customers will need to pass through numerous touch points before they decide to buy and pay for your products.

Perhaps you PPC and SEO quite complex but you don’t need to worry about it as Digital Marketing Singapore is here to make both easy and profitable for you. Our experts have in-depth knowledge about the use of the two digital marketing tactics separately and as a combination to help businesses bang their targets and stay ahead of the competition.

Perhaps you are confident that a PPC campaign will help you get more sales leads and conversions and so, you need it as part of digital marketing, but you aren’t in a position to execute it in-house because your team is inexperienced or extremely busy for work. In as such, you need to hire an agency that will see you get maximum value for each dollar that you spend on a paid ad instead of pumping money in a campaign that won’t give you satisfactory results or none at all. However, you shouldn’t settle on just any PPC but the best one.

So, what should you look in a PPC agency to ascertain that it is the right one? Well, although each agency has its own unique characteristics, there’s one thing that the best agencies share- they are always by their clients’ side to help them achieve the best results from their paid search campaigns.

Therefore, here are some of the things that you ought to look in a PPC agency to know if it’s the best.

To start with, you need to establish the level of experience that an agency possesses. The experience level is not necessarily the number of years that a company has been in operation but rather the depth of its PPC knowledge.

In case you aren’t a PPC specialist, you are most likely wondering how you can tell the extent to which a company understands PPC. The best way to go about it is to look for the company’s case studies showing how they have worked with PPC clients and find out if they helped them (clients) the desired results. Many agencies have these case studies on their websites. In case a company doesn’t provide such case studies, you can contact it and ask for its past PPC statistics, for instance, Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) as well as the overall ROI of the clients who’ve used its pay-per-click service.

Secondly, you should see to find out if the agency is certified by a recognized relevant body. A certification is beyond a logo on the agency’s website. The majority of PPC service platforms such as Google Adwords have their own programs of certifying agencies that work with them. Therefore, such certifications are evidence that their holders (agencies) have in-depth knowledge of how the respective PPC platform works.

Also, if an agency has a PPC certification by a particular platform, it an indication that it is serious with PPC and ready to optimize their tools to help you achieve the best from your advertising campaign. Although there are many PPC certifications, Google and Facebook are the most prominent ones.

Thirdly, you should find out how transparent an agency is. You can’t simply ask an agency if they are transparent or not because their response will be biased. You shouldn’t expect them to talk ill about themselves. Therefore, the best way is to take note of the signs that suggest if the agency is transparent/honest or not. Particularly, establish how the agency reports its clients’ PPC results. Ideally, the results should include leads, sales, CPC, CPA and all that should be clearly visible to clients, including you. You need a transparent company.

You also need to find out how the agent will be communicating with you should you hire them. For instance, you need to ascertain if they’ll be holding regular meetings with you and their willingness to share the PPC methods they use. You should avoid an agency that prevents you from accessing your PPC campaign because they most likely don’t want you to see something unprofessional and unpleasant about their service.

Besides, you need to consider an agency with great work rapport because these are people who’ll be working with for a period. They should be trustworthy and pleasant to interact with because you want experts who’ll blend perfectly with the rest of your business team. Although the first impression can give you a glimpse of the kind of an agency that you are dealing with, it is vital that you get more information about it from other clients who’ve worked with it previously. All in all, the best agency will seek to understand you well and assist you to have a PPC strategy that will bring about your target ROI.

Get in touch with us to find out whether we are your best match.

Sure! Digital Marketing Singapore is proudly a certified Google Partner. But how does the certification affect our clients? Well, before we look at that, let’s see what it means to be a Google Partner.

The majority of PPC platforms have unique certification programs. When it comes to Google AdWords, its certification is divided into numerous categories, each of which focuses on a particular facet of the AdWords platform. The categories include display advertising, shopping advertising, search advertising, mobile advertising as well as video advertising.

Being a certified Google Partner means that we have learned much about Google Ads and possess up-to-date knowledge about the products of Google. The latter is key as Google keeps on changing its products. The effectiveness of your PPC campaign is dependent on the level of up-to-date knowledge that the agent you choose for the advertising service has. When the agency has minimal knowledge, your campaign won’t yield as many results as expected and the reverse is true.

For our Google product knowledge to be confirmed and be awarded the prestigious Google Partner badge, we are required to take and excel in Google Ads product certification exams.

