Looking to Boost your Marketing Efforts in 2020? Here is a Checklist for You

Looking to Boost your Marketing Efforts in 2020? Here is a Checklist for you

At the beginning of each year, every person will be looking to create new resolutions. As such, even companies have to go through the same. And therefore, you need to know where you will be in driving sales for the whole year. One of the important things to keep in mind is how to pull in new customers and satisfy the existing ones.

Marketing is the solution. And there is no better time to lay down your strategies than the end of the years. Here are four things you should review.

Review your previous efforts

Obvious, you have some plans at the beginning of the year. It is vital to go back to them and check how you faired with them. There must be strategies that worked and those that failed. It will not be a good idea to move into another plan without considering the previous data. Find out:

  • The social platforms that gave you more traffic
  • How many of the visitors you received became buyers
  • The keywords that worked will result in pay-per-click
  • The influencers who gave you good business
  • Among others

Such data will enable us to focus on a specific area. If you know what worked, your efforts should be in such a direction.

Know the needs of your customers

Modern consumers are becoming more sophisticated. It is time to find out what they want, that you may not have tried yet. Ask them!

In many cases, conducting focus groups and or prospective customers works perfectly. Apart from this, you can share a survey and get the views of customers on how you can improve service delivery.

Use segmentation as well. It is a strategy that gives you a focus. Take time to engage your most loyal customers to provide you with real facts, instead of relying on guesswork. Now you know what to serve your customers in 2020.

Chat with your customers online!

Find the right Chat App to use from our “Top 10 Chat Apps to Engage with Your Website Visitors“.


Focus on a positive image for your brand

Many brands that have stayed on top have a picture to keep. They do everything to look good in the eyes of everyone. These companies have managed to tell a single story, creating consistency for their image.

As such, the end of the year is the best time to review your website, social media adverts, press releases, and other platforms you used in your previous year’s campaigns. They should all be on the same page and tell the same message.

Consumers want a brand that stands on its word. Do not get them confused with differing information.

Learn from your competition

You are where you are because there is competition. It only makes sense, therefore that you have to learn what they are doing and do it better to stand out from them. A close follow-up on competition lets you analyze their marketing tactics. Then look for any gaps in the competitor’s strategies. This is where you focus your efforts, making it better for your customers.

You want your business on another level in the New Year. Follow what others are doing, and you have a better chance of success.

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