10 Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns to Consider in 2020

10 Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns to Consider in 2020

Love is a beautiful thing! Spreading the fragrance of love on Valentine’s Day goes a long way to putting smiles on faces. Want to know the best possible tips to adapt as your Valentine’s Day marketing strategy? Just read on!


Creative ways fashioned to entice customers and encouraging them in spending on their loved ones can help boost your business revenue! The magic to this exists in ensuring a strong connection between the consumer and the brand which you wish to market. Following the necessary rules to achieve this effect will generate massive results.

You can effectively create any connection between your customers and the brand you need to market. Note that knowing your audience does not necessarily mean building singular relationships with every one of them. On the contrary, it only entails finding a strong way to craft effective customer engagement. This can be done using purposeful and succinct user-generated content on your site.

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Here are some of the most effective Valentine’s Day campaigns ever executed!

1) Tiffany & Co: Tattoo Stickers

As we have mentioned earlier, spreading love is something worth cherishing. The evidence of this is manifested through the bright smiles that radiate from the faces of our loved ones when we get them a little gift.

Tiffany’s got us all figured out. In their 2018 UGC Marketing Campaign, they set up a “The Tiffany Tattoo Shop”, allowing you to pick and customize a tattoo of your choice!

These sticker-tattoos can be used as proper stickers for various social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook—especially when the posts are being made! Each design is made according to a classic tattoo style and Tiffany’s also made provision for their customers to craft and share their own tattoos under a specific hashtag “#BelieveInLove”. They have succeeded in creating an interactive connection between the brand and consumer experience.

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Not only does Tiffany’s get a ton of cute, stylized, and branded customer photos, each customer and fan has an interactive experience with the brand and gets to “take-home” their own little creation.

2) The Body Shop: A Kissing Contest

The Body shop is a strong household name. Interestingly, it launched a #SendingAKiss contest, which entailed their customers to blow a kiss to a friend through Instagram. There were prizes attached to this contest, with the winner bagging a gift pack including a freshly released fruit-scented lip balm for them and their loved ones.

For the contest, Instagram followers were asked to send in photos of themselves blowing a kiss to a friend. The strategic approach of The Body Shop worked wonders for Valentine’s Day, having perfectly engaged the interest of people and their enthusiasm to have lip juicers added to their carts.

It did not end there. They also made sure to ask their followers to tag their friends in the videos, and this way, more audience was engaged and so on! It’s a pretty strategic approach, don’t you think?

3) Dunkin’ Donuts: Dunkin’ Their Way to Our Hearts

Dunkin’ Donuts seems to have a consistent method of creating UGC marketing campaigns, by recognizing the roles of their customers and making use of them.

In one of their Valentine’s Day campaign, they got their customers to participate in a trending challenge called “Dunkin Love”. Social Media was effectively utilized. The customers participated in the “Dunkin Love” contest through Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

4) eHarmony: The Essence of Valentine’s Day

eHarmony is an online dating platform. Therefore, harnessing a special day such as Valentine’s Day will be effective in revenue generation. Such approaches include making irresistible offers during this period.

5) Nina Ricci: Best Friends Over Boyfriends

Nina Ricci encouraged their customers to make and send videos of their best friends and favourite perfume to reinforce the presence of strong women on Valentine’s Day.

6) MeUndies: Photo Campaign

MeUndies worked with asking couples to snap a picture of themselves in their favourite Underwear on Instagram with trending caption #MachmeUndies. It created an increased preference for the purchase of their matching MeUndies sets. More purchase equals more revenue generation.

7) Vermont Teddy Bear Company: Giving Priority to Customer Preference

Vermont Teddy Bear created a different version of the 50 Shades of Grey Bear for Val’s day.

8) T-Mobile: Another approach to UGC

T-Mobile stepped up their game through a different approach – a Creative break up letter campaign askers users write to their cell-phone company of reasons why they are leaving for T-Mobile.

It worked! It was a very captivating way to engage their users.

9) Gun Oil: The Commercial that Shot Love Right Through our Hearts

This commercial went all the way to rip our rib-cage open and pierce our hearts with “Cupid’s arrow”. It buttressed the fact that everyone, both singles and married, young and old, are capable of love and being loved.

10) Google: Storytelling Images

Google also stepped up their game by using storytelling images to navigate through the heart of their audience. This was achieved through an upgrade in search terms of “romantic origin” as well as tracking a romantic story from start to finish.

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For your business, Valentine’s Day is a good day to generate incredible revenue. By ensuring that your target audience is fully carried along all the way, with effective emotional appeal, you will record success in running the campaign on the very day love is celebrated worldwide.

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