5 Top Marketing Ideas for Chinese New Year

5 Top Marketing Ideas for Chinese New Year

During Chinese New year period, marketers and businesses will be in a rush to make it big in the festival. This is the time when the business owner tries to get as many sales as they can by offering crazy discounts. The festive time is indeed a time to hit the targets set for the period.

But come to think of it, can businesses go beyond just discounts and promotions? Well, yes. There are other better I marketing ideas that, if well-executed, can give bring in maximum ROI.

If you want to get your business above others, it is high time you started thinking beyond the obvious. The public and your audience are getting hungrier by the day, to see new ideas you have in store for them.

We have highlighted five ideas to get you started. Remember, it is all about fun as you enjoy the juice flow.

Get more user-generated content

What does your audience think about your company? Well, they should get you more customers. You must encourage them to create and share content based on festive themes.

In all marketing strategies, word-of-mouth is still one of the most potent means of getting to your customers; It is a great referral strategy even as the world shifts into digitalized operations.

People are more likely to buy something others are using. It is as a direct recommendation to a new customer to try out a new product. And since your existing customers are already using the product, it will not be hard convincing another it is the best for them too.

Research shows 92% of people trust recommendations from users. 84% of millennials, on the other hand, confess user-generated content from strangers influences their decision to buy.

Consider the digital platform that Coca Cola provided for its audience in 2013. This Chinese New Year campaign encouraged people to nominate anyone who made them the happiest. The platform was created with a template for memes, giving users the ability to personalize their content. The company received 650,000 uploads from the campaign, making it a huge success.

Well, this may not be the right idea for you because developing a website can be quite costly. But there are simpler things you can do. You can, for instance:

  • Create a hashtag campaign and ask your audience to tell their stories. Let them share the ideas.
  • You can also come up with a context, like sharing the picture of your incredible experience with on your platform. You can have a prize to be won.

There are many ways to run user-generated content. Thank internet technology, social media has made it possible to reach the world from the palm of your hands. Letting your audience do the marketing for you does not cost much, but the returns are crazy. You need to research on what you think your audience will have fun with.

Getting your customers to leave Google reviews is also a great strategy in the long run!

Learn all you need to know about Google Review Likes here!


Take advantage of your audience’s emotions

You will see a lot of emotions erupting during the festive time around the Chinese New Year. There are both exciting moments like family togetherness and heartbreaking times, like dealing with nosy relatives.

Tapping into a person’s emotions is the best way to get them to do what you want. You can use a story, which is more effective than exciting facts. You can create an exciting story with a focus on the Chinese New Year and have your followers share.

If you can pull up the chord and connect with your audience, they will share without you having to compel them. Such stories always work miracles.

In 2016, McDonald’s created a campaign dapped “You Are My CNY.” This was one of the most heartwarming times in China. It came at the right time when many people in China are traveling home to be with families. They exploited the theme of togetherness, emphasizing on the importance of creating a connection with people.

In the video created, toy Ronald McDonald featured on long journeys with Chinese travelers on long journeys. The toy then met with real MacDonald later in a beautiful restaurant.

Made captivating live videos

Live videos have been the most significant trend since 2017. Businesses have been slow on producing videos because of cost. Creating a captivating video involved a process of shooting, production, and editing to make them as pleasant as possible. However, live videos don’t have to go through such a process.

You may be surprised to discover people appreciate raw footage more than they do edited ones. Raw means authenticity, which in turn creates trust with new customers. Some ideas may include:

  • Live filming preparation of some yusheng from your office
  • You can get staff contributing ingredients and working together to produce the most compelling output.

You have a company culture, let it put

Before they can trust your company, people want to know what you are. You need to get them like you. Therefore, do not hide your company culture in books alone. Get involved in activities that include giving back to society.

You can also let your staff loose and have as much fun as they want. It will present the company as an organization run by humans and not robots.

In this Chinese New Year, take part in some activities. You can, for instance, plan a day and visit the elderly, or interview staff from other countries on how their new year celebrations are done.

Content is key

Not just any content but useful content. Festivities can be some of the most stressful moments. With the 15 days of the Chinese New Year, the process of preparing and working through the period can be daunting.

Your customers want something of value. You don’t necessarily have to expect something in return, give them useful information.

For instance:

  • Share tutorials on how to cook Chinese New Year selected specials
  • Offer tips on excellent spring cleaning if you run a cleaning company

Need help with content creation? Check out this useful advice!

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In brief, this is the time to give your audience something they will carry in their hearts. As the new year preparations are underway, it is time to think of what you do beyond promos and discounts. You should be feeling lucky already.

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