8 New Year Marketing Ideas to get your feet on the ground for your Business

8 New Year Marketing Ideas to get your feet on the ground for your Business

New Year is finally setting in. This is the best time to come up with crazy promos and offer discounts on your products. You are sure you get more customers, so why not give them something they can’t resist?

You don’t need to have a New Year’s Day sale; all you need is to tap into a few marketing ideas that will get traffic into your tent. These strategies will not only be useful now, but also in the future.

Be aggressive and take full advantage of the festive shopping adventures. We have put together a list of things you can do to get your goals on wheel.

New Year Email

You may be surprised to know that your customers are waiting for a new year’s email. Sending an email is quite easy. At this time, everyone is expecting happiness wishing from people who care about them.

You need to show that you do too. You can stand tall and send the email even before the new year. Chances of the recipient opening it are higher since there may not be many emails in their inboxes yet.

Create an enticing email, perhaps including a discount offer code. You don’t need to send it to everyone. Just click through your list and identify a few loyal customers.

Give New Staff

There is no better time to launch a new product than during the new year season. Ideally, you need to focus most of your marketing efforts during the whole of December. Many people have to go through your campaigns, and getting them should be easy.

Once you have achieved enough attention from your audience, you can then hit them with the new product. They say post-midnight sells the best time to let your audience know the advantages of the original product over the previous one.

Create a New Year Boom on Social Media

As a serious marketer, you don’t want to miss social media. Social Media is known as the best platform to meet new customers and share content with your existing ones. Take advantage of the exposure created by social media to give your brand the attention it needs.

You want to get our customers excited about your brand in 2020. Create a new avatar for your social media, one that you know will catch the attention of your readers. It can get your brand at the top.

Learn the social media knowledge you need!


Run a Contest

Many people are making new year resolutions. More than 40% of people around the world will be setting goals for 2020. While they may be different and unique per person, a source of inspiration is necessary. You can take advantage of this and run a quotes contest, for instance.

Ask your customers to post their most inspiring quotes. Sue social media to give them a natural playing ground. Also, you can create a unique branded hashtag that can boost your brand awareness even further.

Use this to encourage your customers to get as many social signals as possible. Offer a prize to increase the level of engagement. A quote contest will get you loads of quotes that you can compile and re-share.

There are lots of other ideas for contests. For instance, you can create a countdown and ask your audience to follow or create their versions.

Use Traditional Marketing Methods

This is not the time you want to be spent on social media alone. People are traveling to be with their families, and this should be an excellent time to incorporate traditional marketing as well.

In a brick-and-mortar presence, for instance, you can decorate the windows with a New Year theme. Many people underestimate this strategy, but it works quite well.

Come with a New Year party theme and let your products be at the center. It can be a great way to catch the attention of passers-by. Consider using posters and banners in strategic areas as well.

A New Year’s Day Sale Idea

Many people only consider a special day on New Year’s Day when they are launching a new product. However, you can still do this even without a particular product. Run a promotion centered on the New Year to capture the attention of your audience.

Thought the holiday sales are over, come customers will be hanging around for better bargains. You will have a chance to sell them your product at this time. Many customers who buy during flash sales mostly end up as repeat customers.

Are you looking to increase brand loyalty? Why not give customers discount coupons? It will encourage them to spread the word, and you know how to power word-of-mouth is in converting sales.

Party to Celebrate the New Year

The festive season may be the best time to give back to society. In the way of appreciating your customers, a New Year party can be the best marketing strategy. There are many celebrations during this time, with everyone expecting to create a memorable moment. Give such an opportunity to your most loyal customers.

Plan a Post New Year Sale

While you want to sell more during the holidays, look in the future as well. Start 2020 will provide great offers, and you might pull in some new customers you never knew existed.

A simple promo with fixed discounts can give you the best chance on social media. The promotion may not be much of a boost during the holiday, but you might be able to see the results after that.

Final Word

The best way to get to customers is to focus on having fun. As much as the ideas we have shared above will work, you want your audience to feel as comfortable as possible. So give them fun!

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