4 Powerful And Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Christmas Sales

4 Powerful and Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Christmas Sales

Statistics show that half of Christmas shoppers leave their festive shopping to the final weeks. Although everyone wants to shop earlier than the last few weeks to Christmas, somehow things don’t work out, and they are caught in the last-minute rush.

The Christmas season also happens to be the best time because many stores usually have end-year sales, which are generally massive and which help the shoppers to save big. This has been made easier by the fact that many businesses are leveraging the power of e-commerce and Google Shopping to boost their sales and profits. Online shopping has made it easier for customers to order goods and business owners to make many sales, which is why many businesses use these platforms to make sales during the Christmas season.

For you to snowball your Christmas sales, you need to get your potential customers into your store so that they can experience what you have. However, since most of the customers may not make it to your store physically, taking advantage of e-commerce will be your cache. The only problem is that online stores are quite many, as many businesses have discovered the power of e-commerce, which means that competition is quite high. The standard ads or campaigns may take too long, while you only want to increase your sales during the Christmas season.

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However, if you put in a little effort, you will stand out among your competitors and increase your sales this Christmas season. Use these four strategies to boost your Christmas sales.

1. Use Seasonal Keyword Research

Seasonal keywords are keywords that are highly searched during a particular time of the year. If, for example, it is during the Christmas season, a keyword like “Christmas gift” will have most of its traffic during that single month. Keywords are the foundation of digital marketing; therefore, use the most relevant keywords which have the highest traffic.

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If you want to cut out through the competition, use an excellent keyword tool to research keywords that have low competition and high traffic. Once you find your choice seasonal words, use them to write high-quality content which is SEO optimized. The content must address the needs of the target audience and anticipate what the next question of the reader might be, then incorporate it into your content. This way, your reader will get all the answers without having to leave your website, increasing their chances of making a purchase.

It is advisable to avoid stuffing keywords, which should have a density of 1-2%. This makes it ideal for Google ranking since it uses your keywords to crawl through the websites to determine if it will rank it higher. To get your website to rank high, include the researched seasonal keywords when describing your products and when writing your website content.

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2. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Mobile phones have taken over the world with a bang. Most people have become very dependent on their mobiles to do everything, from shopping, socializing to working. Due to the busy schedules of most shoppers, they do their Christmas shopping on the go, because it is easy and convenient. All they have to do is just a few clicks on their devices, and they are sorted. Statics show that over half of the smartphone users have come across a new product or business when using their smartphone.

This means that if your website is not mobile-friendly as much, as it is desktop friendly, you will be missing out on big sales. Ensure that your website font and button sizes are large enough on the mobile devices, and the images are well-compressed and n high definition. This will help your customers have an easy time on your website, which will enable them to make purchases easily. Ensure that your web design is responsive such that it can respond to any device to streamline your customers’ experience.

3. Christmas Blogs

To make big sales during Christmas, you can focus on creating Christmas-themed blogs and articles based on your products and services. Besides educating your customers and keeping your website up to date, a blog will help you engage with your customers, which is one of the leading reasons to make a sale. When you interact with your customers, you are able to answer their questions and give them specific recommendations of what they are looking for. Listing your products alone will not help your customers much, but when you tell them which products to use for certain occasions, their benefits, how to use them, they are likely to buy such products.

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Christmas blogs will help you to build more internal links, which increases the click-through rate. They also help you utilize long-tail seasonal keywords to help boost your online presence. They also help in building your brand image, so ensure that your blog talks about your products.

4. Use a Featured Snippet to Get Spotlight

To enhance the search experience, Google has added Featured Snippets to its search results. This is a format meant to help users get a concise and direct answer to their question without clicking through to a specific outcome. A website that is ranked on Google snippets is likely to get more clicks, which is an excellent way of boosting online traffic and building an online presence.

Snippets can be divided into three categories, that is, text snippets, video snippets and list and table snippets. These snippets show up on google results based on your question. Getting your website featured on Google snippet is very competitive, and it is determined by Google, based on how well it answers the search question. If your site gets featured in a snippet, it will snowball your traffic during the Christmas season.


Increasing your sales during Christmas needs to be continuous work, which should begin long before the season starts. However, this is not to say that short-term or last-minute strategies won’t work. If you put in to practice the afore-mentioned ideas, your website traffic will increase tremendously and help you make more sales and gain more profits. In addition to the above methods, you can also consider offering discounts on a certain amount of sales, or attractive merchandise offers.

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