An ultra-effective Adwords campaign that doesn’t only drive-by traffic but also leads to a remarkable and continuous sales increase can only be created by a specialist with up-to-date understanding concerning Google’s tools and analytics. Our Google Adwords certification means that we can device such a campaign.

Our experts create and optimize ads that are visible to your target Google searchers right when they are looking for solutions to their needs. You can count on our advice on what you can do, including keyword strategy formulation and creation of a suitable budget, to come up with a killer campaign.

Based on your in-depth experience with Google Adwords, we can give you the best advice on the right budget for an Adwords campaign that will help you smash your targets. Besides, we can monitor your spending regularly throughout your advertising campaign period to ensure that you don’t lose focus.

Additionally, just like other Google Partners, we are regularly invited to Google training programs and events which are meant to hone our skills. Perhaps, Google Partners will one day seek a one-on-one audience with a Google Account Manager to represent their clients in a discussion on various optimization tactics. Basically, we are like mediators between our clients and Google; passing information between the two.

Being a qualified Google Partner is a convincing indication that we take our Google Adwords services and your success with the seriousness they deserve. The qualification makes you confident that you are dealing with certified Google Adwords specialists. Our knowledge goes beyond the correct use of Google Adwords; we know how to use the advertising service in a manner that’s profitable to you.
We have a wealth of experience in the usage of ad extensions, in-ad site links, negative keywords, ad scheduling, Adwords split-testing and phrase match keywords among other elements of a high-performance Adwords campaign.

However, we aren’t insinuating that agencies without Google Partner certification can’t do a good job. We simply want to show you that unlike us, such agencies don’t have a deep understanding of the tools they use for the promotion of your business.
You can easily tell whether an agency is a Google Partner or not by looking if their website pages feature the Partner badge. The absence of the badge shows you that an agency is not a Google Partner.

In a nutshell, having a Google Partner badge (being a qualified Google Partner) is a proof beyond doubt that an agency has intense mastery of PPC and search marketing. In as such, the agency is the best to count on if you want a killer Adwords campaign that will put your business ahead of its competition.

Work with a Google Certified Partner if you want to take your business a notch higher this year.

The cost of Google Adwords management depends on the goals of a client. Possibly you expected a specific figure for an answer so that you can put it in your advertising budget-we are sorry for disappointing you but it’s for a good reason. Your spending on Google Adwords management will be determined by your business’ goals.

Just like other business activities, you need to invest in PPC it in order to earn from it. In fact, you should see the cost of the advertising service as an investment cost rather than an expense. Evaluate the amount of benefit you get from each dollar that you spend on the service. Usually, the more dollars you spend on the advertising service, the more the business returns. However, it is important to assess of the increase of returns is in pace with the extra spend.

Basically, the more the Adwords investment, the more you’ll need for the management of your advertising campaign. Therefore, if you increase your spend on your Adwords campaign, you’ll also need to spend more time for the management of the advertising service or increase its management fee.

Google has a legal obligation to a Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 10% on its services. This means that the company includes an extra charge of 10% on all its Adwords click budgets for the taxation purpose. The GST has been in place since 2016 and nothing about it seems to change any time soon.

However, it is worth noting that the tax will be added to your account upon paying for the advertising service. Therefore, your budget for the service won’t change. Nevertheless, there might be some tax implications but that will be dependent on whether you have GST registration. In as such, we advise you to get in touch with your accountant to get a clarification on the matter.

Digital Marketing Singapore is not an average advertising agency, but rather, we always focus on developing high-performance PPC campaigns with clearly evident increased revenue results. We have helped hundreds of clients to boost their returns on investment. Interestingly, our services cut across the board of business world, from small businesses to giant companies, irrespective of what they deal with.

For us, the success of our clients comes first and we comprehensively deliver our promises. We walk our talk and we are among the most honest digital advertising experts you can ever encounter. Our advice is tailored to perfectly address your needs. The information about the methods that we use in our advertising services is available for your easy access. We do all this because we are committed to creating solid relationships based on honesty and truth with all our clients.

In case something is amiss with your campaign, we’ll bring it to your attention as we work to streamline everything soonest possible.
When it comes to the knowledge of PPC tools and trends, we are deeply in touch with every development concerning them. Our knowledge about them goes beyond the basics, no wonder we have Google Partner certification. In as such, you can rely on our expertise for a high-performance Google Adwords campaign that will see your ROI skyrocket.

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