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10 Proven Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

In today’s digital age, having a website is essential for any business or organisation. However, simply having a website isn’t enough. To drive traffic to your site and reach your target audience, you need to actively keep it updated and promote it.

In this article, we will be discussing 10 proven ways to increase website traffic that you should do to take your website to the next level.

10 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

Create Great Content

Firstly, and very importantly, you need to ensure that the content on your website is relevant according to the readers you wish to target and attract. The substance of your content must be appropriate and directly related to the type of readers you are targeting. It goes without saying that once you know your audience and what it is they are wanting to explore, then you can leverage content marketing and create subject-specific content that will naturally captivate and lure them to your website.

In order to do this, you will need to identify your desired audience and learn what your audience is searching for on search engines so that you can attract them with your content. It is important to always ensure accuracy and relevancy by first writing a draft of what you intend on posting, making sure it answers any questions your audience may have. Be creative and use interesting angles to make your post stand out above the rest.

Writer’s block, but need to drive traffic to your site? Always remember that you are able to overcome this hurdle by repurposing your old content. For example, if you have a previously executed article that excelled, you can repurpose this into a video, or if you had a video that did really well, you can write a blog post on that topic. The correct content is the absolute key to driving more and more visitors to your site.

Social Media

Social media is certainly not a new strategy for increasing website traffic, but it certainly is an exceptionally effective way of doing so. There are many ways to use social media to market your website and content. You do not need to only post on these various social media platforms but can also include the use of Instagram stories, live video IGTV and Facebook Messenger, just to name a few.

A very important element of being successful with social media marketing is being an early adopter of new features. An example of this would be when Facebook released an automated lead generation feature on Messenger. This feature gave businesses the permission to construct an automated chatbot experience within Messenger to link to content offers on your site. This is a wonderful and highly effective feature for directing traffic to your website.

Making use of ad campaigns on various social media platforms can also lead to increased website traffic. These ads run without you having to manage them and have a great potential for reaching viewers at all times of the day.

Do not forget that there are other platforms other than those mentioned above, such as YouTube, TikTok, Xiao Hong Shu, Google ads, Pinterest etc., which can also trigger and promote your website. Having said this, it is crucial not to spam your audience with these ad campaigns, which ultimately are costing you money, but will cost the audience nothing to simply scroll past. Know your audience and craft content that speaks to them directly.

Lastly, stay connected with your community and engage with them. Readers and viewers are equally delighted when brands connect with them on a personal level and reply or respond to them directly. Keeping it personal and generating a feeling that everything is not just automated but that there is some human element to it all will keep your readers coming back for more.

Make Use of Influencers

Even in today’s day and age, word of mouth is still a tool which is exceptionally powerful. People continue to be more likely to purchase from a business with positive reviews and impressive word of mouth. You can get influencers on board to do just that! Influencer marketing is a budget-friendly way to drive a vast amount of traffic to your website.

Influencers who have a high following will certainly help you to become the next best thing. In addition, you can get influencers to give viewers a discount code for your product/service and giveaways etc. By doing so, you are tapping into hundreds if not thousands of additional viewers who may or may not have heard of your website and/or product/service.

Email Marketing

A useful tool to keep readers engaged with your website and the content it has to offer is to give the option to readers to sign up for your newsletter mailing list. By doing so, you generate a bulk list of emails from everyone who has signed up. You can drive readers and customers to your website, even when they had no intention of doing so on that day.

Sending out promotional or marketing emails will definitely help increase the website traffic. When you have new information or when there is something exciting happening, you can promote it to your subscribers for a high-speed spike in website traffic. Email marketing is specifically beneficial when you have a high-content website, and having repeat viewers will be most helpful to reach your traffic and lead generation goals.

Premium Backlinks

Ranking high in search engines should be your number one goal if you want to attract more people to your website. The higher you are on the search engine listing, in other words, as close to the top on the first page as possible, the better.

In order to rank higher in search engine listings, you need to ensure that you have as many good-quality backlinks as possible. These need to be with websites which have high authority and popularity within your specific sector and are linked to your website. In turn, this increases your credibility and, most certainly, your ranking and ultimately gives a lift to your website traffic.

Use SEO Tools

Search engine optimisation (SEO) tools are extremely powerful and useful, and it would be advisable to become accustomed to them. There are a multitude of free online SEO tools, such as HubSpot website grader, Google Search Console, Google Analytics and UpCity Free SEO Report Card, just to name a few. These tools will effectively help you develop a strategy to generate website traffic and help you understand the specific keywords required to attract the target audience you are looking for.

Tools such as those mentioned above guide and assist you in learning and analysing what is working well on your website and what is not. In addition, they will help you expand on new ideas for content that has the potential to affect a spike in website traffic.

Introduce QR Codes

QR codes have the ability to bring technology and people together better and with ease. Almost everyone nowadays has access to a smart mobile phone, and the QR code tool is certainly making lives easier and more efficient.

A QR code is a particularly fascinating pixelated image which can assist you with driving website traffic from just about anywhere in the world! Introducing QR codes to your business can drive website traffic as long as the content that has the code is impressionable and gives the reader/user sufficient enough reason to scan them. If you make the content attention-grabbing, the person will want to scan it and make use of the QR code to find out more.

Gone are the days where QR codes were only used by merchants during the Covid-19 pandemic. It has now become a successful marketing tool and essentially an easy way to gain more interest and traffic to your website and content. If you make use of a dynamic QR code generator, your QR code will remain unchanged and continue to be accessible even if your web address changes!

Linking Internally

What this effectively means is that once the reader visits your blog/content, that same blog/content can include links to other pages and information on your website. This helps the reader to understand more about your business or content and will keep them intrigued. It is highly likely that once they have clicked on various links from within your website, they will convert and become enthusiasts about your brand.

Building a Community

Through continued recognition, you start building a larger group of interested readers/viewers. This gives the sense of building a community regarding your brand. Building a community of brand enthusiasts is a wonderful way of generating large, continued viewerships and, ultimately, a large driver of traffic to your website.

You are able to create this sense of community by making use of a Facebook group, Twitter chat, Linkedin Group and likes, specifically for those who are already following you and are connected. This is also true for those within your specific sector or industry, where you are able to actualise valuable worth, as well as obtain successful linking back to your website.

Measure Your Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Your CTR measures who have clicked on your content and read it versus the number of people who viewed the link to your post in total. When you have posted your content, you will start ranking on various search engines, and it is at this point that you need to make sure people are clicking through to read it.

As mentioned in a previous point, there is a handy tool on the Google Search Console which measures your CTR for you. Remember, it is vitally important to write gripping and enthralling descriptions and titles using the specific keywords that would attract your desired website traffic. The content must most certainly be click-worthy, so ensure your titles are not lengthy but rather short and catchy, and your descriptions leave your readers inquisitive and hungry for more.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are many ways to increase your website traffic. By optimising your website for search engines, creating quality content, using social media, guest posting, engaging in email marketing, and other SEO and SEM tools, you can attract more visitors to your site and reach your target audience.

While these measures sound simple, they are more effective when done in the right manner. Leaving it to the experts would be a better bet any day. We would highly encourage you to engage a digital marketing consultant to take care of the above-mentioned tasks to ensure your website gets the visibility you desire and by the right audience.