4 Types of Email Newsletters You Should Know in 2020

The 4 Types of Email Newsletters You Should Know in 2020

There is a reason why newsletters has outlived many marketing strategies, and still a popular tactic today. Marketers will understand the cliché of giving “value” without expecting anything in return and this is exactly how newsletters work. It provided readers and subscribers something entertaining to read during their leisure time, and give information that benefits both your brand and the viewers.

In this article, we have for you, 4 types of email newsletters to ensure that you are creating your newsletter the right way and giving “value” to your readers.

Let us first explore what we define as “value” to your subscribers.


What is “value” to your readers?

“Value”, in this term, is defined as something found useful by your readers. For newsletters, the value is normally through useful information.


How you present value information matters.

Value information must be presented in a form that readers are comfortable to read in.

Thus, I am going to show you 4 kinds of popular forms of newsletters proved useful in delivering value and return.

So let’s get started.

#1: “Letter from the Editor” or “Featured Article” Style

“Letter from the editor” or “featured article” is best suited for brands with strong vocal expression. It can also be used to showcase what is currently happening in their industry, the latest trends and newest innovations.

You will definitely need a professional writer for this kind of newsletter because everything has to be on point. Details have to be well defined and information has to be captivating and properly presented.

The word count for this form normally range between 200 words to 1500+ words. Depending on the topic, you should not have less than 200 words, because otherwise, your content may appear too scanty.

Before posting, read to assure your newsletter answers the following questions:

  • Is this newsletter valuable to my subscribers?
  • Why is this valuable to my subscribers?
  • Is this topic relevant to my audience?
  • Is it portraying new light in the industry?
  • Is it engaging?

If you can answer every question on the list, you are good to go.

#2: “Link” or “Curated Content” Style

If you like to get “straight to the point” then a “link” or “curated content” will suit your style.

It is also suitable for companies who have limited time and manpower. Thus, if you are in a position where you can not adopt to professionally edited letters, you can simply curate your content.

However, you must still provide content for the external links, as if you don’t, you may risk losing your audience completely. In simple phase, you must state the facts right out of the bag!

Tactfully, call the attention of your audience to the reason you are linking them to external links (although the links can also be your own internal links).

#3: “Blog” Style

“Blog” is very useful if you are running a brand or company with a goal of generating large customer traffic to your own content.

You can not incorporate multiple goals to this form of newsletter and only entertains with specificity – meaning that you want readers to follow through the links you provide.

This kind of newsletter is not only limited to driving large customer traffic, brands with a repository can utilize it.

For this style, your writing has to be short with the instrument of specificity. It does not encourage storytelling and has to be short to make sure you do not lose your audience as they follow through. Keep in mind that you have to link out to wherever your content might be hanging.

Learn to write the content your subscribers will love!

Read our 7 Tips in Writing the Quality Content Your Audience will Love!


#4: “Hustle” Style

As its name implies, “the hustle style” requires great writers because you will have to ensure a link is created to your internal and external link. It also incorporates diverse creative topics in your niche that showcases what you do and how you do it best. it might just be like story writing – whatever works can be your choice!

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Final Word

Selecting the style which suits your goal best will help you generate the results you wish to see. Why not apply these tips to try out which style suits your brand the best.


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