10 Reason Why You Need a Website for Your Business in 2020

10 Reasons Why You Need a Website for Your Business in 2020

In today’s world, website abound for various purposes. Unlike past years when websites were for bureaucratic and highly sophisticated organisations; you can create a website for virtually any purpose. Websites are created for government organisations, schools, crowdfunding campaigns, media reviews and even pet fan pages.

Building a website these days, is straightforward. It is also cheap and has a lot of advantages. It is therefore a no-brainer to have a business account for your small business, if you are passionate about growing your brand.

There are great benefits your small business can get from a website and they are discussed below.

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website

1. It Helps Customers With Their Research

In this digital age, customers ensure to find out everything about businesses before patronising them. This is to ensure the authenticity of your company and the quality of your goods and services. They will also go through customer reviews and feedback to make sure that they are making the right choice.

Having a website is important as it provides your potential customers with all the information listed above. Setting up your website does not require so much work. All you need to do is provide basic information, and ensuring everything is up-to-date.

2. Finding Customers

Your website is a very effective medium for finding your existing and potential customers. People from all around the globe can access your website through Google maps and various search engines. With your website, you can connect to emails, chat apps and contact forms to interact with your customers. This way, you get to advertise your latest services and products, and also get feedback on their purchases. You also get to ship orders of customers to countries all around the globe using your website.

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3. Affordability

A lot of small businesses put out ads, in order to reach potential customers. This takes up a lot of capital and often times than not, is not cost effective. Spending a lot of money on ads can be detrimental to the growth of your business, and this is where websites come in handy.

Websites have a global reach and do not cost as much. You can operate your website by yourself and also connect with your customers on a personal level. You thereby save money and get better results.

4. Improves Your Branding

With a functional website, you can be in charge of your company’s branding and online presence. Setting up an ad leaves your publicity in the hands of others, but with your website you can attract positive traffic in your own way.

You are therefore in charge of your logo, fonts and colours, all of which becomes associated with your brand. You also get to access reviews, comments and complaints, and respond to your customers in a way you deem fit. This way, you are aware of the needs of your customers and consciously work on satisfying them.

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5. Showcase Your Products And Services Better

You can go on better when showcasing your products and outlining your services online. Options available to you include well detailed pictures of your products as well as short tutorial videos on what you offer. You can also upload well detailed PDF files on everything they need to know about your products or services.
Providing all of these materials will put you above your competition and make it highly unlikely for customers to look elsewhere.

6. It Ensures Availability

Having a business website helps your availability all around the clock. Unlike a physical store where you have closing hours, your customers can access your website at anytime. This increases purchases and improves customer engagement.

Through your website, you can monitor customer service, brand recognition, promote client building relationship and also carry out marketing campaigns. All of these tools help your business grow when used properly.

7. Your Competitors All Have Websites

Most companies these days; small or big, have websites. You will therefore be doing yourself a great disservice if you do not have one. Most customers view a business without website as backward and unprogressive. This notion also forms their first impression about the goods or services you provide, as they might perceive it as lacking in quality. It is therefore necessary to set up a top notch webpage for your small business in order to gain patronage.

8. A Level Playing Field

Websites creates a level playing field in the business world. Even though business scale and budget vary, with your website you can attract customers as much as a big business. All you need do is have a presentable and user friendly interface, and provide all the information your customer will possibly need. This eliminates any undue advantage which big companies or businesses supposedly have.

9. It is Quite Easy To Navigate

Managing a website is quite easy and does not require technical skills. Once the website is set up, all you need to do is upload your information and access all forms of interactions from the customers. You do not need the knowledge of coding or hacking to run a website. All you need do is ensure all information is up-to-date, so your customers are not misled.

10. You Can Create A Resource Center For Your Staff

Asides interacting with your customers and making sales, your website can be instrumental to the growth of the company. This is in form of a resource center for your employee, which will help them learn the ropes faster.

You create an orphan page, and upload internal forms, self-service videos and instructional materials to it, in order for your staff to access them on their own schedules.


All in all, the importance of websites cannot be overemphasized in the global space. Whether small or big, every business needs one to promote sales, customer engagement as well as reviews. With the continued growth of the Internet, you can reach your customers virtually anywhere in the world through your website.

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