What makes a Brand so Popular? A Focus on 9 Top Brands in the World

What makes a Brand so Popular? A Focus on 9 Top Brands in the World

Digital marketing has become one of the pillars for modern marketers. As the world evolves towards a more technological reality, brands are taking full advantage of digital marketing. However, not many have a clue of what they are supposed to do to achieve what is needed. Those who can create a good plan focus on brand awareness as one of the pillars in digital marketing.

All successful businesses in the world stay on top because they have created a voice for themselves. Take Nike for instance; you will think about it whenever you hear the words “just do it.” And when you hear “I’m Lovin’ it,” you think about McDonald.

So perhaps you would also wish to create an addictive brand just like the ones mentioned above. To help you understand the impact of such a position, we are going to discuss nine big names across the globe.


Apple could easily be termed as the most addictive brand in the world. Apple Inc is a brainchild of Steve Jobs and has since made it big by manufacturing cutting edge technology.

Today, almost everyone has, can access or knows about an apple product. Be it a Smartphone, an iPad, an iPod, or laptops, no other technology can beat Apple’s. Thousands of fans are always on standby when they hear about a new release.

Apple has created a ‘need’ environment for consumers because every release, every development, is a promised step towards better technology. Consumers, therefore, yearn to get whatever is coming next. Otherwise, the outdated products would have put them out of the market long ago.


Spotify is the biggest music-sharing platform in the world. Whereas free music streaming could have been enough to get users hooked to it, the company when further to produce ingenious branding. This most certainly got consumers thinking no other platform could be better.

This user-driven is easy to customize and create content based on the taste of the user. Its marketing strategy is based on its services as an entertainment tool, as well as offering an unbeatable social experience for users.

One of the most successful campaigns for the platform came in 2016 when they started showing the most bizarre playlists. They focused on what users created, making them feel they are being seen and recognized. Who can convince such a user to think of any different platform?


A few years ago, it was not easy for anyone to stay in a stranger’s home. But now it is possible and safe, thanks to Airbnb. You can use someone‘s house for your vacation without any feeling of insecurity. The company does a thorough background check and scrutiny of the homeowners renting out a property, giving users a sense of safety.

If you love traveling, which many of us, then you should be glad having someone help you to rent a safe house. Vacation homes cost only a fraction of hotels, and that should make you get the best out of your tour. The company can now be found in close to 200 countries across the world.


Who does not know what Grab is? Everyone living in a city should know what the company is and what it does. Grab is all about safe riding from wherever you are, whether coming from the airport or looking for a safe way home after a mid-night party, Grab will give you the solution.

The company has made its services globally. Therefore, if you are new to a place and want to skip transport confusion, get an Grab, and your issues will be solved.

The ride-company has gone further in its campaigns. It has created a popular social media campaign for individual drivers. Anyone who has made a difference in the world is recognized.

To date, Grab has since extended it’s services to food delivery and other industries.


For shopping lovers, Amazon has created real addicts. The company has gone beyond offering a shopping service to your doorsteps by making things fun and easy.

There is, for instance, Amazon Prime, which gives users 2-day shipping. With is a new shipping system, you no longer have to wait weeks for your package.

Then there is the Prime Video that offers free movies. It includes membership features, giving users the perfect gateway to movies and TV shows.

Last but not least, Amazon Prime Day. In simple time, it beats Christmas.


Nike is a trusted brand in the world of sportswear. Since they launched “Just Do It,” they have sealed their name on the lips of everyone. They have the best direct line and remove any differences in sports and life.

The Colin Kaepernick ad campaign involving Serena Williams, Lebron James, and other athletic stars may have been sealed in the hearts of fans. Consumers see it as a brand with a purpose, and that means trust.

Shoes with a Mission: Toms

The One for One initiative launched by Toms is one of the biggest success stories in the world. For every purchase, you will be giving a home to needy people around the globe. The company will share shoes, sight, water, and other necessities, a program that has benefited more than 2 million children.

The world loves foundations that support the poor. As such, Toms has continued to receive favor on the global market.


Tesla Motors is one of the biggest brands. It has received popularity based on different reasons. First and foremost is its CEO Elon Musk who has a personal addictive brand.

Now, Musk is always on social media; he does not live follower hanging. Then the launching of the Tesla vehicle into space sealed the company as a top brand.


Everyone is looking for love. Whether for romance, or just friendship, the Bubble App is a place you will find lots of it. It also offers users an opportunity to create professional networks. Its strong brand identity has been the major contributor to its popularity. Its focus is on female empowerment, which has given a voice to the women.

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All these brands are successful and have stayed on top because they found a meaning for their brand. Each of them is user-focused, benefiting consumers more than making a profit. That is everything that makes the difference.

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