How the Coronavirus Outbreak is Damaging Corona Beer Sales

How the Coronavirus Outbreak is Damaging Corona Beer Sales

While it is true that the Coronavirus is one of the most dangerous types of viruses out there today, there is absolutely no doubt that this new virus has also caused some outrageous memes to emerge on the Internet. And now, this deadly new virus known as COVID-19 might start destroying the world of business as well. Some recent reports have shown that there are some people out there who believe that the Coronavirus has some sort of connection with Corona beer.

Ever since the end of 2019, Anheuser-Busch has been dealing with a pretty big stock market disaster. That being said, it is no secret that their shares have dropped significantly and the Coronavirus outbreak certainly won’t do them any good. But does the Coronavirus actually have anything to do with Corona beer as some people believe?

Interesting Google Searches

It is very important to note that neither Anheuser-Busch nor Corona beer has anything to do with the Coronavirus outbreak. But it seems like the rumors are spreading faster than the virus itself, doesn’t it? And what’s even more shocking is the fact that people who have access to the Internet have started using it to search for the Corona beer virus!

However, this trend seems to be falling apart now, which is a good thing when you think about it. Some other Google search terms that make zero sense include things like ”beer coronavirus” and ”beer virus”.

Where Did the Coronavirus Get Its Name From?

Did you know that the word ”corona” means ”crown” in Latin? Due to the fact that Corona beer is a Mexican lager, its name is directly connected to the Latin language. Perhaps the people who came up with Corona beer wanted to make their customers feel like kings and queens. It’s either that or maybe they just wanted to say that Corona beer is the king of beers. As far as the Coronavirus, when viewed under a microscope, it looks like a crown. Well, that is where it got its name from.

What About Other Products?

It is pretty safe to say that Corona beer isn’t having a good time when it comes to the Coronavirus outbreak. However, there are some industries out there that seem to have hit the jackpot because of the Coronavirus outbreak. For example, in China, around 80 million face masks were sold in just two days. That being said, it seems like some industries really know what to do when it comes to this kind of thing.

Was There Any Way to Prevent This Panic?

There is no doubt that education about the Coronavirus could have protected Corona beer from receiving a bad reputation. And it should have been done by the decision-makers behind the Corona beer brand. It’s not always up to the government, you know? A simple social media ad could have been more than enough to make this whole situation at least a little bit better.

Invest more in your Social Media platforms!



When it comes to the world of marketing, there are some factors that are simply not under your control. However, there are always some things that you can do to control your brand’s public image to a certain extent. As far as Corona beer, maybe it is too late for them now, but then again, they might still be able to turn this thing around! Who knows, right?

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