Cheap SEO Services: Are They Worth It?

Are you looking for cheap SEO service? Have you ever wondered: Why is it that some SEO agency set you back thousands per month, while some claim to provide the same service for close to nothing?

Is the SEO market so saturated that they are simply desperate? Or have you actually been paying too much the whole time?

Cheap SEO services prove abundance in the search results but are they really worth investing in terms of quality and performance? Let’s find out together.

What are the items that you pay for SEO?

You are spending the money on SEO, there are 4 things you need to pay to.

  1. SEO consultant
  2. Web developer
  3. Copywriter
  4. Link building

So which part can you reduce the cost?

Hire a cheap SEO consultant to reduce SEO cost?

To really put it simply, an SEO consultant assists by providing advice and strategies to improve your website search engine optimization. They will assess the current state of business and review their online presence and then provide advice accordingly. Generally, an SEO consultant is one individual who has been in the online marketing space long enough to advise businesses in SEO or any specific areas related to it. An SEO consultant is someone who understands all facets of SEO and can assess exactly where someone may be going wrong in their online marketing.

Cheap SEO consultant means the person who you hired has less experience and skill in the SEO area,  the salary of an experienced SEO consultant in Singapore at least $5000 and above,  if the salary too low, what is the reason to work for people, they will start their own SEO company, or jump into other business to get the No.1 in other areas. The earning will be a lot more than $5000/mo. My point is Real SEO consultant will never be CHEAP.

Hire a cheap web developer to reduce SEO cost?

Website is the base of  SEO, poor web development will destroy your SEO ranking.

  • Bad development will make trouble to Google crawl, if Google can’t crawl your site well, the keyword won’t get index, your website will not rank higher.
  • Bad development will affect the loading speed
  • Bad development mess up the coding of <h1><h2><h3><p><div>…
  • Bad development don’t care about the URL

Choose the bad developer, you need to spend extra to fix all the issues again.

Hire a cheap copywriter to reduce the SEO cost?

You can easily find the cheap copywriting online, but are they good?

Copywriting is the most important role in SEO, many people think as long as my content passed Copyscape, I can post it to my website but is Google looking for this kind of content? Do you want to read this kind of content when are you search for the answer from Google? You can read this content I bought for $5UDS and tell me what is your feeling after you read it:

After your website with all these of content, Google will be notified this website have no value to my reads, and you know where your position will be.

Get cheap link building to save your SEO cost?

How much of the cheapest link building? You can find many Free links online, or you can pay $5USD to get 100, even 1000 backlinks from Fiverr

Does low-quality link build benefit you? The answer is no. No matter how many backlinks you do, all links will not bring you any customers. It is hard to build high-quality backlink because you need to put in the time and effort which is you are paying for.

What is the effectiveness of cheap SEO Singapore

We have explained the spending area for SEO from the above section. If you did something like the image below, your ranking will always behind your competitors.



You know the truth behind the SEO price

Simply do a little research in the SEO packages Singapore companies offer and you may notice the vast discrepancies in price each company has quoted. Some may offer monthly fee from as little as 400SGD while others will quote 4000SGD for the same service. The price difference must mean a notable difference in the quality of work then, right?

Between just you and me, it is not necessarily the case.

It may be the case that the company that quotes you 10 times higher on the SEO package is delivering your service from a location-specific office in Singapore while the much cheaper one is operating simply from somewhere, or anywhere. In short, one company is flashing a lifestyle brand alongside it’s content, while the cheap SEO company is simply delivering the work.

Being the gullible human beings we are, we like to believe that since a company has a physical location, an actual office space, and so their work performance must be better than the rest.

Yet, with SEO, office space is not a necessary feature. you may simply be overpaying for work that can be completed without the presence of a flashy office.

At the end of the day, your trust should be placed at the one which provides quality SEO results. Thus, learn to identify quality SEO results, and just maybe, you can make use of a cheaper option at ease.

