11 Ways to Improve Social Media Brand Visibility This Christmas

11 Ways to Improve Social Media Brand Visibility This Christmas

The year is gradually coming to an end and Christmas bells are ringing already. It comes as no surprise that the social media activity of most corporate bodies and businesses has increased in this period as they seize the season as an opportunity to increase engagement with their customers and clients.

Although SEO plays important role in improving your brand’s visibility on Google search engine results, the use of social media has helped many brands boost their online presence.

As the festive period begins, you can start a compelling Christmas social media campaign but more importantly, you mustn’t get lost in the midst of the majority who would be doing almost the same thing. Therefore, your campaign has to be unique and you can achieve this by being creative. However, you need not worry if you have to the idea yet.

In this article, we will share 11 compelling and creative ideas you can apply on your social media platforms to achieve awesome result this Christmas season.

1. Create Video and Audio Contents for The Christmas

What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you think of Christmas? Songs like “silent night”, “jingle bells” or “Rudolph the red-nose Reindeer” are very powerful in bringing the memory of Christmas.

Videos and audios can get people’s attention easily, hence, you can create Christmas themed videos and audios for the festive period. Also, if you believe your company’s product is an appropriate gift for the festive period, then you should show it in the video.

Promote your video and audio on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This way, your brand name and product will be exposed to a great number of people worldwide.

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2. Host Christmas AMA

This is an innovative feature that can be found on Instagram stories. Hosting AMA (ask me anything) sessions will allow your customers to connect with you on a more personal level and establish a direct link to you in a way most social media content can’t.

AMAs also provide opportunities for customers to ask for information that they can’t find on your company’s “About Us” page.

AMAs help your customers get to know more about you and also serve as a way for you engage your audience, get feedback about your brands, know about your customers’ preferences and strategize ways to suit their needs.

3. Give Christmas Freebies

An old Chinese saying that goes: Before you take, you should give.” Everyone loves gifts and free giveaways. Christmas is a season of giving, Hence, giving freebies to your most loyal customers would resonate deeply with the festive period.

Organizing a giveaway session for your loyal customers this festive season will help improve the image of your brand and create a positive buzz around it.

4. Craft Creative Christmas Greetings

Win your customer’s heart by posting personalized Christmas greetings to felicitate with them during this festive season. You must try as much as possible to refrain from posting the usual “Merry Christmas” greeting. Rather, try to be different and post something fun and catchy to show off your company’s jovial side.

Here are few Christmas greetings ideas:

  • Create a personalized greeting video.
  • Christmas Costume Party
  • Sing a carol

5. 14 Days Challenge

Just like it is with other festive occasions, people will be much more interested in Christmas-related content during this season.

You can seize this opportunity to boost your customers’ engagement by organizing a 14 Days of Christmas social media challenge. This challenge involves your team posting Christmas-related content for 14 consecutive days before Christmas.

With the right content, the audience would be drawn in, thereby exposing your brand to a wider audience.

6. Conduct a Poll

Polls will help you make proper appraisal of your service and give you the chance to see things from the perspective of your customer. By asking your customers what they’re interested in seeing this season, you will know their preferences. In addition, it will help you focus your strategies based on the preferences.

The polls can be done on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

7. Organize a Christmas Holiday Photo Challenge

You can organize a photo challenge for this Christmas season, to liven up the activity on your social media page. Encourage your followers to participate in the challenge by including various prizes.

The goal of this challenge is to get your followers to upload their best holiday photos and tag your company or use a hashtag in their captions to get your company’s brand name trending on social media. If this Christmas Photo challenge is properly done, it’ll create the needed attention you desire for your brand.

8. Get Feedbacks from your Audience

One major advantage social media platforms have over SEO is that it can enable business owners to engage their customers better. For instance, a business owner can hear the complaints of customers and treat them accordingly. This singular act can prove to the customers that the company is interested in them.

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To get feedback from your followers on social media, you can craft a “Questions and Answers section,” and tell your followers to leave a note in the comments box.

9. Publish Safety Tips for the Festive Period

The Christmas holiday is a time where a lot of accidents occur due to improper handling of fireworks, candles, and crackers.

Show your customers, clients, and followers that you care about them and their families by publishing tips for safety during the festive period on your social media platforms. Consequently, this will go a long way to inspire your customers’ trust in your brand and give your company a better image.

10. Make a Christmas Themed Photo Shoot with Your Team

Research has shown that Photo Albums gets 180% more engagement than any other post on social media. It will be smart to use this knowledge to your advantage this Christmas season.

Take photos of your office, special products for the festive season, team members, and holidays. Also, organize a Santa Claus visit with your workers and make sure photos are taken. Posting the photo album on social media will showcase your team as united and your organization will be seen as a fun place to be.

11. Create a Recipe Post

We all love good food and Christmas is a time of cooking and eating. Posting food recipes during this period is a good way to drive traffic to your social media page and allow your customers see the creative side of your organization. Additionally, you can encourage your customers to post their best recipes for the festive season.

This festive season offers you so much opportunity to share in the happiness of your customers and promote your brand, following the ideas shared so far in this article, will produce an amazing result. You just have to Be bold! Be fun! and Be Creative!

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