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Digital marketing trends

Top Digital Marketing Trends Your Business Should Leverage

Digital marketing has become a common term in the business world. It’s not surprising because people are quickly adapting to digitisation. It’s competitive out there, and if you want to make your business be seen and sold, you have to put yourself out there too. But what if every other business is also wanting to do the same? Well, that’s why you should know about trends. So, how do you keep up with these dynamic trends? Will your business fail if you can’t stay up-to-date with these new digital marketing trends? Hold tight, and let us guide you through it all.

Top Digital Marketing Trends For All Businesses

Big Player, Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has become one of the biggest tools in the past decade. The sophistication, as well as the usage of AI, is growing even as time goes on. Chatbots are used on almost every website or platform to interact with customers. It is quite effective when it comes to dealing with a large number of customers at once.

While the customers intersect with the chatbots, the built-in AI automatically gathers data and user behaviour patterns. By doing so, chatbots can even predict the types of questions customers will ask depending on the time of the day or the season of the year.

Content creation is a big part of AI nowadays. AI-powered software and web apps have managed to break through and take on the creative aspects of AI. Suppose you are having difficulty creating bulk content for different industrial topics. Most recent AI tools are becoming more eloquent and articulate when conveying information to a particular audience, including for such topics.

Make Them Seen – Push Notifications

Push notifications are one of the most effective methods to keep in touch with customers because the trend of sending email subscriptions or notifications is declining daily. Furthermore, people do not always check their emails unless it is turned on for sync. Push notifications will give out important information about brands to which a person has subscribed.

If you’re a business owner with a brand that offers new products or features frequently, this is the ideal way to push your notification to your customers. Also, you can be more creative in approaching your audience with any notification you send. It can adopt a subtle approach or just be stating obvious facts.

Rank As Featured Snippets

In order to get the position zero, also known as a featured snippet for particular search results, websites have to have the most perfectly written SEO articles and practices. However, this also depends on the industry. Nowadays, SEO companies are focusing on these areas to determine the best ways to align search keywords with featured snippets.

The primary reason is that people are always finding ways to acquire information as quickly as possible. Even if your website is ranked as #1, the probability of your customers reading the whole article is less than 10%. That is why featured snippets are becoming more popular and prominently used by Google.

Low Attention Span – Social Commerce

TikTok has become a viral platform in the past 3-4 years, and the number of users has been multiplying by the second. The fundamental business model behind this platform is quickly capturing consumers’ attention.

Influencers are groups of social media celebrities who each have their own specific audience. This allows brands and companies to sponsor them and promote their relevant products to that audience, though these products do have to get along with the focused audience. This method ensures meaningful engagement with their customers as it creates a communication medium for both parties.

Let The Ads Be Personalised

Personalised ad campaigns are quite famous amongst online marketers and organisations. This method helps them to approach customers with greater appeal. This involves forecasting and predicting customers’ buying or consuming patterns based on their past activities and interactions with the brand.

A most common example of this successful trend is streaming platforms. They collect your watch history and categorise your preferences into genres. So you get only recommendations for movies and tv shows that fit your interests. This is one of the best digital marketing strategies you should incorporate into your business.

Evolutionary Trend – Voice Search

Voice search is the next big thing in advertising. It’s the search mode you might use while cooking, driving, or playing with your kids. But with voice search, you must ensure your business is prepared to compete. A study by Amazon has found that voice searches are six times more likely to result in a purchase than other searches.

It is also more likely that people will use voice search for their shopping needs. In order to prepare for the voice search revolution, start thinking about the types of voice searches people are likely to use. Voice-searching platforms and products will soon start playing ads through the speaker along with the requested information.

Live Video Marketing

With the increasing popularity of live streaming platforms, many social influencers are moving into them to display their content. Especially if you have a particular brand or product that needs to be promoted, this has become the most convenient way to do so.

People always like to tune in as soon as a live stream begins. Because most streaming platforms do not keep the video files after the stream ends, this drives the audience to keep an eye on the streams. Studies have shown that this marketing method is quite effective psychologically, and the customers or the audience are more likely to buy the product or the service the streamer is promoting.

Break The Cycle, Be Conversational

Back in the day, customers were handled formally. Customers were addressed as “sir” and “ma’am” and even sent through a rigorous procedure of store visits, phone calls, and plenty of paperwork. But things have become less complicated with the move into emails and online forms.

Fast forward to today, chatbots and service reps are dealing with customers, and the interactions are quick and friendly. So you see, these trends are focused on creating human-centric responses. No customer wants to interact with sales representatives who aren’t mindful of their queries. They need help regarding their problem, so your customer service should be personalised to provide that. This is one of the many digital trends you should leverage.


The competition among brands and organisations will be much higher than in traditional business ventures. It’s only a matter of time before someone takes over your business with these new digital strategies. So it is up to you to utilise these trends and get the most out of them to build your business and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

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