8 AMAZING Free SEO Tools to Instantly Improve Your Marketing [2020 Reviews]

With Google Analytics (GA), you will have access to lots of free tools all in one roof to assist in your business data analysis. GA is a great help especially if you want to establish the number of people visiting your website everyday. Besides showing the number of visitors you receive on your site, GA also shows information on how long each visitor spent on the site and the number of pages they browsed through during the time spent. An important data GA shows is the bounce rate information, advising you if the page is good enough or needs some extra tweaking for better performance. Another aspect, page flow, shows you your visitors’ area of interest.

All these elements provide you with an in-depth understanding on your visitors, regardless of the nature of your business. These are particularly handy knowledge when you aim to deliver better customer experience while driving SEO results.

Other benefits of GA include:

  • Identify what’s working and what’s not on your site
  • Identify potential customers that are likely to buy/use your products/service and the customers that are more likely to bring in high sales revenue (through GA’s data insights)
  • Connect GA’s data insights to results

Google Analytics is specifically designed to collaborate with its search engine’s advertising products such as Google Ads and Ad Manager AdMob. With the right use of your Analytics insights, you can use the data to your advantage to reach the right website/app users.

Learn: Google Analytics – Step By Step Setup Guide

To download: https://analytics.google.com/

Google Search Console – Check website technical issue and keyword preference

Google Search Console is designed to help you identify the technical issues affecting your website. These issues include broken links, keyword index, bad inbound links and more. With the applications and reports offer by the Console, you can easily measure the search traffic and performance of your website, fix identified issues and mark up your website’s rank on Google Search results. Through the Search Console, you can also gather visitors’ data and this information serves great help in SEO and paid advertisement campaigns.

Though it is not compulsory requirement to sign up for the Google Search Console for your website to appear in Google Search results, we strongly recommend you to as it aids in strengthening your understanding on how Google ranks your website which you can then strive to improve your site’s impression on the search engine.

Summing up the tool, Google Search Console’s benefits include:

  • Confirming that Google have access to crawl your website
  • Identify indexing issues and spams
  • Provide data on how frequent your website appears on Google search results and the number of times searchers click through your site through search queries
  • Show information on sites that are linked to your website
  • Identify troubleshooting issues such as AMP and mobile usability

To download: https://search.google.com/search-console/

Website Speed Test – Check website loading speed and know the solution

How fast your website hosts is important to SEO.

There are two popular free downloads to evaluate website’s speed:

  • Google Speed Test, offered by Google
  • GTmetrix

Note that if your site uses a WordPress theme, it may require lots of coding to get the results you aim for due to the theme’s inflexibility.

Keyword Planner – Check industry keywords competitiveness and choose the right keywords

SEO professionals create content that addresses the needs of their respective target audience. This is done by targeting the keywords most frequently searched on the search engine. To do so, you require a tool that shows you the most-searched keywords relevant to your niche. There are many tools available online for this purpose but in Digital M Singapore, we mostly use “Keyword Planner”.

Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is a tool exclusively available for Adwords account holders. You can simply create one if you have yet to done so.

Uses of Keyword Planner include:

  • Search for new keyword ideas
  • Search for new ad group ideas
  • Show traffic estimates of keywords
  • Show search volume of keywords

Other similar tools for this purpose include LSI Graph and Answer The Public. LSI Graph, Answer The Public and Google Keyword Tool differ in terms of functionality. Thus, you may consider using the three tools together for maximum results.

Yoast SEO – An easy tool to help you implement meta tag to WordPress website

Yoast SEO is released in 2008 for the purpose of WordPress SEO and is still popular among many SEO specialists to date. The plugin offers a solid set of tools to help you in boosting your website’s rank in search results.

It is mainly used for it’s meta information functionality allowing convenient editing of title and meta description and easy generation of sitemap.xml. The plugin also gives you complete control over site breadcrumbs and sets canonical URLs to prevent content duplication.

Learn How to set up Yoast SEO: The Complete Installation and Setup Guide

Fastest Cache WordPress Plugin – Effectively increase your website loading speed.

WordPress Fastest Cache Plugin is an open source software aims in accelerating the performance of your website. It helps to reduce the loading time of a website page by creating and storing a static copy of your site pages and posts. Thus, reducing the server load and number of database queries needed to render your site.

Your WordPress site is normally rendered through PHP and MySQL. This uses RAM and CPU whenever a server page request is made, resulting in longer loading time. The benefits of a cache system reduces this loading time for each visitor on your site, as the page is rendered once and stored in the form of a static HTML file.

Installing this plugin is effortless. You don’t need to customize the .htacces file as it’s modification is automated. Bonus point, the plugin also comes in 15 languages, including English.

SEMrush – Check your competitor’s website traffic by organic ranking and paid ads

Although SEMrush is a paid tool, some of it’s functions are free of charge. These free elements include spying on the traffic of a website and identifying it’s keywords and links. This is particularly useful if you want to do some research on the performance of your competitors’ websites.

SEMrush also offers detailed analysis that you can apply to your digital marketing strategies. With the collected data, you can easily and quickly identify market opportunities. It is overall an essential tool you should not overlook if you want to boost the performance of your website.

Copyscape – Check your website content if it is unique

Each website ought to be unique.

Many search engines, including Google, penalizes websites that copied content from other sites without attributions. This is considered “content theft”.

To avoid brushing shoulders with Google and simply for the sake of business’s integrity, you should ensure that the content published on your site is all plagiarism-free.

Copyscape serves this purpose as an online plagiarism recognition system and confirms that your content is unique and alert you if otherwise.


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