Why hire a good SEO service professionals rather than in-house Technicians?

SEO service professionals specifically trained to master the art of SEO techniques and are paid set fees from small and big businesses to deliver the most optimum content necessary to keep their business within the search results flow.

The main benefits in employing a third party SEO service professionals are:

  • your website will be handled by trained professionals who fully understand the Google algorithm
  • your web pages are guaranteed to link with search results on a regular basis
  • you do not need to worry about training new technicians in your work-space to learn this complicated job

This brings us back to our title questions: the cheap SEO services you see online, are they worth investing in?

Why do the price of the somehow similar service varies from close to nothing to almost unaffordable? The cheap SEO services you see in search results, are they really a good deal?

Identifying the quality SEO


When you have learned to analyze and judge the SEO content you are receiving, you will be able to determine whether the SEO agency you have employed is worth your time and money.

There are 2 main ways to determine so:

  1. Start by observing the margin of the SEO firm in question.
  2. Observations of your website’s SEO ranking since the employment of the service.

Let’s do a more comprehensive breakdown for each.

Identifying SEO Margin

SEO content makes use of target links within articles to generate clicks. Each click is worth money, and this is primarily what you are paying for when you employ the service of an SEO company.

While it is unlikely that your SEO service provider will hand over their margin reports to you, there are other methods to establish click margin estimates and draw conclusions.

Google Webmaster tool is a useful free download. Link it to your website and it will be able to view useful SEO and backlinks information.

Ideally, you would want to be receiving a large number of quality backlinks, especially if you are paying thousands per month in boosting SEO. By using the Webmaster tool, you will get real-time numbers on the content you are putting out, and determine whether your SEO provider is worth what you are paying.

Identifying SEO Rankings

The second way to determine the SEO progress of your website is to frequently monitor it’s ranking within the search engine world.

Your ranking should be continuously improving.

Create a spreadsheet to log your ranking movements and observe the patterns and trends they show.

To draw conclusions, these are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What was I promised when I signed on with the current SEO agency and have those promises been fulfilled thus far?
  • If my ranking isn’t where I need it to be in the next month or two, what action am I going to take with the company at hand?
  • Could I have achieved the same results from a company at a fraction of a price?
  • Does this SEO agency offer lavish office space for me to visit if I so desire?
  • Should I consider employing a freelance individual to do the work instead?

Keep in Mind for Cheap SEO Singapore

If you have concluded that your expensive SEO agency isn’t worth the results, then there is no harm in switching over to a cheaper service and give them an opportunity to impress you.

Remember: SEO and search engine software is time sensitive so if work isn’t being fulfilled, then actions need to be taken sooner rather than later. Do not wait until your business website drops lower in the ranking, or remain stagnant. It could have a detrimental effect on your website. The flow of clientele to your site would be affected and in turn, your business could take a hit and your profits reflect the consequences.

We live in a mind where online presence is almost more important than a company’s presence in the real world. It may be sad, but true.

Thus, it is important when it comes to hiring the right SEO provider. You are literally entrusting them with your business’s online well-being.

Do not determine the quality of SEO results on the price, but on what they have placed on the table.

With a cheap SEO agency trusted by many Singapore businesses, you will more often benefit from these notable elements:

  • Content directly delivered from the creator to your inbox, with no need of middle man
  •  More one-on-one engagement with company workers
  • Your thoughts and needs are valued on a small scale, instead of getting lost in the system of a big agency
  • Cheap SEO service providers rely on their clients to keep them afloat, so you are usually guaranteed a certain level of quality and performance in the hope of longer cooperation



Everyone has the same goal in mind when hiring SEO professionals: to eventually rank number 1 on the search engine.

Both costly and cheap SEO packages can make this happen, it is the nature of the online playing field.

The internet doesn’t care who has a more impressive office space or holds a flashy brands, it only values backlinks and algorithm matches.

Choose wisely and you may be able to enjoy results WITHOUT putting pressure on your budget.

Good luck!

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