How to use Pinterest for your business?

How to use Pinterest for Your Business?

Pinterest is a social platform that creates a base for businessmen for creating digital networking. It influences other social media by convincing the visitors of pinners. It is one of the fastest-growing social media web offering mobile applications. It has gathered more than 200million followers and users until the date and creating more day by day.

Pinterest helps to represent the image, video, gif based pins to engage a large range of audience to get to know about various places, social media influencers, lifestyle, hot products in the market and so on. It pulls a huge amount of traffic to interact with Pins, Repins, Boards, Promoted Pins and more.

We will tell you why you need to know about Pinterest for using it to grow your business.

Pinterest Basics

Before diving into business relation you must know the strategy of Pinterest on which the marketing revolves around. Four terms should be kept in mind before starting with Pinterest. These are:


It plays the core role of creating some bookmarks which are video or image-based that can be saved.


It collects your pins and keeps them in a harmony for future reference


Repin creates added value to the followers.

Promoted pins are sort of advertising tools. It is seen by the users of Pinterest concerning their interests they show.

How to get started?

Let’s get started with all the information you have figured out till now. But, before that, you need to create a Pinterest Business account. If you already have a personal account a business account can be extended from the same.

  • Visit the Pinterest website for creating a business account.
  • Join as a business option is there in Pinterest for creating a business page.
  • Enter your details whatever is asked for, like: email, name or business name, website, a password. You are liable to select a category of business before creating an account.
  • After creating an account a homepage will pop up. Your profile will be visible to your followers always.
  • A profile photo will be apt enough to prove your authenticity for convincing followers.
  • In About You section create the most convincing lines for dragging followers. It should be optimized for keywords.
  • After completion of the details website will be confirmed instantly. It will be the gateway to your business promotion.

Now it is time to start pinning! Your account is ready to be visited by followers now. You are good to go! But you need to be strategic to exist in the competitive market. Here it goes.

Create Attractive Boards

Creating boards in organizing ways will bring more followers. Click on the board’s tab to create a new board. A depiction of the board is needed. It should clarify the content. Optimize it to keywords always. The category of the board is an important part as it is the only way to focus on the true category of audience you are aiming for.


  • Pins can be created only after the creation of boards. The Pinterest browser button makes the task quicker and simpler. You can pin anything from the internet using the Pinterest icon on the toolbar. Add any related pictures for drawing more attraction. Create a catchy description. Save your Pin onto the preferred board. If you gather several Pins, you can choose a preferred cover Pin.
  • Repin is a great option for making things go viral on Pinterest. Once a pin is used to Repin by a user it starts gaining more attention. Repin gets a place to another user’s board turning the original Pin more popular.
  • Rich Pins offer more attention making the whole presentation lucrative. Rich Pins come in five ranges:
  • Place: It means to have any communication details of the place
    Article: It comprises of author’s name and content’s summary
  • Movie: Collection of casts, stars and more
  • Product: Store location is noted with availability
  • Recipe: Consists of recipe summary, ingredients and time needed for preparation

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The feeds on Pinterest are equally important and impressive like on social media. It is a gathering of links, contents and other pins the user has pinned again.

Draw Your Audience on Pinterest

First of all, judge all market strategy. Pinterest Ads help create market pull and viral pins. The targeted audience is liable to see the advertisement pops up on the Pinterest pin you have created. The millennials visit the pins and Repins, which should be based on demography. Demographics include age, gender, job type, location, and income. Match your business goals with that of the Pinterest platform for better and faster communication.

How Pinterest Helps a Business to Grow?

  • You need to clear your business objectives before anything should come upon. Otherwise, it is not possible to understand the connection between category and Pin.
  • Your business elements should be appropriate for Rich pins to gather more attention . Moroever, rich Pins create more importance for categorical stuff.
  • Marketing sense is required for proper description while creating boards and Pins. It helps to make Pins utilized for the purpose.
  • Keyword optimization makes the content easily searchable in the huge domain. It will drag the content reachable to multiple demographies.
  • Being specific is needed for simplified clarification of business. The simple and catchy description is more acceptable for making its understanding.
  • It is needed to be consistent while doing Pins. If there is a lack of audience, the strategy might have to be changed. Creating Pins, synchronizing with time and events coming up soon will create more pull. Holiday related posts may be created almost 45 days before the date. Take advantage of being an early Pinner.
  • Keep an eye on Pin Analytics for getting data on how many people are engaging with the boards and pins. Evaluate your required data.

To Conclude

Pinterest is a trustworthy gateway to grow your business bigger. Reach more people and make your business means to serve the purpose.

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